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Voting against Trump isn’t plotting to overthrow the United States. But apparently Bill Barr thinks it is & wants to aggressively charge people with sedition. Cannot overstate how serious this is.

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🌹AЯI 💯ᖉ∩ƨƨ!ɐu ᗷO⊥ ❌
🌹AЯI 💯ᖉ∩ƨƨ!ɐu ᗷO⊥ ❌ ()

Bill Barr, “BLM doesn’t care about black lives.” Thank you AG Barr for saying what we’ve known all along.!!! BLM is the Democratic Party and they’ve only wanted to keep blacks broke and dependent, while Trump gave them jobs and the lowest black unemployment ever.

SteveR4908 ()

@MSNBC @esglaude So many things to McCain is not a Chinese Virus is a HOAX. Korean love letters. Who wouldn’t believe Putin. Vote twice. Iran continues to increase its stockpile of enriched uranium. Millions unemployed.$26 trillion debt. AG Barr Wall is collapsing

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delores stewart
Delores stewart ()

@kylegriffin1 Barr you have Never been a Prosecutor. U know nothing about that Nothing

Daniel J. Homick
Daniel J. Homick ()

@migsan001 Our Attorney General words are like a true dictator above the law. Both Barr and the man who appointed him while President belong in jail. If we cannot trust our elected and appointed officials to uphold the rule of law, we have lost everything we have fought for. #VoteJoe 11/3🤐

ماہیrizvi🌸 ()

Jisne dar zehraس ka jalaya pehla aatankwadi h🖐 Lanat barr dushman-e- zehraس 🖐 #yazeedmurdabaad

N I S H T H A 🦋
N I S H T H A 🦋 ()

@siddymystar Flippers and jealousy be like :- Janam Janam Ka Saath h tumhara humara 👻#1MPostsForSidShuklaOnIG

American ()

NAACP chief suggests Congress may need to impeach AG Bill Barr

WAMC News ()

Maloney says Barr is symptomatic of this administration clearing out career truth-tellers in place of political allies of the president. “It’s dangerous. We’re on the cusp of a decision about whether we’re going to allow four more years” of it.

DeeWillRize ()

@nytimes AG Barr is setting the stage to steal the election. Once accomplished, we will be powerless to stop it because it will become political. Welcome to fascism in the US for 30

Harry butler
Harry butler ()

MSM fear mongering is causing it! Americans are giving up God given rights to pseudoscience political hoax! AG William Barr: Coronavirus Lockdowns ‘Greatest Intrusion on Civil Liberties‘ Since Slavery via @BreitbartNews

Michelene Berkey
Michelene Berkey ()

Barr under fire over comparison of virus lock-in to slavery (from @AP)

The Honorable❄ Lisa 🌊 Lisandra💙
The Honorable❄ Lisa 🌊 Lisandra💙 ()

@SistahScholar @lachispa123 Greater even than Japanese concentration camps? Barr is such an ass.

Dan Smith
Dan Smith ()

@slpng_giants @nytimes WTF? That was not for Jewish folks, that was for End of Times Evangelicals/Catholics like Pompeo and Barr. And Trump is happy to watch it all burn as long as he can profit from it.

Matt G❌
Matt G❌ ()

Barr is starting to show some balls. He is pressuring DOJ Civil Rights Division to go after mayors enabling rioters. He is also criticizing the career DOJ prosecutors for inaction. This is huge, taking on the leviathan of the bureaucracy of DOJ.

Jorge Rivera
Jorge Rivera ()

Protesters have more of a leg to stand on, should they charge Barr with sedition.

Michael Bell Sr.
Michael Bell Sr. ()

AG Barr comparing the coronavirus lockdown to slavery is not only racist but absurd. To use such a comparison only shows Barr’s insensitivity and reckless thoughts about race in America. No wonder Barr stated theres no racism in America

G-Man ()

@neal_katyal Talk to some of your colleagues that are still at the DOJ & tell them not to let Trump & Barr ruin their careers!! They are being used as political pawns & placed in the line of fire & then tossed aside for another willing sacrificial lamb!! Wish you were AG!!

Richard Grenell
Richard Grenell ()

You are reckless, @SallyQYates. But we already knew that. Barr isn’t demeaning all DOJ staffers. Stop manipulating facts for your own political purposes. Barr is cleaning up what you allowed to happen - the weaponization of Governemnt agencies.

Press TV
Press TV ()

US attorney general calls for sedition charges against anti-racism protesters #WilliamBarr

pansy buzhardt
Pansy buzhardt ()

@SamONeillSA I am asking if anyone out there can attempt to help me lower my stress level? Clearly Barr knows what he is doing? Why? He wants to Install a Totalitarian leader in the WH?! He’s killing America? What in it for him?Help!••••••••😱🇺🇸😷🇺🇸😢🙏🏼😷😢

RJ ()

AG William Barr: Coronavirus Lockdowns ‘Greatest Intrusion on Civil Liberties’ Since Slavery

Bob Beasley
Bob Beasley ()

Seems Barr continues to deal with rebellious insiders at the DOJ.

Bob Beasley
Bob Beasley ()

“Officials have expressed fears that he is politicizing the department.” Where were those fears in 2016-17?

Catherine🇮🇪☘ ()

@FrankFigliuzzi1 Barr & others are being paid $$ millions by the Catholic Church to further their agends which is to have a Catholic state where the church hirachy are above the law. The supression of women is key to their agenda.

The Highlander
The Highlander ()

@GOP @realDonaldTrump Your a disease Trump, you need locked up in a padded cell along with Barr

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Carla MacInnis Rockwell
Carla MacInnis Rockwell ()

@DrDenaGrayson In Donald J. Trump, KNOW this - one deals with a man-baby; has the intellectual & emotional aptitude of a CHILD! A CHILD! EARLY vote of BLUE must be of INDISPUTABLE numbers, giving him ZERO room to WHINE. NONE! Bully Bat Barr props him up! RT

James Hawkins 6%
James Hawkins 6% ()

AG Barr Tells Prosecutors To Consider Charging Violent Rioters With via @weaselzippers

tony miller
Tony miller ()


Ted Lieu
Ted Lieu ()

Dear Bill Barr of @TheJusticeDept: NO, the authority and legitimacy of @FBI agents do not come from you. Their authority comes from the Constitution. FBI agents swore an oath to the Constitution, not to you. Also, we are not a Banana Republic. Stop acting like a tinpot dictator.

Joyce Alene
Joyce Alene ()

Voting against Trump isn’t plotting to overthrow the United States. But apparently Bill Barr thinks it is & wants to aggressively charge people with sedition. Cannot overstate how serious this is.

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