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sorry but if korea was allowed in eurovision like australia could you imagine the devastation? kpop idol level choreo and production would leave europe stunned and scalped.

I congratulate Ferdinand Marcos Jr @bongbongmarcos on being elected President of the Philippines at the national elections on 9 May. Following the 75th anniversary of Australia-Philippines relations last year, we look forward to continuing to advance our long-standing friendship..

⚡️ Australia completes shipment of 20 armored vehicles, howitzers to Ukraine. The last of the 20 Bushmaster armored vehicles gifted to Ukraine along with several M777 howitzers are en route to Ukraine, Bruce Edwards, Australian Ambassador to Ukraine and Moldova, said on May 6..

BREAKING: 🇦🇺 Australia’s first ever #Bitcoin & #Ethereum ETFs are officially live..

It’s never been harder to see a GP in Australia, and today I’m in Darwin to announce Labor’s plans to improve GP access and strengthen Medicare..

In just six days’ time we can choose a better future. A better future for Australia..


Tragic news surrounding the former Australia all-rounder and our thoughts are with his friends and family..

At a time when the gap between the richest and the poorest in Australia has never been bigger, how can it be anything but fair, and wise, to lift minimum wage? And has there EVER been time when business has said: We CAN afford it!? Discuss. #auspol.

Raiding your super to get a house deposit undermines the value of compounding interest year on year on which retirement nest eggs are built. Australia’s employee super funds are also the growing “real money” capital base we need. Why would anyone want to destroy this?.

Apropos of nothing, does it seem weird that Australia has the highest current level of cases per capita in the OECD and it really is not a thing at all in the election campaign??.

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#SaveSoil volunteers from Australia met Indigenous leader Wayne Thorp - a Gunnai custodian & elder, storyteller, linguist, teacher, songwriter, gum leaf player, & dancer. They shared some fireside wisdom & stories of Soil from indigenous lore. Action now:.

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Longest wait between Ferrari wins since 1994: Singapore 2015 to Australia 2017: 553 days Spain 2013 to Malaysia 2015: 686 days Singapore 2019 to Bahrain 2022: 910 days ❗️ That night in Bahrain was special ✨.

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1/2 Real talk for just 1 second. I was a super fan of Aus Wres prior to breaking in. @marciuspitt was the king of @EPWPerth at the time & showed me that homegrown Perth boys could reach a world class standard. I honestly believe he is in the top 10 or so wrestlers Australia -.

@ItsBobbyMares He visited me in the sky tonight in Australia 💙.

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3 points. 1. Xi is mightily pissed at Australia 2. When he’s pissed he doubles down. 3. They move fast (and when they move fast in Pacific micro states the results are amplified) ⁦@SharriMarkson⁩.

i can’t believe america is playing covid again. i don’t think there is a country here in europe still playing guess it’s down to america, canada and australia to destroy lives with the covid narrative?.

#BREAKING South Australia records 4,696 new COVID-19 cases and seven deaths.

Morrison stance on minimum wages branded ‘hypocrisy’ as student loans remain indexed at inflation rate.

A free webinar by Associate Professor Nana Oishi, University of Melbourne Voluntary Underclass? Globalism, Temporality and the Life Choices of Japanese Working Holiday Makers in Australia. Wednesday 18 May 2022, 5-6pm AEST..

The next Labor Ministry will have talent, experience AND a decent amount of integrity. The idea that Morrison’s D-grade front bench of rorters is in any way comparable is simply a horrible joke at Australia’s expense. #auspol #AusVotes2022.

Wow. HUGE story from @Ageinvestigates on the way the powerful gaming industry has blocked attempts to fight organised crime #statecapture.

@MattsterMash Greece’s from semi final 1 was really good and the give the wolf a banana song is growing on me. I had to pause todays so still watching but Finland and Serbia are great too. Australia’s was beautiful..

Necesito que Australia toque en la 1st Half para que así no haya tantas baladas masculinas en la 2nd half porque si no ....

me when i have to wait another day for kendrick’s album to come out bc i live in fucking australia.

Pues el que queda de 1st half necesito que sea Australia porque sino menuda primera parte 🥴.

everything that is happening now has been happening before, it’s just that the internet has made the world a little more like a community now something can happen in australia and someone in africa with hear about it immediately..

AUSTRALIA HAPPENING AGAIN ‼️ A worker at Australia Post was caught on a woman’s security camera throwing out piles of Coalition postal vote applications into a residential bin before offering her a bribe after being confronted..

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@Hellhammer9999 Australia here, no early starts to watch games but like sneaky peaks at the phone while at work. 😂 Fell in love with Boston as a hole when I stayed there for 2 weeks, I’d love to go back. 🥹.

@zikucaracha_ No veo que la gane estando entre Polonia y Australia es que se lo comen.

Is it OK for me to withhold my children from my Ex? The most important thing to remember as any parent, and just as much so in separated families, is that you must be proactive and protective should your children face a serious or significant threat..

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