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Several potential landing spots for Deandre Ayton: ◽ Pistons ◽ Trail Blazers ◽ Spurs @johnhollinger and @JLEdwardsIII discuss the fit in Detroit:.

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The Suns are expected to engage in serious sign-and-trade talks centered around Deandre Ayton, per @TheSteinLine. It’s looking more and more likely that Ayton plays somewhere other than Phoenix moving forward..

Deandre Ayton trade talk ... PLUS the potential return of underhanded free-throwing to the NBA ... AND a Myles Turner update ... all in my weekend roundup of around-the-league intel:.

O Atlanta Hawks surge como grande interessado em adquirir o pivô Deandre Ayton na offseason. 🗞 @JakeLFischer 📸 Adam Pantozzi.

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Hawks reportedly interested in acquiring Deandre Ayton, does he fit?.

Les Suns prêts à lâcher Deandre Ayton dans un « sign-and-trade » ?.

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Vers un sign & trade de Deandre Ayton ? Au moins 5 franchises intéressées ? -.

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Ayton x Capela y Bogdanovic lo firmo en este mismo instante y sin dudarlo 1 minuto (:.


, Raps should target Ayton not cuz hes a centre per se, but because he’s a good PNR partner on a team who ran very little PNR b/c of their lack of personnel, hes a good rim protector on a team who was too dependent on a 6’9 soph, and a good rebounder on a team 23rd in DREB%.


Ayton for those 2 would be a steal & it’s super fair to say that it wouldn’t happen. That doesn’t mean that they’re not great (I have full faith in GTJ’s development & success on this team so I wouldn’t be excited to trade him or anything)..

Según @TheSteinLine, las 5 franquicias que cuentan con las mayores probabilidades de hacerse con los servicios de Ayton son: Spurs, Raptors, Blazers, Pistons y Hawks. SunsLatam interroga: ¿qué jugador de cada equipo mencionado te gustaría ver en Suns? Solo nombres lógicos..

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Hey, Atlanta. What do you think about Deandre Ayton in a Hawks uni? Someone make me feel better about it. #TrueToAtlanta.

FA/Trade Rumors: Ayton, Centers, Turner, Beal, Saric, Lakers.

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Saying that we would be worse offensively with this trade is very shortsighted to me. Ayton being present would def change the looks that our guys like OG, Pascal & Fred would get. Our bench still needs more depth, but in regards to this “making our offense worse”— I don’t agree..

My favorite spots for him are Portland & Detroit. If Blazers have a lineup of Dame, Simmons, Hart, ___, Ayton. That’s nice. Pistons w/ Cade, ____, Bey, Grant, Ayton are making the playoffs..

@amccullough105 @colecisne I’d they don’t want to pay Ayton $40 mil they CERTAINLY don’t wanna pay it to Rudy.

I would rather see Ayton miserable with the Suns for the next ten years than be happy elsewhere..

CP to New York for kemba and their pick Ayton to Charlotte for oubre and bridges Now we cookin….

@SonnyK__ That’s not bad at all fit wise but I don’t think Collins makes any sense in Toronto. But if you could get a 3 teamer where they got OG and had Trae, Huerter, OG, Hunter, Ayton that’s serious business if they stay healthy.

Could Deandre Ayton join forces with Damian Lillard this offseason? @DuaneRankin takes a look at the possible scenario in his latest report..

IDK who needs to hear this the Spurs are not going to trade for DeAndre Ayton. Thanks, k bye..

@burkhartlaw97 Looks like it. They want to sign and trade Ayton this summer. Maybe include Jae Crowder too. Big mistake.

@5ft10reboundgod @mike_inago Facts lol like sengun ceiling is so much higher. Ayton won’t get too much better than he already is..

@Ba5que A. Bennet KAT Ben Simmons Fultz Ayton Zion Currently, none are worthy of that #1 pick.

Honestly, If the take Ayton from us the suns must just forget ever making playoffs again..

@ZakMarcinNBA Hm, yeah. Ayton, Jae to ATL Holmes, Collins, 16 to PHX 44, Jalen Johnson to SAC Guess I’d be cool with that but not sure SAC agrees. Might have to throw in Torrey..

@WillequetM @eazyland C’est vrai que nous n’avons pas évoqué Ayton ! Étant très peu dans les rumeurs pour les Bulls mais c’est un des top pivots qui va faire bouger cet été ! Mais ça me paraît peu réalisable pour les Bulls et ne nous apporte pas non plus le spacing dont on a besoin..

@drafteados @ADaimiel Ven que sea buena idea que OKC vaya por tipos como Anunoby, Collins, Ayton, con su pick 12 y algo más? O seria mejor que sigan apostando por jovenes del draft y conseguir hacer trade up con el pick 12 para conseguir a Sochan, Sharpe o Duren? Un saludo mis buques queridos ❤️🇨🇱.

@Atlanta_HawksEs Si consigues un cambio así sí que tendría más sentido cambiar a Capella y Boggie más el pick por Ayton. Los llevo yo a Arizona, si hace falta..

KAT is a 2 time All NBA player, Simmons is at least a top three defender in the league, and Ayton is almost a max contract guy.

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