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Bradley Beal is the only NBA player ever to average at least 30 PTS and 6 AST and not make an All-NBA team

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Deplase Dergi
Deplase Dergi ()

Bradley Beal, NBA tarihinde, sezonu 30+ sayı/6+ asist ortalamalarıyla bitirip “All NBA” kadrolarına seçilmeyen ilk oyuncu oldu. 🤭

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Talking Buckets.
Talking Buckets. ()

Excuse but no pure 5 in the NBA first team?... this is surely an April fools joke gone too far? Bradley Beal missing not only an All Star, but All NBA nod too just speaks volumes about the league.

Marcus13 ()

@Sports_Daze5 @QCook323 I love both players but I pick Beal because he scores more (which is why he take more shots) and he plays better on the defensive end. I can tell u rn repose Beal with Book on the the wizards and they become even worse

Doctor R
Doctor R ()

@hottakeharry I love Beal. But he f’d up signing that extension. Only reason for that is if he wants to stay in Washington forever with the super max. But if you’re Miami, why would you trade your young players for Beal? When you can keep the young guys and sign another star.

Tré Fields
Tré Fields ()

Between Kanye’s Rant (I love it) Bradley Beal Snub (God Got Him) My Neck Surgery (Not that serious) Kobe and Lebron Comparisons (Leave Mamba out of this) It was a pretty good day! God Bless #GiG

Allen Lazard FanClub
Allen Lazard FanClub ()

@BangoBucksFan @junesfoshiz Exactly, I think they both should’ve made it, (over Russ and Simmons) but I think Beal had a better season than Middleton

💪🏿🏁 ()

I wanna know the reasoning behind the Bradley Beal’s all teams snub. It makes 0 sense

Bam Adeblockyo
Bam Adeblockyo ()

Bradley Beal needs to relax lmao I know y’all want him on the team but not sure he’s Heat material 🤣

Douda 👑
Douda 👑 ()

@KeatonShevy But it’d have to a Guard though! I think the bubble weighed kinda heavy too and Beal wasn’t there. But idk a guard on there if kick off for him though unless they consider Ben trash ass a Guard.

rere septani
Rere septani ()

LOVE THY NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF, BUT CHOOSE YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD - LOUISE BEAL (Cintailah tetanggamu seperti mencintai dirimu sendiri; tapi pilihlan (baik-baik) tetanggamu itu)

Heating Up- 7 more. 1-0.
Heating Up- 7 more. 1-0. ()

I’ve done a complete 180 on who i want in free agency. DMitch still would be first choice. Second, after months of being a hater, Beal.

sad rockets stan 🚀
Sad rockets stan 🚀 ()

@lowrymadthicc Yeah, the fact that Beal didn’t even come close to the playoffs matters. He wasn’t playing winning basketball.

Token Pressure
Token Pressure ()

The LeBron-ification of the way people judge basketball players in today’s game is incredibly disappointing. We de-value winning and actually watching games so much that today people are actually arguing for Trae Young and Brad Beal to be All-NBA from teams that were TERRIBLE.

🐢 ()

@KamiahAdams So who you taking off the list in the 2 guard spot over Beal? Thats what you gotta explain.

sad rockets stan 🚀
Sad rockets stan 🚀 ()

I think Washington gives it one season of the Beal & Wall show, before they call it quits. Unless Wall returns as a top 10 player, I don’t really see them winning a championship in Washington.

Bleacher Report
Bleacher Report ()

Bradley Beal is the only NBA player ever to average at least 30 PTS and 6 AST and not make an All-NBA team

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Wussup with the Beal hate? He too consistent for this disrespect

🦀Walk⛈️ ()

@5starcoon @RealDealBeal23 Durant would probably break both his legs, Kyrie would quit mid-season to go on a flat Earthers missionary trip, and Beal would be left with the same situation he has in DC, with LESS hope for the future.

AJ Torres
AJ Torres ()

Bradley Beal got left off of the nba teams for one reason and one reason his team flat out stinks

Sweaty Vols
Sweaty Vols ()

People really trying to say Bradley Beal should’ve made it over “Westbrick” who actually shot a better % from the field this year than Beal. Maybe you should take your attention to fucking CP3 on 2nd team.

#GetBealtoMilwaukee ()

@robbyschultz0 @LegionHoops I’d say Bledsoe and Brook, but they already have a PG in wall. I would imagine the trade would have to have Donte in it somehow. Will be interesting to see if Beal actually does get moved

Boomhauer ()

Bradley Beal gotta get out of Washington man ain’t way he ain’t make a All-NBA team

NBA on ESPN ()

Bradley Beal is the first player in NBA history to average at least 30 Pts and 6 Ast and be excluded from the All-NBA Team.

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ESPN Stats & Info
ESPN Stats & Info ()

Bradley Beal averaged PPG this season and did not make All-NBA. That is the 3rd-most PPG in a season without making All-NBA in NBA history (min. 40 games).

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Dylan Jenkins
Dylan Jenkins ()

People are crying about Bradley Beal not making an all-NBA team but he was one of the worst defenders in the league and his team was awful. Those things do and should count for all-NBA. Obviously one of the top offensive talents in the league tho and should have been an all-star

🦅🗑 ()

This trade but take away Jarrett Allen and make it Beal instead of Jrue 😇

Jayson Tatum Fan
Jayson Tatum Fan ()

@sam__Laws7 @realStanVG you can waste your time with advanced stats or whatever. in the end of the day, real hoopers know beal deserves to be on the all nba team and not ben. another guy to consider taking down would be russ

1017eskimo_hiram ()

They Snubbed Trae Young, Devin Booket, and Bradley Beal from the all nba teams smh 🤦🏿‍♂️

Jōsh ()

@RKonkle_Mavs How do you feel about Westbrook making it over players like Donovan Mitchell, Devin Booker, Trae Young, and Bradley Beal?

Fred Katz
Fred Katz ()

Bradley Beal is the first player since Adrian Dantley in 1982 to average 30 points per game and not make All-NBA. And keep in mind, back then there were only two All-NBA teams, not three like there are today.

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