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Anthony Rizzo acknowledged he chose not to get vaccinated in a Friday radio appearance.

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Joe Mills
Joe Mills ()

I’m workshopping ways to heckle Anthony Rizzo… Anti-vaxony Rizzo Anthony Riznovax Vaxony Rizzo

Cara Cooper
Cara Cooper ()

clicks on Twitter reads why everyone is talking about Anthony Rizzo clicks off Twitter for the rest of the day

Maria ⚾️ Slam Diego
Maria ⚾️ Slam Diego ()

I’m much more smarter than Anthony Rizzo. Like dude it’s not that hard to get the vaccine and is quick! What is wrong with you?!

JesusLife12 ()

Anthony Rizzo, is high risk because he battled Hodgkin’s team is nowhere near the 85% threshold to loosen restrictions in the clubhouse, and more importantly, protect people like Rizzo who need it.

Cubs Talk
Cubs Talk ()

Anthony Rizzo acknowledged he chose not to get vaccinated in a Friday radio appearance.

Marcos ()

Parece que Anthony Rizzo no confía en la ciencia a pesar de que gracias a la ciencia superó un linfoma de Hodgkin en 2008.

Shawn ()

And so there’s no confusion - I’m 100% sure that Anthony Rizzo’s doctors know more than you.


Anthony Rizzo has done more for the city of Chicago and cancer patients than 99% of us ever will. He determined the vaccine wasn’t the right route for him personally. This does not make him a bad person. Please stop with that nonsense. #Cubs

Anthony Rizzo Photo,Anthony Rizzo Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Nora Younkin
Nora Younkin ()

Everyone keep @SueSpear in your thoughts as she goes through this difficult time*. *Anthony Rizzo saying he decided not to get vaccinated

Brandon McCollum
Brandon McCollum ()

Anthony Rizzo is still my favorite player but his choice to not get the vaccine is disappointing.


Anthony Rizzo is an Anti-Vaxxer!!!! Probably a Trumper!!!! What an evil man!!!!!!!! Rahhhhh

Jon Tayler, Top 0.1% On OnlyJons
Jon Tayler, Top 0.1% On OnlyJons ()

Everyone loves Anthony Rizzo, the lovely first baseman who struck out Freddie Freeman *five seconds later*

Cheryl (Raye) Stout
Cheryl (Raye) Stout ()

While it’s everyone’s personal decision about the vaccine, #Cubs Anthony Rizzo’s not getting it is very perplexing. My sister had the same cancer and her oncologists strongly urged her to get it. She did.

Kate Myers
Kate Myers ()

Going to need all your thoughts and prayers to help me get through this difficult time after hearing the Anthony Rizzo news this morning. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Chuck ()

Six months of chemo. Really hard, tough drugs to cure you. And they worked. Allowed him to win a title and earn generational wealth. But a COVID vaccine is a bridge too far.

vi 🐼
Vi 🐼 ()

anthony rizzo started talking trash because of a pathetic bloop hit, i always knew he was a freak

Snap ()

what oh my fucking god what the fuck Rizzo how could you. I’m literally shaking right now knowing I’m vaccinated but Anthony Rizzo isn’t. I’m gonna throw up.

Darius ()

Noooo not Anthony Rizzo 😫 I love that dude….man the culture in baseball is STRONG

Ryan Behnke
Ryan Behnke ()

@DannyMarang This may not be the whole response. Anthony Rizzo is a cancer survivor and has had some other medical stuff through the years. I’m sure there was a lot of thought out into his decision.

Jim Fannin
Jim Fannin ()

I was today years old when I learned that Anthony Rizzo is a dumbass motherfucker. Glad I sold that autographed Bryzzo picture. Now to get rid of a jersey. Should have gotten rid of it already anyway.

Seth Bernstein
Seth Bernstein ()

Anthony Rizzo is a fraud. He now joins Eric Sogard in forcing me to relentlessly boo players on my own favorite team. #Cubs

Carlos Garcia
Carlos Garcia ()

Every once in a while Anthony Rizzo has to remind everyone he’s a Florida Man

Matthew Freedman
Matthew Freedman ()

@desipiodotcom It will be hard for Jose Lobaton to improve his place in Cubs history.

WallyH ()

@mchastain81 @JamesNeveau Hi I’m a physician, I’ve taken care of kids with cancer, I know what vaccines immunocompromised individuals can and can’t get, and the Covid vaccine is one they can and should get. And Anthony Rizzo isn’t immunocompromised 13 years after getting lymphoma

matt t.
Matt t. ()

anthony rizzo continues to be a pez dispenser of a human being. truly a galaxy brained dipshit.

The K
The K ()

Stop with the stupid “Anthony Rizzo is entitled to believe whatever he wants to”takes. What if he believed that black people are intellectually inferior? Would you be ok with that (don’t answer MAGA)? Some opinions are wrong and when they affect you and me, you call idiots out!!

Chicago Tribune Sports
Chicago Tribune Sports ()

The spotlight on Cubs President Jed Hoyer grows brighter as the trade deadline edges closer with his team exceeding expectations — and Kris Bryant, Javier Báez and Anthony Rizzo set to become free agents after the season. @PWSullivan’s column.

Soxie63 ()

@PJ_Mooney @Ken_Rosenthal Maybe he can influence Anthony Rizzo to get a COVID vaccination.

Frank ()

@pamsson Anthony Rizzo, a millionaire athlete, who relies on the health and performance of his body to make a living has reached the conclusion that NOT taking the vaccine is the right approach. 🤦🏻‍♂️

Spencer ()

@MLBastian Jordan, would you mind asking David Ross if he would respect it if Anthony Rizzo tests positive for Covid in the middle of a pennant race in mid-September? Thanks.

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