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“The only reason he (Seth Rollins) married you, is because he knocked you up” - Bayley to Becky Lynch LMFAOOOOOLOOLOLOL 😂 #WWERaw.

Rhea Ripley vs. Charlotte Flair en WrestleMania 39. Me parece la decisión acertada. Flair no tiene grandes rivales en SmackDown. Belair tiene para escoger (Asuka, Lynch, Bayley…). Es la revancha del momento más duro de Ripley: perder el título de NXT en su primera WM..

Tu n’es même pas assez bien pour ton mari. La seule raison pour laquelle il t’a épousé, c’est parce qu’il t’a foutu en cloque Bayley à Becky Lynch lors de Raw 😳.

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Bayley losing to Becky made perfect sense for the feud. Bayley won the first match and eliminated her in the Rumble. Now they are 1v1 and you can do the final part. It also served to set the beef with Lita.


Do you know what Bayley and Becky have done now? They made their feud THE CONVERSATION. 🐐🐐.

Bayley & Becky delivered tonight !!! And yall tried to convince me AEWs women division was 😂😂😂😂 😂😂😂😂😂😂 #WWERaw.

anyways im over the moon for bayley and becky. getting to work with one of their idols is a huge deal. becky got that 1v1 and this time around she’s teaming up with lita. and now bayley can finally have that 1v1 shes always wanted with lita. they both delivered and deserve this.

I noticed Bayley’s character slowly changing each week. Becky has always been a catalyst of change..

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Ya know what, talk your shit, Bayley. You’re insane for this, but TALK THAT ULTRA STAR TALK!!! This match is gonna be EPIC-DARY.


i still hate the comment bayley made but i’m convinced becky saw my tweet so 🕺🏻.


15) Bayley não quis aceitar o desafio de Becky Lynch para uma Steel Cage match no próximo #WWERaw E aí a Becky deu um jeito de convencê-la.

14) “A única razão de Seth Rollins ter casado com você é porque ele te engravidou.” Bayley baixou o nível legal #WWERaw.

I was a little late to #WWERaw, good show, some decisions regarding Mania I don’t agree with but otherwise the show got me very excited for elimination chamber & next week Becky & Bayley get their steel cage match, after their feud has taken a more personal direction. W overall.

WM39 - Hollywood - Reigns vs. Rhodes - Ripley vs. Flair - Rollins vs. Logan Paul - Usos vs. Zayn & Owens - Bayley vs. Lynch (stipulation) - Belair vs. Morgan ou Asuka - Lesnar vs. Lashley (stipulation) - Gunther vs. Sheamus vs. Drew - Theory vs. Cena L’insolence de la carte 🔥.

Loved the match. Becky and Bayley did great work. Not sure how I feel about the Lita assist. I’m gonna need a follow up on this because last time those two were in a ring together, they weren’t hugging it out. Unless I’m forgetting something. I’m dog tired right now. #WWERAW.


Can’t get excited for that match if it happens because I’ve seen Lita wrestle before but good for Bayley!.

WWE RAW 2/6/23 recap, Becky Lynch vs. Bayley steel cage match.

@TedBayRose3 Plus it introduces the next chapter in their rivalry with Lita now added into the mix. Both of them idolize Lita, and seeing Lita side with Becky might just make Bayley feel a new wave of emotions whenever she sees them together..

“Bayley is coming to NXT tonight! I might be a teeny bit excited…”.

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Y’all keep saying this like Ding Dong Hello Bayley wasn’t wearing insane fits..

@xnormalxoxo Bayley went for the arm and went to her real name then took a shot at Seth TWICE !!!! now if it were me i woulda done the same but much would have taken a shot at her failed engagement.

@DonGeorgioni Bayley wants to call Becky overrated? Pfft nah not even, if anything Bayley is the one who’s overrated and is only saying that to project the facts that she’s secretly insecure 😂.

@heelbex_theman people are actually upset with what bayley said? Seth was probably laughing about backstage.

@StephanieHypes What I would do? Have Becky get in Bayley’s head and slowly turn her babyface in the lead up to Mania. Becky and Bayley then beat Io and Dakota for the tag titles at Mania.

@StephanieHypes The person on Reddit that leaks a bunch of stuff says this about Becky/Bayley direction. Someone unexpected definitely will back her up next week..

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dev santiago’s spin when they throw christian in bad ro jarrod’s reaction to bayley’s kick jump in bad ro ryan making a beret w the rag in first rehearsal bree choc and sirierre body rolling instead of the dip in shut up sierre’s slide in chandy.

These two and his sister are me life Bayley, ye wouldn’t have a clue what that feels like, because ye aren’t married, you’ll never have this, because I’m grateful for how I got there, Seth and Roux had nothing to get there, I built my own BY MYSELF, and that’s just the start..

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I would love to see, because Bayley went too far, bringing up two people I very much love..

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