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Ohio is one of the greatest instant hit somgs of all time. The shootings were two months earlier. Neil went off by himself and wrote it in something like a half-hour and they absolutely hammered it in the studio. One of the angriest Top 40 hits ever. Such a weird time. #AT40.

Earth Wind and Fire-YYEESSS! Suddenly, this countdown is starting to redeem itself. #AT40.

I just want to be your everything by Andy Gibb will forever be my favorite non BeeGees song. #AT40.

Peter Frampton is singing that he is in you. For your sake, hope he is not wearing the voice box thingy when he is. #AT40.

Double hell yeah. My man, Freddy Fender jumps four to #24. Wasted Days and Wasted Nights was written by Wayne Duncan, Freddy Fender and Huey Meaux and was produced by Meaux. Great song. #AT40.

This is EWF with some jazz left in the jazz-funk. Not complaining, though. The pop-funk is damn good, too. #AT40.

And the #1 song in the US on this weekend in 1977 was I Just Want to be Your Everything by Andy Gibb. 🎶 #AT40.

Could it Be Magic is top 5 Barry Manilow for me. Donna Summer does an epic Disco version. #AT40.

No hating on Barry! This is actually a good song, one of my favorites by him. My thanks to Chopin, also. #AT40.

I thought we were gonna go Ah well, nice job, gang. @TheTruantsNYC will be @Musikfest next Saturday. See you in two weeks! #AT40.

A haha EYYYYE IIIII JUST WANT TO BE YOUR EVERYTHING. Rightfully on top for 4 weeks in 1977. #AT40 Make the girls swoon, Andy. Only 19 at the time..

@porpster And let us not forget that the Sweet Melissa in question is Melissa Manchester. #AT40.

@porpster A perfect pop tune to end the countdown. Thanks brother! Stay cool 😎 👌 #AT40.

@porpster Ahhh, I knew a Gibb had to be on this countdown!! 😍 Sweet Andy. Anyway, everyone have a great week! Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars! 💫 #AT40.

Finally a Gibb! I love “ I just want to be your everything” and I will die on that hill. #AT40.

Honest question: Was there a week in 1977 when someone with the surname Gibb was not in the Top 10? #AT40.

Your weekly reminder that Bad Company should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. #AT40.

Maybe not more, but possibly every Ronstadt cover is its equivalent. #AT40.

If we had the chance to do it all again, would we? the eternal question. #AT40 Great song, but it always makes me sad, so I tend to avoid it. But love this version..

Along with Best of My Love, I Just Want to Be Your Everything ruled the charts and the Minnesota State Fair in 77. Get you foot long, all you can drink milk, and roasted corn on the cob and meet me by Machinery Hill. #AT40.

@RadioFreeTom We’ve made it to number one, so maybe Shaun Cassidy charted by himself this week, and we won’t be hearing from Andy G—- doh! #AT40.

Wow. You know who sent #at40 trending in the US ? I do. Well done @CharlesPPierce. I have spoken..

@porpster “I don’t care” what Peter Frampton says, I LOVE this song. *He always says this album was subpar, but this single isn’t! #AT40.

This 30 year old millennial fan enjoy the 70s #AT40 once in awhile, especially when it’s Bad Company.

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Barry Manilow getting the Casey approval as his song moves up the chart. Could It Be Magic? #AT40.

Sorry, Andy. Congrats on No. 1, but I have an urge to listen to my CSN album now. #AT40.

Decent EWF track. Most of their other stuff is better than the massively overrated ‘September’ #AT40.

once the song actually starts, ms. gladys absolutely steals this song and makes it amazing. #AT40.

19 year old Andy Gibb tops the charts this week in 1977 with I Just Want To Be Your Everything Catch you all next week! #AT40.

Closing out this week in 1977 #AT40 is, of course, a Gibb. With that, see you next week, folks! Keep your feet on the ground, and keep reaching for the stars! 🌠.

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