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Updated: January 20th, 2022 04:36 AM IST

An update on Astroworld (since it has magically disappeared from our radars, thank u Kris Jenner):

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if you’re planning on going to the when we were young festival please be careful. not only is it going to be ran by the people who ran astroworld, tickets are non refundable, and a lot of items that are important to bring to concerts are banned.

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Seeing that the When We Were Young show is being put on by the same people who did Astroworld, not that the artist doesn’t deserve some credit in crowd control has me leaning towards passing on it. That many bands in one day on only three stages is absurd. Fuck

@milkstrology yupppp…. brand new socials, the account hasn’t liked a single tweet, no prior announcement/teasing, put on by live nation (who ran astroworld)??? and tickets are non-refundable. it’s definitely scammy

@milkstrology its ran by the same people who did astroworld 🥴 i wanted to go but not anymore. i dont want to get trampled lol

@colormeandrea vi que está organizado por la misma gente de Astroworld y sinceramente me cagué


the “same people behind Astroworld” are in some way behind 80% of live events in the

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3. Con multitudes así en un sitio tan cerrado se pueden arriesgar mucho a que hayan accidentes o pase algo a mayor escala. Realmente no quiero ni imaginarme pasando algo tipo el astroworld

another note about #whenwewereyoung - Ticket Policy notes all sales are final, period. perhaps a way to recoup $ for their astroworld lawsuits?

ok everyone knows I want this more than anyone else, but here’s my concerns: - NO REFUNDS (at all) - it’s ONE day, with 3 stages ?? - same company that put on AstroWorld no money back, you can’t see 1/4th of the bands you want & probably 20 min sets, plus what happened with AW

I wanna go to When We Were Young but 1.) like $300 a ticket 2.) plus flying 3.) were in a pandemic 4.) same production company as AstroWorld

live nation should put from the entertainment company that brought you astroworld on their festival promotion materials

this event is being hosted by the same people who did Astroworld

For everyone excited about the Vegas festival: it’s hosted by live nation. Who also hosted Astroworld which was also a one day event with equal hype (this one arguably might have more). So keep that in mind

can we all agree that this festival kinda giving us bad vibes now bc of astroworld 🥴🥴

When We Were Young bout to go off for Live Nation but Travis Scott gotta hide from the public over Astroworld. How much money has Live Nation made since Astroworld and no one has cared one bit?

all i’m seeing is $$$$.. it’s almost like live nation trying to use the alt scene and the dedicated fans to pay their lawyer fees after over the next few months we’re gonna see a lot of: “DuE tO cOvId We WiLl bE dRopPiNg oUt oF tHe LiNe Up” *sorry no refunds*

PSA when we were young is hosted by the same people responsible for astroworld. I know it’s a crazy good lineup buuuut….

@Loganchance Yeah, LiveNation has blood on their hands from AstroWorld, so they better have their shit together this time.

as much as I’d want to go, I’m too fucking broke lol not to mention it’s the same people that handled Astroworld and we all know how that turned out 😬 and you know, COVID is still a thing sooo im good 😭💔

lmao,,, this giving huge fyre fest vibes,, also why we trusting Live Nation after astroworld?????

im super sketch of this, 12 hour festival 60+ bands and only 3 stages and done by the people who did astroworld? I think im gonna pass

@TsukiHimesenpai not to mention live nation is the same people responsible for Astroworld

When We Were Young being held at another peak of our pandemic AND being held by the same company that did Astroworld? Y’all must be out of your damn minds

@mileyskyrus they hosted astroworld so that’s what’s scary like i’m praying people are more considerate but if it’s too hectic then bet ur ass i’m leaving the venue and going to the bars lol

a 12-hour music festival… ran by the company that oversaw astroworld… featuring 55+ bands on 3 stages, during a pandemic, featuring nonrefundable tickets to see bands that have already cancelled shows due to said pandemic? wHaT cOuLd PoSsIbLy Go wRoNg?🤷🏼‍♂️ #WhenWeWereYoung

not when we were young fest being held by the same company as astroworld this keeps getting worse lol


@chemicalramones @sapnapsbabyboy Honestly, this event seems WAY to good to be true. But I did read about some theories how its just a way to cover the law suits from Astroworld


i think that’s funny as fuck, everyone was all “fuck live nation, fuck travis scott.” and are about to give their money for “when we were young” an event by live nation to cover fees from astroworld & it’s QUIET as FUCK

An update on Astroworld (since it has magically disappeared from our radars, thank u Kris Jenner):

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