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The Cowboys are making WIN-NOW MOVES. They have traded for 29 Year old Brandin Cooks and 32 Year old Stephon Gilmore. Two established playmakers at their most important positions of need. Its an admission of the Amari Cooper trade mistake and a different approach this off-season..

Dallas somehow replicates their Amari Cooper trade to a degree, steal for the Cowboys. They inherit: 2023: $ 2024: $ Cooks is a perfect fit opposite CeeDee Lamb too. Stephon Gilmore and now Brandin Cooks, not a bad trade haul for the offseason.

I love the WR value in the 6th-8th rounds of dynasty startups this year. ⁃ Chris Godwin ⁃ Marquise Brown ⁃ Brandon Aiyuk ⁃ Terry McLaurin ⁃ Calvin Ridley ⁃ Amari Cooper ⁃ Diontae Johnson Low-cost options with legit WR1 upside..

Imagine paying Ezekiel Elliott, forcing you to trade away Amari Cooper. This is why the #Cowboys traded for Brandin Cooks..

On a eu une grosse discussion avec @er_94 et il m’a dit quelque chose qui me marque « La régression du PSG c’est quand on passe d’un adversaire content de perdre seulement 2-0 au Parc à un Will Still frustré de faire nul dans ce même parc ». Terrible !.

Why? The Browns were close to the AFC Championship with Jarvis Landry, Rashard Higgins, Khadarel Hodge and a not as good David Njoku. Amari Cooper, DPJ and much better Njoku are night and day comparatively. Still options on the roster and outside of it..

Didn’t think the #Cowboys could atone for last year’s Amari Cooper trade, but ….

Jeff Kerr
Jeff Kerr

Here’s the only problem. The #Cowboys paid Ezekiel Elliott to be the worst RB in the #NFL in 2022 and traded Amari Cooper as a result. They could have just cut ties with Elliott and kept Cooper..

The Cowboys just traded a 5th and a 6th for Brandin Cooks The Cowboys last year traded Amari Cooper for a 5th and a 6th Dallas basically valued Amari Cooper the same as Brandin Cooks… The Jones family does it again #TogetherBlue.

Unusual flight for this RAF Airbus A400M (reg. ZM401) from Amari AB, Estonia, to Sigonella AB #NATO.

Amari Photo,Amari Photo by Itamilradar,Itamilradar on twitter tweets Amari Photo

@WhtYaSayNwChuck Exactly. I was thinking of Amari Cooper trade when I seen the compensation.

Mick Cronin, Jaime Jaquez Jr. and Amari Bailey spoke with the media following UCLA men’s basketball’s win over Northwestern, breaking down the Bruins’ third-straight trip to the Sweet 16..

$26m cap hit lmao should’ve just kept Amari Cooper but Jones family gonna Jones family i guess.


@AdamSchefter Houston got the same thing for Brandin cooks that Dallas got for Amari Cooper lol.

多分ではなく確定でBoP沢山積むので、求🐰で交換出来ましたら是非お願い致します。 🍭枠はないです。🐴🎋有馬時空院は保留。.

@SilJD22 @LaShawn1485 Usually cause they don’t get the player lol. Our fans were worse last year justifying the amari trade though. Loved/hated seeing that come full circle.


@elitetakes_ They traded amari because of his contract only to get a wr worse and older with an equal contact.


@LCurtis3_ Waller move was decent. A good defense is scheming him out easily with that weak WR group, though. We saw Dak choke with Amari, Lamb, and Gallup, so who knows? LMAO.

Amari Cooper and Noah Brown minding they own business wondering why they are trending 🤣🤣 #DallasCowboys.


@GrindingTheTape @TheJoeMarino is it a good front office move to trade Amari Cooper at a 23m cap hit to then get Brandin Cooks at a 26m cap hit? Asking for a friend 😂😂😂😂.

@clepipes There are plenty of fans who believed Cooks would be a good option. This is an update for them. Thanks for reminding me who Amari Cooper is though!.

so amari cooper for brandin cooks,,, D Hopkins is literally on the table smh.

Cowboys gave up essentially the same haul they acquired by trading Amari Cooper last year for a WR who is a year older. Though they will save a few million against the cap..

@amari_trade 今日はお疲れ様でした! ご縁がありましたら1️⃣は可能ですか?.

@timthetatman Could’ve kept Amari Cooper instead who is better and younger but sure keep telling yourself that Tim 😂.

Eu fico muito feliz de ver o Amari se dando bem no college acompanho esse querido desde o high school e não vejo a hora dele ser draftado para NBA.

@camijustice ’s not a “good option”. He’s washed and on his 10th team. Who cares. Dallas looks so foolish too. (Amari Cooper) Heard of him?.

@NFL @RapSheet They traded Amari Cooper away for a 5th and then traded and a 5th and 6th for a washed WR 😂😂 only the cowboys.

So the Cowboys sell Amari Cooper for a 5th and 6th due to Cooper’s contract, only to acquire Brandon Cooks for a 5th and a 6th whose cap hit is $3 million higher than Coopers. Did I get that right?.

@WyattzWorId Not real. They basically traded amari cooper and a pick for a worse player.

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