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ASTROS SWEEP! ⚾🔥: Alvarez belts 2 homers as Astros get 5-3 win to sweep Mets.

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@astros I need every Houston #Astros fan to watch closely how they (NY FANS) treat us over there. When they came here we need to have that same energy in Minute Maid stadium!!! #Yankees.

Yankees are trying to win another We beat the Astros in a regular season game trophy..

realmente nadie tiene idea de lo q es para mí esta foto los astros se alinearon y surgió este momento.

Tuesday 6/21 recap BRAVES OV 2U 💰 CARDINALS ML 2U 💰 ASTROS ML 2U 💰 PADRES ML LIVE 1U 💰 4-0 +7U.

The Homerun That Broke The Dodgers! Marwin Gonzalez autographed rookie card limited to 299 copies, $25. #Astros.

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Aaron Judge, Aaron Hicks propel Yankees to big comeback win over Astros via @nypost.

I want to think that @rstanek_55 sounds like Sam Kinison when he yells after a big out. #Astros.

@andrew_fussell @Mets You really think y’all’s playoff pitching was mid tier? Lol Astros 1-2 pitchers had like a ERA that postseason before they ever played a WS game against Atlanta. Y’all’s bull pen was waaay better than our injury plagued triple A bull pen.

Not looking forward to my #Astros having to play at Yankee Stadium in front of their horrible, horrible fans..

@Adamkendama1 @_JoeSeppi Seems more like your face remembering that month when you were good, While watching the Astros do with the Braves can’t…beat the NYM 😂🤣.

@MLB @astros I hope they can do during the playoffs and championship games so they win it all!.

@ChiSportsDay DK will always be in the hearts of Astros fans. He was a phenomenal player..


@SportsVanessa Mets fan in distress cause he lost a bet with a yankee fan after the series loss vs the.

✳️ @astros 5, @Mets 3 ⭐ Yordan Alvarez HOU 2/4 2hr 2rbi (GS 10) ELO: HOU (1379 #3) +2 · NYM (1327 #10) -2.

El cubano ha sacudido nueve jonrones en sus últimos 20 duelos..

This is my new favorite @rstanek_55 moment ever … and let me tell ya I’ve had some doozies 🤣.

@jaimebaltodano_ @Mosucatalin1 Bueno, en SMR era Sheik contra su básicamente. No siempre los enemigos/ antagonistas son una sola persona como tal. En cuanto a los Los poderes no son hereditarios ni genéticos, más bien los Astros consideran diversos detalles para decidirse por uno u otro..

BÉISBOL GRANDES LIGAS - El cubano Yordan Álvarez pega dos cuadrangulares en el triunfo de los Astros ante los Mets #DeportesRedesSociales.

The most runs the #Yankees ever scored against the Astros was 16 on 4/6/2016. The final score was 16-6 which was also the highest combined score between the two. #RepBX.

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Check out 20 different CHARLIE MORTON cards lot 2010 - 2020 Pirates Astros Rays #eBay via @eBay.

@HoodieMaybin Watching your team get dismantled in the ALCS by the Astros for the third time will be impeccable.

@OMGiooo29 You cant hate the red soxs they won titles last 10 years but hate The astros for so called cheating and being from the south.

@YanksFan0502 @Keith_McPherson Or the Astros are really good. Their first 5 hitters are elite.

@bnicholsonsmith I honestly thought Houston had this one in the bag☺️…should have known better 🫤🤷🏼‍♀️ @astros.

@chef_mj @PPRock34 4 runs off this guy. Their closer. Fuck the Astros. These boys in HELL this weekend. BX been waiting 2 years for this series..

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@christoph7809 @CopierCollin Don’t tell me that’s an astros fan accusing the Yankees, or anyone for that matter of cheating. How special.

Aaron Judge, Aaron Hicks propel Yankees to big comeback win over Astros via @nypostsports.

I would like to announce that the Astros just lost game 69 of the 162 game season. The dream is ended. #gostros #astros.

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