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Bill Belichick takes joy in absolutely nothing in life except for ruining young Jets quarterbacks..

Bill Belichick telling Kevin O’Connell he’s done a “hell of a job” with the #Vikings this season.

Can Bill Belichick cash in at Bank Stadium for a win in a 51st different stadium? A fun note (per Aaron Salkin of Patriots media relations) leading into tonight’s game..

Belichick Photo,Belichick Photo by Mike Reiss,Mike Reiss on twitter tweets Belichick Photo

There is a little bit of smoke about Tom Brady possibly reuniting with Belichick and the Patriots next season. @TheAthletic’s @jeffphowe writes that the Pats have $100M to spend next year & there’s still respect there. “Don’t write them off” 👀:.

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The Cowboys held the Vikings to 3 last Sunday. The Vikings have now scored 33 on Belichick with 8 minutes left. Brady>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Hoodie.

Kevin O’Connell, in his 11th game as an NFL head coach, out-coached Bill frickin’ Belichick. #Vikings got themselves a good one..

Looking forward to adding KB back to the 49ers roster after he’s released by Belichick.

The Minnesota Vikings just won a game -In Primetime -On Thanksgiving -Over Bill Belichick -Without future All-Pro Christian Darrisaw and 3 of their top 5 corners.

Bold prediction: Belichick is gonna be historically miserable after this one. He knows 2022 is over..

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a worse special teams performance from a Bill Belichick coached team. This is shocking..

Tonight’s performance was so bad by Matt Patricia I think they might switch play callers. Don’t think Belichick would outright fire him..

New England es la 2da peor ofensiva en zona roja en el 2022. No es la peor porque existe Russell Wilson. Y eso es culpa de Belichick, no porque él sea responsable de la ofensiva, sino por ser el responsable de inventarse a Matt Patricia como play-caller..

Belichick watching the Pats’ special teams give the game away.

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@MikeReiss Which reporter has the stones to ask Belichick when he intends to #firemattpatricia?.

Patriots taking a FG down 3 scores with 2 minutes left🥶🥶 Bill Belichick outsmarting us all🤓🤓.

Like this can’t happen. Belichick always say that teams find ways to lose games, which is why discipline and consistency are so important. Patriots have been finding ways to lose games this year..

Zack Cox
Zack Cox

Did the Patriots consider moving Mike Onwenu out to right tackle rather than starting Conor McDermott, who just joined the team last week? Belichick: “Moving two is always harder than moving one.”.

I asked coach Belichick if the #Patriots struggles offensively are a play calling issue or an execution issue: “We just need to do a better job overall.”.

Bill Belichick keeping extra warm on the sideline 🥶 📸 @MarkDanielsPJ.

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@RealAlexBarth This was an elite sequence. Beautifully backed Belichick into a corner and he sheepishly side stepped the follow-up question..


Vamos morrer mas não vamos ver Belichick assumir um erro em sua comissão. Assumir durante o jogo? na sua comissão?.

¿Los problemas en ofensiva son más de llamado de jugadas o de ejecución? Belichick: “Solo necesitamos hacer un mejor trabajo en general. No hay mucho que decir aquí”..

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How do the Patriots assuage the frustration of their offensive players with play-calling and the direction of the offense? “Keep working through it,” Belichick said. “There’s no magic wand here.”.

@mdrinv Why do you blame Belichick for this?! Stop being low IQ lmao. His game plan is excellent, they’ve slowed down the Vikings high powered offense and scored a lot on offense themselves. It’s not Belichick’s fault that some bozo ran into the kicker, or that the punter shanked it!.

@JasonAbbruzzese Idk if you knew this, but Bill Belichick was his special teams coach once.

I am thankful that I don’t have to be in Bill Belichick’s specials teams meeting tomorrow.

Patriots special teams have been horrible tonight. Usually don’t see that with a Belichick team.

then he must prove he is better than your statement. Very easy math. He’s clearly capable of doing good, but the worst of his abilities are shown when he faces belichick. Fix that..

@twinsfan103 @TitleTown63 He’s busy writing a memoir of belichick and his scandalous coaching tactics.

@FouhyStan It was. And I think everyone who said Mac was a can’t-miss prospect needs to reevaluate that. If Belichick can’t get him right, who can? Every Saban QB puts up solid numbers because of the talent around him. The only ones who have translated to the pros (so far) are Hurts & Tua..

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