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There are on average 600k abortions performed every year in the United States now go research how many deaths are caused by an AR-15 David. You know you are an idiot right? Just saying 不不不不.

A murder suspect and the jailer who helped him escape from an Alabama lockup were carrying $29,000 in cash, four handguns and an AR-15 rifle and were prepared for a shootout when they were captured, an Indiana sheriff said..

In the US An AR-15 has more rights than women A rapist has more rights than victims A barely visible clump of cells has more rights than a woman A religious minority has more rights than the majority Companies have more rights than people This is the land of ChristoFascism.

Uma intensa massa de ar frio dever獺 atingir grande parte do Brasil a partir de domingo (15), causando acentuada queda de temperatura em parte da Regi瓊o Sul. A partir do dia 16, a massa de ar frio pode avan癟ar para as regi繭es Centro-Oeste e Sudeste. .

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What do you would happen if a guy took an AR-15 across state lines and killed a pregnant BLM protestor? Do you think he would be found guilty of 1 murder? 2 murders? Or would he just walk away, because, ya self defense?.

@TheangryEMT1994 I wish my uterus was as unrestricted as an AR-15 -Some woman who clearly has never gone through a NICS check or purchased a firearm. - Some guy who has never been pregnant.

塈婺 堛堭媢: 堧堮媟塈堙 堮塈塈堛.. 堛堭堭 塈奡堹 15 塈塈堭 #lbcinews @DarghamYara.

@Mrnotthatfamous The AR-15 is not being used exclusively for murder. The vast majority of people that own them use them to hunt or at the target range, with the hope that we never have to use it to defend our home or life..

Police: West Allegheny High School student brought loaded AR-15 to school parking lot.

塈婺 堛堭媢: 堧堮媟塈堙 堮塈塈堛.. 堛堭堭 塈奡堹 15 塈塈堭 via @LbciLebanon.

Discuti籀 con su pareja y se quit籀 la vida frente a su hijo de 15 a簽os.

@RachelBitecofer What do an AR-15 and your vag have in common? Both have a burning sensation. Maybe see your gyno about that..

@Nina7Lewis @RachelBitecofer AK-15 does not exist. Why does no one opposed to 2nd A rights understand anything at all about the issue? AR-15s and AK-47 are arms which the Constitution clearly acknowledges a right to possess..

@DonaldJTrumpJr Seeing that an AR 15 fires , she would probably have to trade her vag for a 155 mm howitzer..

AR-15 Stand your ground. 2nd Amendment is there to prevent loss of personal freedoms and property - use it..

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@David_Leavitt So an abortion will prevent a woman from being murdered by a home invader better than a AR-15??.

15 Unique Applications Of AR In Advertising To Anticipate In 2022 via @forbes #ar #mobilemarketing.

@Judson4America The Right to Bear Arms. An AR-15 falls underneath that. Nowhere in the Constitution does it say kill babies because no one wants to take personal responsibility for their actions..

@RachelBitecofer Of course, you will be able to open carry your new AR-15/vagina as well if youre into that kind of thing, so youll have that going for you too..

@LALewman But if you take an AR-15 across state lines Are you still stupid enough to not realize this was a lie from the left media, or are you willfully lying?.

9. Rayo Vallecano Villarreal - 5mille+ 10. Fabi獺n Cubero - 5mille+ 11. Club Atl矇tico Tigre - 5mille+ 12. Novak Djokovic - 5mille+ 13. Inflacion abril 2022 - 5mille+ 14. Ajax - 2mille+ 15. Celtics Bucks - 2mille+ 16. Fibromialgia - 2mille+.

@auto_news_feed I wonder if Beetlejuice wants the AR-15 when she sent out the call to arms. Armed insurrection against the SCOTUS..

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@RachelBitecofer I see what you did here. Say AR-15, so the boys can come to your yard and check out your milkshake. .

Id rather have an AR-15 allowed in the voting booth, so sure, LFG.

Since AR-15 is trending, let me just say that anyone wanting more gun control has no idea how difficult it actually is to acquire a gun legally..

The libs keep saying I wish abortions were as easy to get as an AR-15. In order to get an AR-15, I have to: - Pass a background check - Wait 10 days - Pass a gun safety test A woman just walks into a Planned Parenthood and gets her abortion same day with none of that..

@scrowder Just have your vagina identify as an AR-15 and itll make it so 仄儭.

@RachelBitecofer Do you have any idea how to get a AR-15? Cause you dont need a background check for a vagina.

This just in an AR-15 is a gun PERIOD Jesus some of ya people act like its the Antichrist..

More people got killed in this county than any other country bc of gun violence. What kind of pro-life mentality supports having more dead people in the streets?! AR-15 #gun @NRA #NRA AR 15.

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