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The Avalanche held it down in Game 1 against the reigning champs 👀.

The Avalanche can do no wrong. The Lightning continue to chase the play. Follow along Game 2 of the #StanleyCup Final live:.

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Hello, welcome back! We have no plan because the Lightning scored. Avalanche looked good, right guys? #GoBolts #GoAvsGo.

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“Oh the red? Just walking down the Avalanche visitors tunnel Jerry”.

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二本の修正が終わったので、知り合いに送る! 仕事に繋がるといいなぁ…(*´・ω・) そして新作を書きすすめる@二作 これも書き上がったら別の知り合いに送ってみよ.

@Avalanche @DriveToyota If I wanted to be disappointed, I would spend time with my kids..


RUMOR: Avalanche Studios is Currently Working on a Roguelike Game.

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Here’s How Low Ethereum, Solana, Avalanche and One Additional ETH Rival Will Go, According to Crypto Analyst.

@SparkleTindi That’s what I’ve been saying to my mom the entire game. Vas is a good goalie, just getting left out to dry against a very hungry and energized Avalanche..

This year Johnson’s birthday coincides with Father’s Day. He must be expecting an avalanche of cards this year!.

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The @Avalanche look superrrr fast. That extended rest definitely showing. Let’s go @TBLightning.

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@t_i_avalanche アバさん おはようございます(*´∀`) こちらこそ よろしくお願いします😊🎵🎵.

@captnabdelkader @FlyersNation The Colorado Avalanche and Tampa Bay Lightning play with defense and backbone. Idk what you’re trying to get at here.

Avalanche is the only team in all of these playoff games that actually looks like they know how to play hockey. The rest have all just been winging it comparatively.

Before they were named @Avalanche several other names for the team were considered Extreme, Blizzards & Black Bears but ownership wanted Rocky Mountain Extreme the name leaked out before it was final in the media fans were not pleased with that name So they chose #Avalanche #NHL.

Even strength numbers in the first period Shot attempts 16-14 Colorado Scoring chances 8-6 Avalanche High Danger chances 4-2 Avs Expected goals #GoBolts #TBLightning Colorado.

Lets go been waiting for this game, not the teams i wanted in finals but lets go Avalanche! Huge things could happen #drinking #pinkwhitney.

1. Avalanche Web Wallet đã được cập nhật, nhằm bảo vệ ví khỏi các lỗi tiềm ẩn có thể xảy ra khi xử lý thông tin nhạy cảm trong trình duyệt web. Đây là vấn đề về lịch sử và chưa có trường hợp nào mất tiền. Các trình duyệt đã không theo kịp Web3. /🧵.

@ToddRadom Ugh! The extreme era was a steaming pile of crap. The Avalanche name was stolen from the short-lived Denver Avalanche of the Major Indoor Soccer League..

Avalanche Photo,Avalanche Photo by Timothy Jenkins,Timothy Jenkins on twitter tweets Avalanche Photo

@tampafan32 @Avalanche At least we have the richest owner, who cares. Btw have fun with your team when Brady retires 😁.

Another round of the @spittinchiclets against the @Avalanche. Who will they root for when the Avs beat Tampa.

The rare team that actually reflects its name. Goals come in an avalanche. Runner-up: Cleveland Browns..

@t_i_avalanche アバさんおはありです😊 流れ作業的に言ってしまうものらしいです💧 週末ウイング進めたかったんですけど、サフ止まりになりそーです😅 今日も宜しくお願いします✨.

Have to do some work stuff and bam game is tied. Son of @Avalanche. #StanleyCup.

@Avalanche @espn Last 63 home teams to lead by at least two goals in Stanley Cup Finals. 63 Wins 0 Losses.

@gunpla_ren2 力技ですな😆笑 でも… 「何とでもなるはずだ❗️」←ワタクシ、こればっかり😁笑.

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