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Angela Hill is one of the best strawweights (top 20) on the planet . She fights all of the tough match ups ! #UFCVegas54.

Virna Jandiroba wants ‘clear’ win over Angela Hill at UFC Vegas 54 so no one ‘cries’ later (@guicruzzz).

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Vitória nossa! Virna Jandiroba venceu Angela Hill por decisão unânime no UFC e conquistou a quarta vitória na organização..

Michael Johnson gonna win by brutal ko tonite n then lose a DEC Angela Hill In his next fight.

Virna Jandiroba vence Angela Hill por decisão unânime! Pediu uma top 10 para a próxima luta! #ufcfightnight #ufc.

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Angela Hill loses another one. She is reaching Roxanne Modaferri level of mediocrity #UFCVegas54.

🤜 Jandiroba lo intenta de todas las formas 😰 Y qué manera de resistir la de Angela Hill #UFCVegas54.

Angela Hill has a really bad win loss record. Probably getting cut soon. So many recent losses #UFCVegas54.

Angela Hill Fights the toughest competitors in the toughest neighborhood she is way better than her record indicates & you can argue that a lot of those fights should’ve gone her way. I still believe she’s one of the best in the world #ufcfightnight.

#UFCVegas54 Jandiroba wins 30-27 on all judges score cards. Incoming tweet from Angela Hill:.

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Historically, Angela Hill is a grindy kickboxing version of Matt Brown. Was on the fringes, turned it around to get into the top of a tough division but never had that final gear to go from being good enough to get a top fight to being able to win it. #UFCVegas54.

Ag. Fight
Ag. Fight

Virna Jandiroba domina Angela Hill e pede vaga no top-10 do peso-palha do UFC.

I think Angela Hill is one of my favorites , I’m tryna be 37 in the octagon scrappin forsureeee 😂💪🏽.

@MMAfilthycasual I think of Angela Hill as a good fighter, but every time I watch her she never seems to.

@SpinninBackfist You guys do NOT like Angela Hill, who is running your Twitter tonight 😂😂😂.

You ever been at the roulette table hammering red and it just comes up black 5 times and you keep saying “the next one has to be red” thats me betting Angela Hill.

Bisping and Cruz were rooting for Angela Hill live on air and trying to sway judges in a fight that was 30-27 Jandiroba. Wtf? #UFCVegas54.

@UFCEspanol @VirnaJandiroba Señores conozco angela hill se nota debilidad por eso mira no peleó en serio claro fue espectáculos exacto..

Great win for @VirnaJandiroba against the always tough Angela Hill. Her grappling proved to be superior and put Hill in dangerous predicaments. She’s looking for a top 10 opponent next so looking forward to see who she fights next at strawweight #UFCVegas54 #UFC.

@canalCombate Essa Ângela Hill tá fazendo hora extra no ufc ter quase o tanto de vitórias contra de derrotas no cartel 🥱.

Primeira brasileira em ação no card do #UFCVegas54, @VirnaJandiroba tem boa atuação e vence Angela Hill. Para conferir os resultados em tempo real, clique no link:.

Angela Hill acumula un récord de 0-8 en peleas donde no era favorita. Con 37 años, 0-3 y 1-5 en sus últimas peleas, veremos si no es esta la última vez que la vemos en la UFC. #UFCVegas54.

All the Angela Hill Lock of the Weeks 😂😮‍💨😅 #LOTW #UFCVegas54 @wewantpicks.

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@UFCEspanol @VirnaJandiroba Angela Hill ya está de más en UFC. Tiene un récord ahora de 1-5 en las últimas 6 peleas..

1-5 for Angela Hill in her last six. Might be getting more time for broadcast duties soon..

With all due respect, I really hope Angela Hill considers what’s next very hard after this loss at #UFCVegas53.

How come after every Angela Hill loss she gets praised. Mate she’s pretty much a .500 fighter who hasn’t evolved at all. #UFCVegas54.

I love Angela Hill as a person and COMMENTATOR. 13-12 I see no reason, not to just make the official move to the desk. Respectfully.

Angela Hill is 37 and everytime she was taken down she ended up on top in every round with little to no damage. I call this one bullshit..

#UFCVegas54 Knew her takedown defense was not as good as the stats showed and still took a chance on her. Lesson learned. Angela Hill +155 1u ❌.

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