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#LeafsForever emptied the tank. #GoBolts never blinked. What a series. It’s a Battle of Florida in Round 2..

.@CharlieCrist already has been governor, and he is battle tested. He has a strong record of protecting abortion rights in Tallahassee and now in Washington as a member of the House. And he is the Democrats’ best hope of defeating DeSantis. #RemoveRon.

A Battle of Florida is one thing but these playoffs need a Battle of Alberta Smythe style. Time for Flames to take care of business..

The second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs will have the Battle of Florida. We may also get the Battle of Alberta. Can’t ask for much more than that..

Battle of Alberta and the Fight For Florida on alternating nights in the second round please.

Battle of Florida Round 2 in Round 2 #TimeToHunt #Bolts 🏒☀️😎🍊🌴.


The Panthers and Lightning renew the Battle of Florida for the straight year. But are the two-time defending champs still the favourite? @MikeyJ_MMA has everything you need to know about this series..

Overshadowed in all the (justified) Leaf trolling Battle of Florida in round 2. What a series that is gonna be! Last years was a classic, can only imagine that will fuel the fire even more. Guaranteed to be a classic #NHLPlayoffs.

I have to say I think a Battle of Florida will rock, I just wish it weren’t at the expense of so many of you guys’ happiness..

The battle of Florida is up next and I seriously dont care who wins 💀 i dont want Tampa to win cuz holy fuck them winning again is so boring to me and then the panthers beat my team so idc do whatever ig.

Alright, that was a hell of fun and it will never get old. 18yrs. Let’s go Oilers. We want a battle of Alberta to go with the battle of Florida..

Another reason I can’t get super into hockey… “The Battle of Florida”… FLORIDA?!!!!.

So we’re getting the Battle of Florida AND the Battle of Alberta in the second round of the playoffs?!? This round is going to be WILD!!! 👍👍 #StanleyCup.

In no particular order… Battle of Florida Battle of Canada’s Florida The Transplant War And then there’s Colorado and St. Louis.

All the political people being disappointed now that Battle of Florida trending is about hockey..

Battle of Alberta Battle of Florida DeAngelo vs Rangers St Louis vs Kronke Let’s make it happen..


@soIoucity Battle of Florida in the East on Night A Battle of Alberta in the West on Night B.

Calgary better win tomorrow. Battle of Alberta AND Battle of Florida in the 2nd round? We need this.

If Calgary wins tomorrow this shit is so rigged nhl gets battle of alberta and florida at the same time.

Battle of Florida AND Battle of Alberta in the second round would be cool 👀 Your move, @NHLFlames.

So we have The Battle of Florida (Hopefully) The Battle of Alberta (Hopefully) The Battle of Second Cities Within Their Own State And The Battle of Cities Which Demolished Its Chinatown.

imagine if we get both Battle of Florida AND Battle of Alberta in the same round THE CHAOS.

Guys we get the Battle of Alberta, the Battle of Florida, Avs Blues Rivalry, and Metro Division Canes Rags, all in one round. We are so fucking blessed.

CGY vs EDM (Battle of Alberta) FLA vs TBL (Battle of Florida) COL vs STL CAR vs NYR Great second round matchups. Love it..

@RandomlyWild Normally when the Wild get knocked out I stop watching the playoffs until the Finals cause I’m depressed, but this year with the battle of Alberta and Florida that’s changing.

- Battle of Alberta - Florida Civil War - Division rivals in Colorado and St. Louis - Two thrilling teams in the Rangers and Hurricanes A mouthwatering 2nd round of playoff hockey.

The battle of Florida is like the battle of Alberta but people actually want to live there..

@DarrenSelesnow Agreed. Leafs don’t have many changes to make. Admittedly I do love that battle of Florida. #GKG.

@TreyMBharness Florida will love it. And if the Battle of Alberta happens, will the US NHL fans care?.

Im excited for Huberdeau vs Point. Two of my boys going head to head in the battle of Florida round two. That is gonna be a great series. #Stanleycup.

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