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Should have pleaded guilty, Aunt Becky. Now you are good and fucked..

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🔒 Aunt Becky up & let the twins put money on her ’ll be aight.

Y’all didn’t have to to Aunt Becky like that 😭😭.

About time some people pay the price. Aunt Becky - you are in trouble! Lori Loughlin and other parents face new charges in college admissions scandal.

@NBCNews What Aunt Becky, no smile? I hope the judge really throws the book at her. #LoriLoughlin.

Just saw the inventor of the Hot Pocket pled guilty of fraud in the college admission scandal. The real crime here is stealing the sleek design of a calzone and claiming it as your own. Shame on you. And you too Aunt Becky!.

Holy SHIT! The hammer of GOD was thrown down. See ya in 40 Aunt Becky.

@FBIBoston @margo94 Not just Aunt Becky Well done! 👏.

DOJ attempting to bully Aunt Becky. Plead guilty or well get Actress Lori Loughlin and husband facing additional charges in college admissions scandal via @nbcnews.

Should have pleaded guilty, Aunt Becky. Now you are good and fucked..

maybe if aunt becky stanned yoohyeon she wouldn’t be in this fucking mess. guillotine.

Michelle: “Can you clean this mess up for Aunt Becky, Daddy?” Danny: “I’m afraid not, pumpkin.” Michelle: “But you’re good at cleaning-“ Jessie: “SHUT UP MICHELLE! SHUT UP! Ok?”.

Predicted by many, including 🙋🏻‍♂️ They probably have the goods—but Aunt Becky will still be tough to convict..

Can someone please tell me if Aunt Becky is going to prison or not?.

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@hotstreak567 @ChrisVillani44 No, sweetheart. The American public are SICK of people behaving like the law applies only to the peons. Thank Comrade Minus for the complete lack of caring over how Aunt Becky must be feeling. We’re sick of the elitists and their constant lies and cheating!.

@Tom_Winter @MattMurph24 Aunt Becky should have taken a plea as soon as it was offered.

@GeeScottSr Felicity Huffman got really good advice. Admitted she completely screwed up. Is in prison now. Will be out by Halloween and can get on with her life. Aunt Becky needs new lawyers..

Oh Aunt Becky 🙄 Lori Loughlin and other parents face new charges in college admissions scandal.

@AP I remember an episode of Full House where Aunt Becky explains the concept of Quid Pro Quo to DJ Tanner. Not even kidding. I need to find it. It’s like the writers foreshadowed this entire thing.

Aunt Becky, you might want to stop trying to buy your way out of.

@Trace_Urdan Yes, but I prefer them to include the corrupt university admins and not just outrage about Aunt Becky..

@Maryloufl Aunt Becky and friends should have taken a deal.

Lori Loughlin Is Aunt Becky going to the Big House? Look for Aunt Becky In The Big House This November on The Hallmark Channel!.

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Grew up watching Lori Loughlin aka Aunt Becky; thought she would handle this scandal with class like Felicity Huffman & admit her guilt & face the consequences. Not like she was going to receive harsh punishment like regular Jane; Nor would her life be over. What a disappointment.

Aunt Becky should’ve just taken that Plea Deal you knew you were guilty and you knew it was wrong now you’re fighting a much bigger fight.

Aunt Becky is going to jail was the most unexpected episode of Fuller House, I have to say. Always figured it would be Jodie Sweetin tbh..

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