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Ben Baby

Joe Burrow says he and Jessie Bates are taking a trip to Vegas together. Burrow spoke very highly of Bates when it came to a potential contract extension..

Already seeing a little change in process with Omar Khan as GM. Normally these big deals do not get done until after camp starts. Khan gets Minkah to the altar before Jessie Bates and Derwin James get there. #Steelers #NFL.

@ravenwizardd Agree to disagree. But no way Bates is better than Fitzpatrick. Not even close..

Impact of Minkah Fitzpatrick’s contract on #Bengals and Jessie Bates III.

The Bengals and Bills should trade Jessie Bates for Jordan Poyer Why for the Bills - Get a younger safety. Why for the Bengals - I don’t really care..

The Fitzpatrick domino has fallen. Wrote an article on the impact it can have on Jessie Bates III. Check it out ⬇️.

@billycundiff00 I feel like at this point it really comes down to what Bates wants. Either a team friendly deal to stay in Cincy, or leave for the big bag. Either way I won’t be mad at him. I’ve been a huge JB3 fan since he was drafted, and I just want what’s best for him..

@farmigacine i am absolutely sure that no other actress could make me love a character like norma bates as much as vera does.

Rick Bates, Mitch Morse & Dion Dawkins - 2022 Buffalo Bills Position Preview - Offensive Line.

Joe Burrow speaks on Jessie Bates III future with the Bengals.

@TheHogsdotNetv2 PUP list for sure. Will give Bates and Turner lots of opportunities 👏🏽.

An outsider’s view on the standoff between the Bengals and Jessie Bates..


I really don’t understand the Bates over Minkah argument. He has more career tackles, but Minkah just had 120 last season which is a top 20 season of all time among DBs. He also has more INTs, FFs, FRs, and TDs.

@bengalsfan1324 @RapSheet Hey I was wondering, have you guys done anything with Jesse Bates? Oh, wait..

@CincyJungle The problem is Bates resume is inconsistent. Cant pay him near top guys with no consistent proven play.

“Best pest control I’ve ever used. Always here when they say they will be. Very thorough and knowledgeable! Wholeheartedly recommend it!” — Cristina Cherry Bates Request Your Inspection Today! Call us (469) 378-9388 | #pestcontrolservices #Dallas.

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America The Beautiful Music: Samuel Augustus Ward, 1882 Lyrics: Katharine Lee Bates, 1895.

Y’all is wild! Safety is easier to replace than a decent LT. 🤷🏼‍♂️ I I’ve Bates and I hope he stays a Bengal for his career but I gotta protect the franchise!.

@JUSTERIC__ Bates is too inconsistent to be paid the same as Minkah because Minkah is easily a top 3 safety and an all pro. I like JB3 but no way I pay him the same as an all pro safety especially after drafting Dax. I think they sign Vonn Bell instead.

@JoeGoodberry Float $16 million/year avg with 34 guaranteed. They would be paying almost that much with the tags over the next two years, Bates gets security, and Bengals (maybe) have value added in years 3-4 if he keeps playing well..

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