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Updated: October 15th, 2021 01:36 AM IST

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now send in Alex reyes in the middle of the inning with runners on and the season on the line

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Alex Reyes. No one should ever have survived that move. Incomprehensible. He had to go. #Stlcards #STLFLY

Shildt continually ignored analytics in his tenure. He signaled that Arozarena wasn’t good enough for a starting role on the team. His “eyes” were responsible for trading Randy Arozarena to Tampa. His “eyes” responsible for pitching Alex Reyes in the wild card game. 🤳 🗑

@azfreedman He seemed rather out-of-touch during his press conferences for much of the season. Relying too much on Alex Reyes may have done him in. Jose Oquendo will finally get his shot as a big league manager.

Was Mike Shildt fired for putting Alex Reyes in that wildcard game against the Dodgers? 👀 #STLCards

@JeffPassan Putting Alex Reyes in for the 9th inning in a tied game, winner takes all situation. 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩

roundabout way to say don’t pitch Alex Reyes with the season on the line against the best team in baseball

I wonder if the biggest factor of the Mike Shildy decision was using Alex Reyes in the wild card to give up the walk off

@sarahanne1212 @Cardinals Lol he definitely needed to go. It was overdue as a matter of fact. I knew there was no way he wouldn’t get fired after sending Alex Reyes out in the bottom of the 9th at the wildcard game with at least 3 other capable pitchers available. He blew easily 10+ games this year alone

@UrinatingTree Can’t believe Alex Reyes may have cost that man his job (also thought for sure it would be the pitching coach Maddux getting the axe after the near daily walk-a-thons earlier this year)

@jbm418 @GiraffeNeckMarc He throws Alex Reyes out nearly every chance he gets. He did it in this years wild card and we lost in a walk-off, he did it to the Brewers early last month and Vogelbach walked off, and he did it in August against the Pirates for a walk-off. All while being in a playoff push.

@1stTimeCallers @Frank_Cusumano Hey dude do you remember when Mo traded for Nolan Arenado? Or how he picked up Luis Garcia and TJ McFarland this year? Do you remember when mike Shildt put in Alex Reyes with the season on the lines

Mike Shildt probably got fired for saying Alex Reyes is the best player in franchise history to the team president or whoever fired him

Yankees fans will call for this guy to replace Boone while completely overlooking the Alex Reyes decision and knowing nothing outside of the big win streak

@hugginfool @katiejwoo Lineups were always bad ie hitting edman lead off all season Bad bullpen management, biggest example was trotting out struggling Alex Reyes to pitch in the bottom of the 9th vs the dodgers

Mozeliak - Mike if we’re in a win or go home game next year who are you using in a high leverage spot? Shildt - Alex Reyes Mozeliak- ok you’re fired #stlcards

I was very shocked he used Alex Reyes in a win or go home game

I’d suspect “using Alex Reyes in the 9th” was one of them.

Periodista Gerardo Reyes revela importantes secretos sobre Álex Saab y su inminente traslado a EEUU

One didnt want to put Alex Reyes in over and over to give up game winning HR and the other did?

That’s what happens when you put Alex Reyes in a do-or-die wildcard game when everyone knows his arm was dead and he should have been shut down in late

@TheCatOnBallyTV If Alex Reyes would have been left off the Wild Card roster, Schildt would still have a job. (IMHO)

@billAY323 Played Carpenter in about 100 too many games, a couldn’t manage his bullpen (see: Alex Reyes pitching a single high-leverage inning after the all star break). This was the right move.

@dgoold The guy literally made chicken salad out of chicken sh*t winning 17 games in a row and the offense & Alex Reyes can underperform in the playoffs and lose the game and cost Shildt his job? Makes sense.

Pitching Alex Reyes in a crucial position will definitely get you fired 😂

I have “philosophical differences” too, seeing Alex Reyes thrown into any high leverage situation after the All-Star break.

The surprising move was bringing Alex Reyes, who had been pulled from his 9th inning role, into a win or go home game in the 9th on the road in front of 50,000 screaming fans. So maybe this is the consequence of a surprising move. #STLFLY

@FunkFlashyRob I know he kept running Alex Reyes out there in high leverage moments, and that a lot of Cards fans were less than thrilled with his in-game managerial skills, but this surprises me.

Ok I was pretty mad over the whole Alex Reyes on the mound in the final game of the season thing but not run somebody out of town mad. Wat.

now send in Alex reyes in the middle of the inning with runners on and the season on the line

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Alex Reyes has electric stuff. He also gave up 10 HR this season, counting that one. And 5 of them have come since Sept. 5 - in 12 1/3 innings. Crushing way to end a season for the Cardinals.

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