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Updated: November 24th, 2021 10:36 AM IST

Avery Bradley admits the team ran out of energy in the fourth quarter and that they have to be better moving forward.

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One thing is clear early this year: The Lakers aren’t talented enough to overcome Frank Vogel’s bad lineups. @AnthonyIrwinLA discussed that as he recapped tonight’s loss, and then welcomed @hmfaigen to discuss the Lakers’ place in the playoff picture.

@Mo_Buckets87 Melo fasho don’t. Russ on and off with it. AD be getting crossed out there. THT and Avery Bradley really the only ones who do 🤦🏾‍♂️

Cool, now your defense improves and you have an amazing offensive sharp shooting lineup of Avery Bradley ben Simmons lebron aj and deandre Jordan. Making the offense terrible isn’t worth it

Avery Bradley on how the Lakers can improve defensively: “It’s not gonna happen overnight, but it has to be a ‘want’ from everybody.

Avery Bradley admits the team ran out of energy in the fourth quarter and that they have to be better moving forward.

Avery Bradley: “We can’t just turn it off and on. We’re not good enough for that yet.

Tht is talented, but him starting does a massive disservice to himself, ad, bron, and Russ. The big 3 need absolutely nothing but two spot up shooters in the starting lineup to maximize them. I like Avery Bradley starting and maybe ariza when he comes back.

Jugadores con peor NetRating de #LakeShow en lo que va de temporada (por encima del mínimo requerido de minutos) 1. Avery Bradley: 2. DeAndre Jordan: Hagan con esa información lo que quieran.

Vogel, sobre la noche de Avery Bradley: Avery está haciendo un gran trabajo en el costado defensivo, y lo alentamos a que sea agresivo (en ataque) también.

Avery Bradley Photo,Avery Bradley Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

@enzoriverssss ngl i expected this from THT at some point, but avery bradley just needs to become a player coach at this point

tht and avery bradley should never touch a basketball ever again and frank vogel should never coach a game ever again in his life #LakeShow


I seen Avery Bradley dribbling for 14 seconds and turned the game off that shit was worse than any nightmare I’ve ever had

Avery Bradley hoisting threes when there’s Carmelo Anthony wide open calling for the ball is kind of the defining trait of the Lakers. They don’t trust the clutch. #stayme7o

Avery Bradley é um dos melhores defensores do perímetro da NBA. Conheço Avery desde que jogava na High School, inclusive foi ao Brasil comigo… na época não era um bom arremessador, mas a intensidade na defesa sempre esteve presente no seu jogo.

@TheStrickland Not sure how many Avery Bradley has but he should have at least a few more.

@PurpleAndGoldBR O banco dos cara abriram 12x0 no nosso Sem randle, kemba, é surreal. Se avery bradley é jogador eu sou uma laranja

avery bradley ni en pedo es mas que maxi fjellerup. la gestion bob myers continua impecable

Horton tucker and Avery Bradley I don’t think I have seen have a good game. 🤦🏼

Why do the Lakers have Avery Bradley this late in the game when down and looking for points? Avery Bradley? Lol


never got why they signed avery bradley bro is terrible and his defense is no where near the same

IQ with a phenomenal sequence. GREAT defense on Avery Bradley to force a miss, then hits a 3 on the other end🔥 then gets back and defends THT well. 2-way IQ showing out vs the Lakers⭐️

I’m starting to think Avery Bradley LeBron informant bruh been on hella contending team in the last couple years lol but always go back to lakers

Avery Bradley wasn’t s professional basketball player last quarter to most of y’all…. 🤣🤣

Deandre Jordan & Avery Bradley helping “lead” the Lakers’ 3rd Quarter “charge”:

Avery Bradley Photo,Avery Bradley Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Bro. Avery Bradley is the driving force fr. And before the game they was asking why the man was out there 🤣

why would you go to THT above the break to leave Avery Bradley open in the

Avery Bradley nails a three to cut this to nine points, and Russ gets a steal and a jam to cut it to seven. The Lakers have started this half much more attentive and loose.

@jr_xxi He keeps saying Avery Bradley is the reason the lakers got back in the game. Like no it’s Julius trying to play hero ball

Great that role players like Avery Bradley and Anthony Davis are stepping up to help out Russ and Melo.


If you don’t play DAJ & Avery Bradley with them for 15-20 minutes they MIGHT actually play matter

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