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Jewish space-based lasers change votes Italy has launched secret satellites Windmills cause cancer Finland rakes forests There are three Mexicos Fox News is honest Eric Trump is smart Rudy Giuliani is sane Ted Cruz has a friend Donald Trump is a Billionaire and #AlexJonesWasRight.

#AlexJonesWasRight Photo,#AlexJonesWasRight Photo by Tomi T Ahonen Standing With Ukraine,Tomi T Ahonen Standing With Ukraine on twitter tweets #AlexJonesWasRight Photo

#AlexJonesWasRight about many things throughout his career. Now everyone is frothing at the mouth to crucify him. But this fiasco is essentially a loss for free speech. And still many others are lionized for weaponizing human tragedy..

#AlexJonesWasRight about absolutely nothing. He’s a reprehensible, lying, disgusting prick who gleefully tortured & tormented — FOR YEARS — the parents of slaughtered children. He’s earned the right to be destitute & reviled. Children should throw rocks at him everywhere he goes..

Million views… #AlexJonesWasRight Also… FBI helped cover up decades of abuse of Team USA Gymnastics girls by Larry Nassar… Ed Buck, anyone? Or child trafficking across our open border is sanctioned & enabled by our government DAILY… Remember the 33 Haitian “orphans”?.

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