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Idea: OSU and Bama get on a plane right now and play tonight. Winner gets in. #DoItCowards.

Bama and Ohio State looking at Championship Week losses like:.

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Nick Saban: “How much it gone cost to turn that TCU CFP pie into Bama pie?”.

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If TCU had an Oklahoma or Texas logo on its helmet, there would be ZERO doubt it was in - win or lose today - after a 12-0 regular season which included nine conference games. This talk of two-loss Bama jumping them with a loss is pure nonsense..

▪︎ Tennessee BEAT Alabama ▪︎ Vols are 5-1 vs ranked teams, Bama is 3-2 ▪︎ Bama lost to LSU, Vols BEAT LSU ▪︎ Tennessee BEAT Alabama In what world does Bama get in over Tennessee?.

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Big Cat
Big Cat

Yes. Why not? They shouldn’t be punished for getting an extra game while Bama/OSU weren’t good enough to get to their conference championship.

the entire nation is gonna be in shambles when bama backdoor these playoffs and when the nastiest cfb championship in history 🫣😭.

He might lose but Caleb Williams has been just unbelievable and I absolutely would rather see USC, even if they do lose, in the 4 spot of the playoff with a healthy Caleb rather than 2 loss Bama or OSU who got annihilated by their rivals at home..

Tennessee being ranked behind Bama makes no sense and everyone not in Crimson knows it. But I don’t care because I much prefer a Tennessee-Clemson match-up in Orange Bowl as opposed to 11am kick-off against K-State in the Sugar..

Maybe. But I didn’t see Bama “boat race” much of anyone in the top 25 this year. Fear not! A 12-team playoff is coming..

Bama fans arguing that bama should be in the playoffs because they were 4 points away from being 12-0 tend to forget they were also 5 points away from being 8-4.

I almost want Bama to make it in now just to watch all the media bros meltdown.

My final thoughts: 1. Georgia 2. Michigan 3. TCU 4. Ohio State (but will not be shocked if they mess around and put Bama here) I’m at the Benz again in 9 hours. Goodnight..

End of the day. We shouldn’t have lost to a bottom feeding SC team. Of all the things we have done this year, to not come out and play well because of selfish reasons is pretty annoying as a fan. We should still be ranked higher than Bama..

College Football National Championship betting at @BetMGM Odds to win • Georgia -145 • Michigan +350 • Ohio State +350 • TCU +1600 Highest Ticket% • Tennessee 17% ❌ • Michigan 14% • Alabama 12% ❌ Highest Handle% • Tennessee 22% ❌ • Ohio State 15% • Bama 15% ❌.

Say TCU gets absolutely blown out (I think they win), then the committee is sitting their looking at a semifinal of 1) UGA vs 4) Bama & 2) Michigan vs 3) Ohio State? They’ll break every college football ratings record..

He also pointed out that Bama doesn’t have bad losses and some other teams in the conversation do have bad losses. I assume he’s referring to Ohio State’s loss to Michigan..

My weekly Top 25 (@cbbreview) 1. Houston 2. Texas 3. UConn 4. UVA 5. Tennessee 6. KU 7. Purdue 8. Zona 9. Bama 10. Indiana 11. Arkansas 12. Maryland 13. Auburn 14. Baylor 15. Duke 16. Illinois 17. Creigh 18. UK 19. Zags 20. UCLA 21. Iowa St 22. SDSU 23. V Tech 24. TCU 25. Miami.

The committee can kiss my entire ass on this one. TN should be ahead of Bama. Period. #CFPRankings.

If TCU wins today I am 💯 % in alignment with the top 3, and will not argue the number 4 spot too hard. Bama could have closed the deal at LSU and just fell a bit short..


If I was picking I would pick bama because they are a significantly better team. But does that matter? We will see.

@LarryMac28 Please tell me how you can truly say a team 3 plays away from having 5 losses deserves in over a team with less losses? Unfair my ass. Bama getting express lane access every year is unfair..

@SethDavisHoops Tennessee lost to a garbage Colorado team. Kansas has a loss. UConn blasted #8 Bama by 15 and #22 Iowa State by 18. How could you possibly have them ahead of UConn lmao.

@sloronaldo i’m telling you they’re gonna slide bama in there ☠️don’t let tcu or usc get caught lacking 🤦🏽‍♂️.


I think Bama behind OSU in tonight’s rankings will keep Saban out of the final 4 no matter who loses..

So if LSU beats Georgia then Vols should definitely move ahead of Bama since Vols beat LSU in Baton Rouge. 🤔.

@RossDellenger I guess the 12 seed, but if they win they’d have 2 more ranked wins than Bama 🤷‍♂️.

@BJam3s @JeffreyTheGreek I don’t think it’s Michigan, it’s TCU with a loss…. Bama jumps in..

@BJam3s @JeffreyTheGreek Yeah I hear you. We all have Bama nightmares. All the same, I don’t see them getting in over OSU when they have one more loss and OSU has the best win (PSU). And it would be a travesty if they got in over TCU if they lose. 12-1 has to be better than 10-2..

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