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“This” not “there” ... sorry I was laughing too hard to type well. I blame @TiffanyDCross and #amjoy #CrossTalk for playing it!! Here it is in full. And @ProjectLincoln y’all are a mess 😂😂😂😂

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Karoli #BidenHarris2020
Karoli #BidenHarris2020 ()

Listen to these Black people on #AMJoy this morning. They’re speaking absolute truth about the future of SCOTUS and the country.

SkidmoreIA ()

#AMJoy Why is there an assumption that all white women agree with ACB? OR with white men or men in general? Too often those interests diverge, except in regressive religious groups.

#FundEducation ()

Brittany Cooper speaks the truth. The Barrett nomination is the 53% of white women for Trump award #amjoy

Certified Paralegals♿💪
Certified Paralegals♿💪 ()

#AMJoy @TiffanyDCross Obama Care was a true blessing for everyone, these young people better pay attention, because they will be kicked off of their parents insurance, so much is on the table, and women do need a woman telling you what to do with your own

Annette Fields
Annette Fields ()

@amjoyshow Nice to know that people who are my age are still considered young. #CrossTalk #AMJoy

Chantay Berry 💛💛
Chantay Berry 💛💛 ()

Tiffany Cross was amazing on #AMJoy that #CrossTalk needs to be permanent on MSNBC. Period

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Reader by Nature
Reader by Nature ()

@TiffanyDCross Studies show that Black women and their babies are most likely to live when their primary care is in the hands of a Black doctor/midwife. What are your plans to specifically recruit more Black college students to these professions? #CrossTalk #AMJoy

Pamela Reinskou ✌🏼
Pamela Reinskou ✌🏼 ()

#CrossTalk #AMJoy Thank you got a great show even with the avalanche of news topics that are important to us all!

michael j wright
Michael j wright ()

#AMJoy Tiffany Cross covered ALL of the bases job watch you all of the time because of that

Joy Reid
Joy Reid ()

“This” not “there” ... sorry I was laughing too hard to type well. I blame @TiffanyDCross and #amjoy #CrossTalk for playing it!! Here it is in full. And @ProjectLincoln y’all are a mess 😂😂😂😂

Songstress TEBF
Songstress TEBF ()

Let us be clear WHY our institutions have failed. They have failed thanks to republicans. They are more concerned with holding up trump than holding up democracy. #AMJoy

Kawana #VoteByeDonHarris👊🏾💛🐝
Kawana #VoteByeDonHarris👊🏾💛🐝 ()

Misstatement by @jelani9 on #AMJoy Impeachment DID NOT FAIL as he was impeached. The Senate (led by republicans) failed to remove him from office. He is an IMPEACHED PRESIDENT.

John Wright
John Wright ()

It isn’t hard to vote. Everyone has been ready to do it since 2018. Uncle Phil is full of shit as is the Flamingo. #AMJoy #SaturdayMorning

Joy Reid
Joy Reid ()

Reposting this, and cosigning everything ⁦@ElieNYC⁩ said this morning on #amjoy — Democrats should take his advice, take no meetings with this nominee. send a surrogate to do the hearings, and spend their time messaging. #CrossTalk

Vote like your life depends on it!🇺🇸
Vote like your life depends on it!🇺🇸 ()

So folks will say it really isn’t the white supremacy they voted for. We know better. We didn’t have mandatory home school b4, or an 8% unemployment rate before. We weren’t isolated b4. Nothing has improved under DJT. We are more isolated and frightened than ever.#AMJoy

Christy Bishop
Christy Bishop ()

Michael Steele was on point on this, AMJoy: do we have what it takes? Do we see what we are up against? We better. Pelosi sounds like she knows. Better arm up and take it to them. This is real.

Anti-fascism is Good
Anti-fascism is Good ()

Exactly. I just don’t get this *refusal* to go on offense. What Steele is saying right now. #AMJoy

𝙶𝚘𝚗𝚣𝚘 𝚁𝚎𝚍𝚞𝚡
𝙶𝚘𝚗𝚣𝚘 𝚁𝚎𝚍𝚞𝚡 ()

Democratic donors poured unprecedented sums of money into campaigns and causes in the hours after Justice Ginsburg’s death was announced, donating about $80 million online in the first 24 hours. #AMJoy

Tsquared ()

#AMJoy Fuck Michael Steele! Hey, it is a new record; all the way into the 2nd hour before I remembered that I dislike Steele most heartily.

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