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At least you fit in with 90% of the other Bama fans that can’t name a player or coach from before Saban.

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Tua better be out for only one week because I don’t need any excuses when Bama loses to LSU in 2 weeks..

This exactly. Exactly this. Bama has just been gifted a one-loss buffer..

It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a Bama fan to enter into the kingdom of God..

@coolsneakers16 As a Bama fan. We need defense pass rush , coverage , punter and a kicker for the next level Just being real Maybe. It is time for Coach to take over the defense. We look confused and no pressure just my opinion Roll Damn Tide.

@Ajade97 Facts if we would have had our starter QB we might would have had the biggest upset of the century but bama paid everybody tonight.

@tom_azik Tolerantlilik bn hammasiga tupurgan holda yashash mumkin. Tem bole sizdek bama’ni odam ko’z yumish ni yaxshi bilsa kere deb o’yleman..

Well there’s a first time for everything and I’ve gotta say this is a first for leaving Bryant-Denny at 2 See ya later Bama ✌🏼.

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@DennisKWilliams Country life in Bama is pretty awesome. Lots of deer and good fishing love me some bream,crappy and bass Catfish is really fun to catch well all fish are lol but it’s not my favorite to eat.

@Wascopin_ wlhi kuwa ko ba a tambayeka bama seka bayar in kuma ka bayar taki karba kaji haushi which kind life be dis abeg kai da kudin ka, ka bayar a qi karba amma kaji haushi memakon ka kaji dadi🙅🙅🙅🙅.

@BriantheMost23 The “Ive been a Bama fan all my life” but doesn’t know how to light a victory cigar..

Last thing: it was really sucky that Bama stopped playing Dixieland Delight after just the chorus..

But it doesn’t matter. The game’s over. Tennessee has improved. They gave Bama a game. I’m satisfied..

Bama wants all the smoke! @AlabamaFTBL wins its 13th straight over Tennessee..

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And with Guantanamo getting the ball swiped from him and Bama getting a TD this game is over #TENNvsBAMA.

Tennessee Football in a and goal at the Bama fumbles, and Bama returns it 100+ yards for a touchdown. Instead of a 1-possession game, Vols now down 3 scores. That’s why Bama is Bama, and UT is UT..

@smokeLuv Lol right. Nigga if you don’t put yo shoulders down and go behind yo o-line. Nigga tryna jump over his o-like plus the front 7 for Bama.

ATHLETES GONNA ATHLETE. #rolltide @TrevonDiggs - and THANK YOU from the Bama Nation..

As he should have (even tho it won’t change anything BC bama).

Diggs just sealed the deal! 100 yd fumble return for a TD! 35-13 Bama! #RollTide.

@edsbs Jeremy Pruitt is a dumbass for continually trying to run it down Bama’s throat..

Tennessee gonna 🙄 Headlines: Bama pulls away late from underrated Tennessee who could easily be 4-2 instead of is better than promise.

But so so many bright ORANGE spots. The biggest - CPJ wanted to defeat Bama and proved he is very capable! #VFL.

All those diploma mill kids paying $50k to go to Bama out of state for football just got their money’s worth on that dumbass play..

At least you fit in with 90% of the other Bama fans that can’t name a player or coach from before Saban.

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