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They need to stop conflating “she’s not ready” with “she’s not here for the right reasons” #BachelorMonday #TheBachelor.

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Kirpa you deserve better than Colton and he’s in for a rude awakening at the end of this🤷🏽‍♀️ #BachelorMonday.

How awkward is it Colton brings home Hannah B to meet his parents and then eggs her on to express her love for him then just dumps her? *Remote thrown at tv #BachelorMonday.

no offense colton, but yikes i think you made a mistake sending hannah #BachelorMonday.

BACHELOR WAS CRAZY TONIGHT, cant believe Cassie almost went home but Caelynn saved her. Prediction: Cassie wins and her and Caelynn remain besties for life.🌹#BachelorMonday #gocassie.

Hey @colton why would you take someone to meet your family just to send them home? #TheBachelor #BachelorMonday.

Don’t forget to play! Especially this DRAMA! #thebachelor #BachelorMonday.

Best day of the week? #BachelorMonday, of course. 😉🌹 Who else is watching @colton tonight on @BachelorABC?!.

@colton you ain’t finna do my girl Hannah B. Like you could have told her to hold her breath before she started pouring out her heart🥶#BachelorMonday #wtf.

Am I the only one that was trying to figure out which one was Katie tonight? @BachelorABC #BachelorMonday.

Another week another Bachelor where COLTON DOESN’T JUMP THE FENCE DAMNIT #BachelorMonday.

If I had to do hometowns I’d have to rent an Airbnb for the night #BachelorMonday.

Kinda disappointed we didn’t get to see @chrisbharrison say “ladies this is the final rose of the evening”. #BachelorMonday #TeamCASSIE.

kirpa kinda gets on my nerves. shes mean tbh HANNAH G FO LIFFFEEEEEEE and caelynn too but like <--------- top two #Bachelor #BachelorMonday.

Guess she just got kicked to the Kirpa! See ya! @BachelorABC @Bachelor_Nation #TheBachelor #BachelorMonday.

🙋🏻‍♀️i have a even IS Kirpa!?!??? #BachelorMonday #Bachelor.

I love this @BachelorABC so much more now that Cailyn has Cassie’s back!! Yassss girl power!!! #BachelorMonday #TheBachelor.

Last #BachelorMonday tweet of the night: wtf was in Kirpa’s pink notebook ⁉️⁉️⁉️.

Anyone else wonder what a Phlebotomist is? #BachelorMonday.

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Caelynn already telling people she’s the new completely disappointed #BachelorMonday.

Monday’s got me all ready for my contestant photo #BachelorMonday 🌹.

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Tayshia must be a Gemini bc she has two faces LMAOOOO #TheBachelor #BachelorMonday.

Brett Young are you FUCKING KIDDING ME. No date could ever top that😍 #BachelorMonday.

Brett Young performed Here Tonight on the Bachelor. I’m so jealous right now 😭 #BachelorMonday.

He sounded great!! But was kinda hoping for more #brettyoung #BachelorMonday.

They need to stop conflating “she’s not ready” with “she’s not here for the right reasons” #BachelorMonday #TheBachelor.

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