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Updated: October 23rd, 2021 07:36 PM IST

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Take two!!! My back 3 is Azpi, Christensen and Chalobah & our wing backs Reece James & Ben Chilwell. Who would you choose for tomorrow’s game considering the injuries? #BRECHE

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Everyone posting their FPL teams with Mount, Chilwell, Rudiger Me with Azpi in my team:

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@MisterRyanRP : Je ne vois pas réellement un jeune sortir du lot, Jorginho, Valverde, sissoko réalisent tous un excellent debut de saison, si je dois repondre par un nom je dirais @IsckiaRp pour son excellent mental et sa combativité meme quand il joue peu voir pas.

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@TheCVBlues Damn Thomas! He shoulda brought RLC & Azpi on as double strikers at 2-0


I f put azpi on #FPL and had him as captain because i knew chelsea play with fullbacks that get assist against a poor nrowich side. Nice to james and chillwell were raking points 🥲 so if i had those easy 24 points. Nearly had it man

@OfficialFPL Forgot about the Friday game so Mount is benched :/ since Azpi didn’t play Mount comes in right??

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@danieltiluk They won’t tuchel told them to take him of the loan list also club are going to try get a cb in the summer cuz of azpi and Silva also rudiger is looking like he is leaving. Trevor is still calm

I’ve genuinely never had joy with any Chelsea FPL asset. Even Mendy na when I buy am dem Dey concede. Havertz blank, dem no even use that Azpi at all. Never again. Stupid team, useless players.

@LetsTalk_FPL So tempted to move sideways from Azpi to one of James/Chil and Saka to ESR - save some cash and prepare for Kane. This week feels like a big L already

Chelsea players don spoil my fpl, azpi no play, Kai havertz still dey for road, him never reach stadium since.

Yg punya azpi tp first benchnya Sama aja dapat pointnya chilwell n james ,😅

Realising you haven’t got Havertz😍 Realising you transferred in Azpi instead of Chilwell or James😟 Realising you have 0 points from 2 players with no real playing bench🥺

Havertz blanks, but ESR comes on for me as Tuchel keeps Azpi on the bench. Bittersweet

Ależ pięknie zapunktowali wahadłowi Chelsea! Gratulacje dla posiadaczy. U mnie jedynie Azpi, który mam nadzieje, że nie podniesie się z ławki.

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Le truc c’est que à Chelsea à tous les postes y’a des doublures de qualité t’a pas Lukaku et Werner on t’amène Havertz et Hudson ,t’a pas Kante on t’amène Kovaćic,t’a pas Azpi et Alonso on t’amène James et Ben Chilwell wepeppe 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Vous êtes même pas prêt

Pulisic vs CHO for LW Havertz vs Mount for RW Chilwell vs Alonso for LWB Azpi vs Reece for RWB Fully fit Chelsea squad will be insanely good. Just a matter of time to go from great to truly unstoppable 🔥

Watching all of the Chelsea midfielders I thought about buying score and assist while Azpilicueta is in the bench… goodbye FPL princes… At least Rudiger is back (he tweets before he is subbed off for Azpi at 59’) 😂 #fpl

17 different goal scorer this season for chelsea Remain, azpi, Ruben, Saul, sarr, Mendy and kepa let’s complete the set

@Ai_Fi98 Rudiger baru baik injured. Stended azpi jarang sub. Tapi kali ni haih. Anjir betul. Hahaja

Mais la position d’Azpi en Ucl et celle de James diffère dé😂. Azpi kérok comme kouy jouer 3ème attaquant

@islandFPL @izzyfpl Exactly… you just proved my point. I bought Azpi cause he was the “most nailed” in my opinion, because we all know Tuchel rotates. So when he inevitably rotates and one of my players misses out it’s not really down to luck is it?

i’ve just watched Azpi & Malang Sarr play the worst game of 2-touch in my life…

@dylanLUHG @OfficialFPL So if Christensen and Azpi played and Norwich score a goal, how wi you GW go?


@apf17 I now used my wildcard to get Azpi in 😭 But tbh Alonso was always gonna be second choice once Chilly caught himself

@OG_Acanz Cant see him coming on tbh! Think if anyone comes on for a cameo it will be Azpi! You certainly have the bench to cope anyway Sir!

@diegovianaelg No Azpi, so I need to not be pepped later and have Cancelo and Laporte play on my FH

You just know these fuckers will sub on Azpi to take the piss aswell. FPL is shite anyway

@AlphaMourinho I Azpi i Kristensen Majku mu . Očekivao sam samo Kristensena ali džaba

Starting Lineup is decent!!! front three and wingbacks is exactly what we wanted! Chalobah starting too. No RLC or Azpi is interesting after the form they’ve been in though?://

The role Azpi and Chilwell are playing is soo confusing, interesting, funny and lovely to watch 😂😂😂

Take two!!! My back 3 is Azpi, Christensen and Chalobah & our wing backs Reece James & Ben Chilwell. Who would you choose for tomorrow’s game considering the injuries? #BRECHE

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