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i love how this tweet could be applied to literally every single speaker at CPAC

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this is such a good time for me to be watching bts’ performances, like 6pm kind of the move. classes are done, just finished eating, i’m under two blankets rn. love this for me

Jules 🧚🏼✨👁
Jules 🧚🏼✨👁 ()

i love when i can’t see comments on a girls post i know my ex be commenting on it since he got me blocked 😭😂 ahhhahaa it kills me

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I love me a big bag. A need a tote in my life. Mainly because I be trying to get in the bag. Like fit my whole entire body in the bag. Give me my monies worth lol

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@PhallonXOXO Hey hey I’m dating a man that’s old enough to be my dad. But love has no age after 21+

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@livsdoodlez it was such an awful thing to put in a kids book bc it furthered the idea that only romantic love is real love which isn’t true and kids shouldn’t be learning that in their favorite books

Trigger 💫🌟
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@JalterAddict You may be more of a meathead then me but that’s fine lmao it’s a cartoon not everyone into the same thing either and that’s okay love ya man

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To love is to risk not being loved in return. To hope is to risk pain. To try is to risk failure. But risk must be taken, cause the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing. 爱也许没有回报,希望会带来伤痛,尝试可能会失败,但我们必须去承担风险,因为人生最大的风险在于没有风险可承担.

Qadeer Hussain Awan. Awan Zada
Qadeer Hussain Awan. Awan Zada ()

@glitter_2em13 @TigerOITNB Nice So sweet. Lovely. Love is great. Allah bless protect be happy always and give you long life. Aameen

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Abdullāh ibn Mubārak: “I love the pious people even though I’m not one of them, and I hate the evil people even though I may be worse than them.” [Siyār A’lam An-Nubalā, vol. 8]

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I love it when hot people want to be my friend like, you want to be friends with me that’s ugly????

Positive Wataru |☆|
Positive Wataru |☆| ()

Remember to spread love throughout this ! Bringing joy to others may be the greatest joy a person can feel, as they ☆

༄ 𝘩𝘦𝘳𝘮𝘪𝘰𝘯𝘦
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@Chosen1Potter + sighing as she gently rubs his back. “I love you, Harry. I’ll always be here for you.” She continues to hold her brother in her arms, placing a kiss on the top of his head. A sweet smile had then spread across her lips, lightly stroking his hair.


Baka kasi kaya tayo nauubusan ng love, hope, at ng kasi kinukuha natin sa sarili natin, hindi sa Panginoon. Minsan kasi mayabang tayo, sinasarili natin. We glorify ourselves when The One to be glorified has always been there with us all along.

Nicole ()

@skatingreki Hermione Granger is not in love with Draco Malfoy and she never will be. So he leaves.

Definitely Not Darci
Definitely Not Darci ()

@TotallyBurntOut Wow, -2/10 stars for them. I love Christmas carols, but not while I need to be chill! What a memory.

Claudia Rose MacLeod
Claudia Rose MacLeod ()

Today Sending so much love out. I might not leave my room for a couple days here… I don’t know but there’s so much love here to send out to everyone and I just want to radiate that and think deeply into and rise far above myself.💚 Blessed be!

Be Love Photo,Be Love Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
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i’m so grateful to be how i am bc i will always put myself first and love myself first. Therefore I walk away from people who don’t deserve my beautiful self.

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@JuliaBrookshir3 @SagittariusNerd don’t be mean to yourself! i know life can be hard, but the first step to making it better is self care and love

Brett Davis
Brett Davis ()

@ryanfagan This may be my favorite Tony Gwynn care of all. That snapshot of hitter nearing contact tells such a wonderful story. (PS - I love everything about 91 Score - such a underrated set)

Aaron Rupar
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i love how this tweet could be applied to literally every single speaker at CPAC

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