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Quite a sight. The Rainbow Laces campaign at the Amex. #BHAFC.

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@theenewromantic @_dramaramaqueen Lemme see if I can use my airmiles or amex credit HAHA.

朝からAmexには驚かされるわ。今月2回目の請求額確定メールが来て早くも1月分が締められてる(笑) 調べるとAmexユーザーみんなそんな感じっぽいね。そしてコンシェルジュにかけても待ち時間4分。いつもこの時間帯ならすんなり繋がるのに。…まあ理由は明白だな。そのうちまた訂正メールが来るかな多分。.

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@ITSMYKOL At my job we literally sit around for 4 hours and they give us a $50 Amex lmfao.

This fired restaurant manager and his girlfriend were arrested on credit card fraud charges after allegedly using a woman’s Amex left behind at Ice Box Cafe in #MiamiBeach. They’re accused of going on a Lincoln Rd. shopping spree before being busted. @wsvn #Exclusive.

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私もアプリ開いたらいきなりこんな表示出たからびびった〜 トラブルなのかな?お支払い期日11/26だし支払われてるしまだ30日たってないから😫  検索用→ #AMEX お支払い期日 から30日過ぎています。ご確認の上お支払いをお願いいたします。.

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@miles_matthias @editingemily Have you used Amex concierge? Curious how it compares. It’s one of the features I pay for that fat platinum card for..

支払期日1ヶ月すぎてますってアプリに出てくるんだけどなに?! いやいやいや、ちゃんと支払いしてますがな。 そんで次のカードの締めが昨日で、支払い月末ですがな。 何がどうした?AMEX。.

my dad got an amex card JUST for tame presales lmao we love a dedicated fan family 🥺.

Total return on my $750 Swagbucks - $ (Paypal or Amazon GC) eBay Bucks - $ (Basically ebay GC) AmEx Cash Back - $ (Statement Credit) Fuel Savings - $ ( Will vary by your use but I will get 3 17 gallon tanks @ $1 off / gallon Total - $.

Hi @ satisfied customer but I find your ‘small business’ advertising 🤯... rather than spending so much advertising/splitting discount costs with them, why don’t you just reduce the fees you charge small business so they don’t have to have those signs saying ‘No Amex’?.

@dogscantwhistle @nzherald One would think. Not only is the island obviously racist but it has also killed and injured people. I wonder if they take AMEX..

Pro tip of the day- Buy $800 in ebay gift cards at the grocery store because you get 3% back on your AmEx at grocery stores to pay for your comic book..

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We now accept payment via AMEX so when you purchase from NOBLE FOX you can enjoy all the benefits from your card provider #chaching.

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@CMacksey hi Chris are we still having with amex bank connection with QuickBooks.

@OneMileataTime hi how long does it typically take for Amex points to transfer to Quantas?.

@mikecooling1974 I wasnt mocking it, i was just simply stating that it was a little ironic that it was the amex behind them and area known for what they are not that i hav an issue with it.

@karonliu 100% But he gave the impression that Amex was keeping it quiet. And that he only got reduced rates by asking for it..

@karonliu I was told recently by a cocktail bar owner in Toronto that Amex has recently lowered their fees. That he only accepts them now because of that. But 🤷🏼‍♂️.

It’s time to reward yourself. Learn how to get the most out of the rewards that come with your Credit One Bank credit card. #CreditOne01.

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@nata_od Aprovecha que hasta hoy hay varios descuentos el H&M (si tienes AMEX es más descuento).

Me llega un correo: que mi AMEX está bloqueada por motivos de seguridad. Solo debo entrar al link para confirmar info y ! Ni sabía que tenía AMEX😬..

The best small business credit cards from Amex, Chase, Capital One, and more.

American ExpressのWEBとアプリで未決済と表示される件です。 サポート繋がらないので,プラチナ以上の方にコンシェルジュデスクへの問い合わせをお願いしたいです>< #アメックス #AMEX.

I apologize for ever doubting the value of online shopping portals. Just placed an order through an online merchant that landed me 6x SkyMiles and 4x Membership Rewards (via an Amex offer).

Quite a sight. The Rainbow Laces campaign at the Amex. #BHAFC.

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