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#askfunko can we have red hot chili peppers funkos please ??? i really need a small john frusciante

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GangsterKitty ()

Can we please get Pops for The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy! Pretty please! #askfunko

. ()

#askfunko @OriginalFunko seems like someone else is driving the wheel-- probably the manufacturers , so funko is a middle man pretty much, china will do what they want

. ()

#askfunko how come your business moves suggest Pops! Have peaked with the amount of new lines, despite HUNDREDS of desired characters still not done. Also why was the corporation caught lying about inventory? Funko is suspect

Kev ()

@OriginalFunko #AskFunko Any ideas for new Mass Effect due to the legendary edition coming out? I know I would love to get some but the previous line is all vaulted from 2013

Shrek-sama ()

@OriginalFunko More Yugioh funkos especially since the English dub turns 20 this year? #AskFunko

Alice. ()

#askfunko can we have red hot chili peppers funkos please ??? i really need a small john frusciante

The Shadow
The Shadow ()

When will we get The Blues Brothers of any other Belushi funkos? #askfunko @OriginalFunko #samuraideli

Ryan Reynolds fan❤️
Ryan Reynolds fan❤️ ()

@OriginalFunko I was here at the beginning I’m not gonna be happy if I get skipped. Are y’all going to make Hitmans Wife’s Bodyguard pops? #askfunko

BorisBadinov ()

@OriginalFunko Could there ever be a Quinlan Voss Funko pop for Star Wars? Or Asajj Ventress? #askfunko

Xavier Navarro
Xavier Navarro ()

@OriginalFunko When will the Alice in Wonderland Blacklight Funko Pops going to be released? #AskFunko

ComeOnManReally ()

hey funko, when are we getting Ernie “Chip” Douglas, also known as the provocative CABLE GUY? #askfunko

Stitch Dante
Stitch Dante ()

@OriginalFunko Can you make my dream come true by retweeting this so I am on the @OriginalFunko Twitter page 😂 #askfunko

Stitch Dante
Stitch Dante ()

Can you make my dream come true by re tweeting this so I’m on the @OriginalFunko Twitter page 😂 #askfunko

Tweetologist ()

Trending subjects: 06/11/2021, 18:01:41 Pulitzer #AMCPARTY Darnella Frazier Nadal #askfunko

Abby🔆| Loki era
Abby🔆| Loki era ()

@OriginalFunko #AskFunko when do the Loki ones come to stores and will there be other one from the show?

Stitch Dante
Stitch Dante ()

The person who runs the @OriginalFunko account, what’s your favourite colour? #askfunko

Shane Ellis
Shane Ellis ()

@OriginalFunko why don’t you answer a hard question? Why don’t you help your customers when they come to you with issues?? #askfunko

Gary Lee
Gary Lee ()

@OriginalFunko Any plans as to whether we can pop ourself online and have it mailed to us, for those that aren’t able to make it to HQ or Hollywood? #AskFunko

Teammate Rizza
Teammate Rizza ()

@OriginalFunko #askfunko can I please have a social media Freddy or skateboard Freddy to add to my lonely single Freddy?

A.J. Roberts
A.J. Roberts ()

@OriginalFunko Can we get Reddy Kilowatt, Tyler Lockett, and a new Coulson Pop? Please? #ChromeCoulson #AskFunko

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King POPs
King POPs ()

@OriginalFunko #Askfunko will there be a possible store for Europe like HQ and Hollywood in the future?

BadassCharlene🐊 ()

@OriginalFunko #AskFunko will there be anymore Destiny pops? I would love to see Eris Morn, Petra Venj, Queen Mara Sov, Lord Saladin and Saint 14!

Din Djarin Fan Account
Din Djarin Fan Account ()

@OriginalFunko Can my Social Media Freddy get a brother so he’s not lonely 😞💙👑? #AskFunko

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Jonathan ☾
Jonathan ☾ ()

@OriginalFunko #askfunko any info you can give us on the blacklight aiw set? Like if it’ll be a timed dropped? Or separate drops?

Dani ()

@OriginalFunko #askfunko bestie when disenchanted comes out will there be a giselle funko ??

JigSaw ()

@OriginalFunko Will we get more Freddy? I need more for my collection I almost have them all #AskFunko

Jonathan ☾
Jonathan ☾ ()

@OriginalFunko #askfunko can you send me a kurama mode kurama for my Naruto set 🥺🥺 only one I’m missing 🥲🥲

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