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Tyler Hansbrough passing the torch over to Armando Bacot as UNC leading rebounder. I know a sick face when I see one.

Armando Bacot should never take the fourth-most shots for North Carolina. Give. Him. The. Ball..

Nike Sibande draws a ton of contact on his basket and no call on his layup. Then Bacot literally goes untouched to the basket and gets the foul. Tough exchange for #Pitt..

Armando Bacot back in with 4 fouls. His screen frees up RJ Davis to sink the jumper. Tar Heels lead 66-63 with 2:07 left..

Armando Bacot gets a fast break and hits a two-handed hammer! 🔨 @UNC_Basketball | @iget_buckets35.

I’ve already come to the conclusion that Bacot will have at least 20 & 15. Just make sure Love and Davis don’t get hot and we can win it..

Armando Bacot is 9-for-15 from the free throw line tonight. He made two huge ones there to put #UNC up 64-63..

Pitt double teams Armando Bacot and he is called for a travel. Pitt ball. The Panthers get a timeout with remaining. #UNC is up 64-63..

Now Bacot comes back in with 2:30 left. Nickel takes a seat. All 5 starters out there for #UNC for the home stretch..


first the wall thing, then the unhappy for bacot thing, and now this rough times for tyler.

Bacot walks amid a double-team and #UNC turns it over with left. Pitt ball, and Capel calls timeout. Shot clock is off..

U4 2H - UNC 64, Syracuse 63 🔸This has been a fun game. 🔸Will we see Syracuse growth in end of game situations? 🔸Jesse + Bacot with 4 fouls each 🔸If you would have told you this morning that Syracuse would be down by 1 with the ball and 3:29 to would have taken it.

Armando Bacot: *acts completely normal* @ReceDavis: Bacot REALLY needs to cool down here.

Edwards and Bacot both with 4 fouls now with three minutes to play. A game that seemed limited by whistles has started to have some questionable calls. Both bigs only have one more foul to give UNC up 64-63.

I asked Armando Bacot what this win meant for North Carolina, on the road in a hostile environment. His response included A Boogie, Fabolous, and the 2-3 zone..

Bacot has a COVID year. He needs to use it. He already making more at UNC than he would trying to go to the league..

@KeepingItHeel Good play drawn up by Hubert. Same one we’ve run all fucking game. Wonder how they saw it coming & were able to trap Bacot and force a TO. Trash.

Great defense from #Pitt to force the Armando Bacot travel. But can the Panthers get a play going to take the lead down by 1?.

Bacot travels with left. Pitt will have the final shot, down 64-63. Capel takes a timeout with remaining..

@THANS50 How about two travel calls on RJ on the handoff and the Bacot at end after they reached in and knocked ball lose..

1u - Grant ✅ 1u - Tatum ✅ 1u - Thompson ❌ 1u - Achiuwa ❌ 2-2 1u - Hopkins ✅ 1u - Bacot ❌ 1-1 Man this felt like one of those doomsday type nights - very happy to escape only losing a little juice 🙏🏼.

@NCSUFanPage I think so too. My concern is it will go to Bacot. Hell, if I was Bacots height and stayed under thx basket I could score too. That’s all he does..

sobat-burik-burik-miskin-bacot hits me hard 🤣 I mean, that describe me at best tapi aku ga pernah bacotin mba titi, dia cantik dan bertalenta dan aku sangat mengagumi.

@heeya_nakashima coba liat clip Moona, smpet tuh bahas kiat audisi. dr yg aku rangkum, kita gak cuma bacot doang, yg kita sajikan sbg bahan penilaian audisi itu aksi, kalau isi konten bahan audisi nya abis di perkenalan kek video meeting zoom, aksi kita bakal dikit. next 👇.

@Heidi_BP @jsbtarheel95 It’s SAWFT like Soft. Like remember when that Roach kid or whatever Dookie it was called Bacot “soft” and then he learned better?.

Bacot and Hansbrough 2 of the best big men in the history of college basketball.

@RizkieMPhe @slotgac0rr Kayanya itu gede2an bacot dia doank jadi si paling high lady escort..

Ada yg malu nich xixixi. Gue si kl jd lo malu ampe ubun2. Tapi kayanya situ gapunya malu ya? Xixi. Mukanya tebel bener. Blm ktemu langsung lg si ama gue. Ntar kalo ktemu awas aja kalo ciut, minta ditimpuk panci gosong emg mulutnya. Bacot bener.

@blank0429 @cloudvanguard1 Yg nyebelin itu kalimat banyak tapi cuma bacot doang, ga ada action..

@ndagels Yang bacot cuma sering-sering Wudhu dan solat tahajut setiap malam sama aja kelakuannya kayak yang ngomong Cuma pake bedak bayi doank 🤣 Satu Gang Ini mah!! bedanya cuma, yg atu di cover agama, yang atu lagi di cover ama kesederhanaan🙄🙄cape deh.

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