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I was recruited into AV? I graduated from school with a degree in Communications with a focus in Broadcast & Radio. My friend was working for a company that sold and installed VTC gear. I became a tech. Hired on the basis that I identified a BNC cable on the table #AVinTheAm.

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Thanks for the #AVinTheAM shoutout this morning, @chris_neto! We’re excited to witness the impact to the industry to come. Thanks for your help in getting the word out! #AVTweeps.

@rodeostore @NeilPosnansky I love that song by Guns and Roses! . . . . . . . . . . . . 🤪 .#AVinTheAM.

@chris_neto 1/2 I was a Zoology major. Thought I’d be a Wildlife Biologist or a Veterinarian, what I wanted to be as a kid. Waiting tables built my people skills. I was getting married, needed a real job, IBM hired me as a sales person at a job fair, I knew nothing about computers #avintheam.

@chris_neto In the early days of digital recording, I researched, designed & built bleeding edge studios. This included getting to meet with Bob Ludwig and his engineering team at Gateway Mastering. It was like a master seminar in studio design. #AVinTheAM.

@chris_neto I got my very first job in “AV” because my dad was a cop and used to work security for local shows. He heard the techs mentioning they needed extra help. One thing led to another and I was pushing road cases 48 hours later. #AVinTheAM.

@chris_neto I found AV by chance. I needed a job after college. A family friend interviewed me for an admin position. I had no idea AV companies were a thing. I thought it just a closet in schools. 21 years later I’m still here. Same company. Different name. #AVinTheAM.

You realize a new home means #AVinTheAM should be hosted there! No worries you just make breakfast for all of us and we will tweet!.

@chris_neto Q1 #AVInTheAM I studied entertainment technology, then focused on stage and theatrical lighting, after a while freelancing in and around London, I ended up at the University. Starting with a focus on the live venues, then restructuring brought me into the AV world. And loving it..

@jgreenesix @chris_neto Leaders at Gearhouse Birmingham (all of them) created a mind set / attitude / leadership style that still lives with me now. #AVinTheAm.

A1: I was a DJ, then sold tech to night clubs, then to the touring and production industry, then to entertainment eventually to enterprise and education. The tech, by then, was called “AV”. Always tech. Always to help others “do what they did better”. #AVinTheAM.

@chris_neto In my sales role I have to go between both, helping to map the big picture goals and fill in the details on how to get there (with SE help). I like multi-gen teams because you get experience mixed with fresh perspective and new ideas on using modern tools to do better #AVInTheAM.

I was recruited into AV? I graduated from school with a degree in Communications with a focus in Broadcast & Radio. My friend was working for a company that sold and installed VTC gear. I became a tech. Hired on the basis that I identified a BNC cable on the table #AVinTheAm.

@chris_neto I was an electrician wiring freezing cold new build houses without windows on a development and I saw some guys in the nice warm finished houses down the road sticking TVs on the wall. Seemed like a better gig 😁 #AvInTheAM.

@chris_neto I would have tried to get a job with a manufacturer vs staying with resellers. My first job on the manufacturer side was my 18th year in the industry. Wish I had made that leap 10 years earlier as this side better suits me #AVInTheAM.

@chris_neto Take the job in sales sooner!! Otherwise, all good. Just to add, I am proud (& smug) to have held my water in one organisation and not “do the AV” moving for “regional sales manager” type roles to find the grass wasn’t greener!! #AVintheAM.

@chris_neto Started at a community TV station. Enjoyed it more than school. Got a little burnt out on TV and studied audio at Columbia College. Toured and did events/production before winding up in integration. Schooling helped me on the foundation and structure. #AVintheAM.

@KevTalbot @chris_neto “Destiny” I believe. Studied electronics & ended up in the Electronics department of a college (mostly boring) THEN transferred to AV & 💥💥 subsequently Rental & then Did anyone plan to be in Pro AV? #AVinTheAM.

@chris_neto All AV people should take ITIL training, and should take a formalized user needs assessment course or workshop. Happy to have done both. #AVInTheAM.

@chris_neto I hate to say it but I would have tried to go to college vs tech school although my high school grades didn’t permit it. #AVinTheAM.

@chris_neto Hiring is like the MLB draft - you pick the best talent and willingness to learn. Everything else is just stuff which can be picked up. Other than technical training, I want to continue to develop my writing and overall critical thinking skills. #AVinTheAM.

@chris_neto A friends dad was a TV tech. At 13 we started a band and he gave us a bunch of old tube gear and taught me a bit of theory and repair. My buddies became better musicians while I took the technical roll. Eventually majored in computers and electronics late at age 28. #AVinTheAM.

@chris_neto I stumbled into AV. Long story short, I had a half an EE degree, some supervisory experience, and not many other qualifications. @VideoCorp took a chance on me for a site-supervisor role on a big project they had just won. The rest, as they say, is history. #AVinTheAM.

@chris_neto 3 - Family trip to Disney and Univeral Studios sealed the deal. Majored in Film & Communication in college & never looked back. #AVInTheAM.

@chris_neto A1- Stage Crew, HS, Technical Theater in College, No $ in Theater, Good $ in AV & Video Technology for resi, corporate, education, government. All the worlds a stage, learn to play and play to learn #AVintheAM.

Q3- In what areas would you like to develop further outside of just technical training? How important is it to you to see formalized training process within a company? Are there formal trainings that everyone should consider? Would you hire for Fit or plan to Train? #AVinTheAm.

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