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Idk if I’m more surprised that this is Ayesha curry, or that this is Ayesha curry after 3 damn

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Juice ()

WAIT so the women that are so we need more positivity and uplifting of women are the same women bashing ayesha curry????

💫 ()

Flightreacts probably on ayesha curry’s post searching for steph

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Nikolina 🧞‍♀️ ()

people rlly think ayesha curry is posting a bikini pic to get guys? this

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🤍𝓓. ()

i will forever stan ayesha curry, every little move she makes gets y’all BENT hunny

RJ ()

Ayesha curry loses some weight and pops off on y’all and ppl are slandering her too ??? Like what the ppl can’t do anything without hate fr

Hanabi, Banana at Large ()

Ayesha Everyone’s into barely wearing clothes these days huh Curry came out with a bikini pic. Now dusty men will never be able to use her as a means to shame women for doing what they want.

Niqueë ()

The fact that ayesha curry lost a few pounds and people are literally in a frenzy just shows how much y’all love to talk negatively about any and everything

Toni, Maya, Alice, Nikki and Gloria 🙏🏾 ()

I’m trying to get on my Ayesha curry but depression and pms not letting me be great. If I decide to just get surgery, I’m ray charles to the comments 😭😭😭😭😭

IG : goldnlarose ()

COVID took wholesome Ayesha Curry from us 🥺🥺 2020 worst than these dudes & ain’t sh!t


Twitter Reacts to Ayesha Curry Trending For Dropping Bikini Photos During The RONA; Photo Credit to Steph (Tweets-Vids-IG)

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Ayesha Curry Updates ()

Ayesha Curry posted that photo, cooked her family dinner, put her kids to bed, now probably getting ready to FUQ her man, while y’all still pressed over a bikini photo 3 hours later.

Fka Wes Fif ()

Ayesha Curry looks great! Shout out to her for being comfy in her skin and salute to Steph for letting her rock out. Tastefully done, it’s just a bikini ppl.

Danielle ()

So are we just gonna ignore the fact that ayesha curry face don’t even look the same no more

NBA News Now ()

Ayesha Curry trends after posting bikini pictures on Instagram - National Basketball Association News -

AntMoon325🖥️💰🗡️ ()

Ayesha Curry, you look great. Pay no attention to the haters. Nothing wrong with a little cheek reduction. #DubNation #LookAtCurry

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DaBlackB2 🇨🇦🇭🇹🦂👸🏾 ()

@__slaykay .Nothing negative. Just said Ayesha Curry doesn’t look like herself. What’s negative in that? 🤷🏾‍♀️🙄

Ari. ()

People really hating on Ayesha Curry for getting her body back? 😑 Of course she’s gonna look different. Finding anything wrong. Smh

Da Baby’s Mustache aka Mom🧴 ()

Why do y’all have to bring up something Ayesha Curry said 5 years ago? Obviously she wasn’t comfortable in her own skin when she said it. Now she is and y’all still mad. Go do something to make yourself less of a hater.

DaBlackB2 🇨🇦🇭🇹🦂👸🏾 ()

@_WheresWaldo .Two non-pregnant pictures. Personally I don’t feel Ayesha Curry looks like herself. It’s just my opinion!

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Ayesha Curry said quarantine stopping NOTHING. She looks so GOOD!!

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Shonieee 👑 ()

Ayesha curry didn’t need the surgery!! I loved her the most bc she was a beautiful person and natural!!!! Now it’s like who doesn’t get surgery 🤦🏽‍♀️

??? ()

Y’all then bullied Ayesha Curry into showing skin??? Y’all some menaces but I mean I’m not mad

U A DUB ()

F*ck Ayesha Curry Just Gave Us Fap Material For A Whole Week! Is She The Baddest In The Game Rn ? And If U Say No ... Name Who Is

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. ()

Ayesha Curry on the internet half naked with black lips. that’s how i know we in the parallel universe.

JBII 🐺💨 ()

Ayesha curry dropped a 🔥 pic today and roheem ain’t here to argue about it with me 😢😭

Rodrick Rhodes ()

unpopular opinion but i like fat Ayesha curry better 🤷🏽‍♂️

London Royce ()

Quarantine done got Ayesha Curry out here half naked on the innanets. 2020 is something else.

Princess darkskin ()

Harpo who is this woman 🧐 this is not Ayesha Curry Idc #Ayeshacurry

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Pablo ()

Ayesha Curry finally bout to get that attention she was wanting bc BAAABBBYYY😨🤯🤤😍🔥

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If i want to, i will ()

Idk if I’m more surprised that this is Ayesha curry, or that this is Ayesha curry after 3 damn

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☚ Lucki #fridaymorning ☛
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