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Updated: January 15th, 2022 03:36 PM IST

Alex Jones feeling the heat behind the Oathkeepers being arrested is better than Folgers in my cup.

Alex Jones Twitter

@realMarianaZvl @TheBabylonBee You have selectively interpreted my comment wrong. Alex Jones is 1000X more intelligent & woke than you - you fucking Biden lover! See how quick Gompers like you crawl from beneath your rocks to slate somebody - you fucking clown 🤡. What have you contributed to society ??

@davidmweissman Alex Jones has been screaming about a second civil war for years. Now he wants people to come together. I smell an indictment.

@TheRickWilson First step to avoid a Civil War is: shut down Alex Jones ‘Trending on social media’ means F-All dummy… We know it’ll be tough, and we know that none of your audience will either…but try READING the indictment…it’s only 81 pages FFS! Alex fans the flames of the #SeditiousGOP

Fill in the blank: “My heroes are Donald Trump, Alex Jones, MTG, Rush Limbaugh, and _______.”

@CheriJacobus Never mind Alex Jones Here are questions for Gary Mosher in relation to Sandy Hook and Adam Lanza, that he refuses to answer

Alex Jones goes utterly berserk as DOJ appears to be closing in on him via @PalmerReport

@l_extracteur Le moment le plus croustillant est “Michelle Obama est en fait un homme qui s’appelle Michael”. Il semblerait que ça soit Alex Jones, le célèbre complotiste qui avait lancé cette rumeur sur son site intox Infowars en 2017. Les MAGAs avaient ensuite pris le relai de cette rumeur.

@RonFilipkowski I always said Alex Jones was the Fifth Beatle.

@TheZacHenry @lindyli He sold like $165m worth of shitty herbal supplements but claims he is worth $6M. Strip him from everything he people like Alex Jones being in prison might be better than being broke

@MrMuellerIsHere Alex Jones didn’t kill those kids you stupid fuck, this is why people are in mass psychosis formation cause the government got dumb mfs like you blaming Alex Jones for sandy hook when Adam Lanza was popping big pharma pills &got you blaming Alex when you should look big at Pharma

@TheBabylonBee Boo! Stick to the formula! “Alex Jones says he identifies as new head of CDC” ftfy

Lying pieces of shit make mega bucks nowadays! I hope they take everything from Alex Jones, even his toothbrush!

Alex Jones wants peace, I don’t think so… We want JUSTICE! #SeditionHasConsequences

@RonFilipkowski OOOHHH…. Now the lil’beeyatch Wants peace?? Only way to peace is to lock these fools up! Liars, cheaters and traitors! Alex Jones we’d rather have justice than peace!


@svdate Lol i dont know whats better. People who buy into alex jones or the people upset by him. Because they both take him seriously to an emotional level. Its hilarious

Shout out to Alex Jones, who is trending, but not for this video.

@KellDA I would like to give Alex Jones a large piece of my mind while he is gagged (otherwise he will talk and talk and talk and never listen) and incessantly beat into him a modicum of common sense. Then do it again and again and again.

Oath Keepers leader spewed anti-government hate for more than a decade. Alex Jones gave him the audience

@thewiserwon @Ralph_MasonJr in 4 we was missing P williams, Derrick Jones Jr, Malcom Hill, Marko Simonovic, Alex Caruso Javonte Green, Alex Caruso, Zach Lavine, Tyler Cook only players missing for lakers were daytodavis and nunn

Alex Jones has almost as many tweets trending after less than an hour than Biden does after being propped up by twitter for half the day. This shit is just sad.

No way I believe Alex Jones sold $165 million worth of herbal supplements. Show me the sales receipts.

Oath Keepers leader spewed anti-government hate for more than a decade. Alex Jones gave him the audience

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, who has stuck his finger in the wound of grieving parents of a mass murderer, claims $ in assets,

@RonFilipkowski Oh! So now Alex Jones knows about “peace” & “coming together.” He’s so full of 💩.

The fact Alex Jones- after stoking sedition for OVERA DECADE, & having been exposed for the dangerous kook he is- now calling for the nation to come together in peace saying we dont need a civil war is so incredibly cute- in a disgusting, hypocritical & treasonous kinda way

@NotSimplySimple What power has he spoken truth to? He’s challenging science, most world governments, industries, doctors virologists. And upholding far right conspiracies , nutjobs like Alex jones, Fox News, tucker Carlson. All Mainstream. Joe Rogan trends like every day now. He’s mainstream

@tltwarriior @Yahoo so-today the biden administration said the Russians were planning a FALSE FLAG in the Ukraine??? i thought false flags were just alex jones conspiracy theories =so, they are REAL ???

Alex Jones feeling the heat behind the Oathkeepers being arrested is better than Folgers in my cup.

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