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International Union Of Muslim Scholars Urges Imams Incite Armed Jihad Against Jews: Because it is, after all, the world famous religion of peace and tolerance..

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I’m betting a lot of gun bros are armed to the teeth this morning out hunting and looking to become famous..

@vijayrana Pls see between INA and Azad Hind Fauj. Most of them were war deserters of British Army. Although the remaining Fauj was not amalgamated with the Indian Armed forces but most of the famous faces served at posts like ambassador..

Sol Paris (18yrs) has made credible threats to shoot up CO schools, prompting many schools in CO to go on lockdown. Considered armed and dangerous. Let’s go and make this monster famous! #copolitics.

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@EliteDangerous The Fer-de-Lance became famous for its popularity with top business executives and wealthy bounty hunters, being a fast, well armed vessel, with luxurious accommodation and high quality components fitted as standard. Who am I to argue with this?.

Democrats are famous for their preaching about the environment but not willing to give up their jets or SUVs, wanting to take our guns but not willing to give up their armed security, no wall but they live behind walls to protect them and their families, HORSESHIT !.

On this day in 1920 — 99 years ago — a paymaster and a security guard were killed during a mid-afternoon armed robbery of a shoe company in South Braintree, Massachusetts. Out of this rather unremarkable crime grew one of the most famous trials.

Gun Fu: Stickman 2: Armed with dual pistols, take control of the famous Stickman from the Gun Fu series and blast through hordes of enemies!Reflexes and reaction times will be challenged as the never-ending onslaught gets faster and faster!Unlock more….

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@LS5Vendetta @cher Yes it’s always easy to advocate for open boarders when living behind gated armed security and it don’t affect the rich and famous until they are camping in their lawns, driveways and sidewalks. For every one crossing, another one here goes homeless.

@heckyessica @KaitMarieox I mean why would a public figure be worried about a person who is only famous for a) being far-right and b) being heavily armed being in attendance?.

@KamalaHarris I would rather my children attend school protected by armed and trained teachers and or armed guards MUCH LIKE THE RICH AND FAMOUS..

According to him, “sometime in 2016 when the Emir of Zurmi, Atiku Abubakar, gave out his four daughters in marriage, virtually all the famous armed bandits attended the weeding and they allegedly donated huge number of livestock that were slaughtered during the wedding ceremony..

@philiporford @BrittenOfficial Low-tech and inconspicuous is often best! (I have vague memories that some famous diamond was once sent through the post, whilst to serve as a distraction an empty box was carried by armed escorts with a lot of performance.).

@VibekeOlsen2 For we are the famous scoreboard paddock crew, and we’ll get of those trains and wait, outside them shed end gates , to batter one armed babs, and his armless little crew ......

“We can build something here, a place that’s welcome and open to all peoples” I proclaim. “Just ignore that it’s built on theft and armed resistance to the rule of ” “Whatever happened to Robin anyway?” Ros asks. “Are you sure you’re a famous bard?” Much asks..

More than 50 unknown armed men have violently attacked and looted the famous Caesar’s Beach and hotel in Marshall City, Margibi County..

@Rubble2012 @APHClarkson there was a very famous one about a decade back; armed guys appeared on the taxiway, opened exactly the right cargo door, took out the [diamonds] and left.

@immaculate__Jay I forgot the name of the show but it had Trish Stratus and Jack Osborne on it. I think they stopped it after Latoya did that cause the shit they were doing was real and it got dangerous. Armed & Famous i think..

International Union Of Muslim Scholars Urges Imams Incite Armed Jihad Against Jews: Because it is, after all, the world famous religion of peace and tolerance..

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