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Bravo is filming a special goodbye episode of #WWHL this weekend for #BelowDeck’s Captain Lee, sources tell TV Deets EXCLUSIVELY..

Haley was the bright light from this season. Good worker, great personality & gorgeous to look at #belowdeck.

Let’s be real, Camille was still talking to Ben so she can be a topic of conversation on the show #BelowDeck.

#BelowDeck Photo,#BelowDeck Photo by Dr. Bravo 👩🏽‍⚕️,Dr. Bravo 👩🏽‍⚕️ on twitter tweets #BelowDeck Photo

Wow, @capthlr, what a career and that’s just what we’ve seen on TV! If this turns out to be your last season, thank you!!!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 #BelowDeck.

Katie you’re not fooling anyone. You’re just saying you’re cool being cool with Ross in case he doesn’t call you 🙄🙄#BelowDeck.

I just watched the ending - why does it feel like Captain Lee is done? Never seen a montage for him before - did I miss an announcement? #BelowDeck.

I just honestly can’t imagine anyone but @capthlr being the captain of the main franchise. No one can fill these shoes. #BelowDeck.

#BelowDeck would love to see a full season w this crew again! @FraserOlender @HargroveRachel Hayley! Tyler! Ben! Tony! Ross! Katie needs to grow a little more but she’s coming along! What a crew!!.

I will stop watching #BelowDeck if Captin Lee is leaving… I can’t handle another season with Sandy… I mean Captain Sandy.

This cast is really incredible!! I really liked Tyler & Leigh Ann added to the others. This season was so good! I will miss it! 😍😍 #BelowDeck.

Ben, every time you talk about a relationship with Camille, you sound stupid #BelowDeck.

All these girls keep saying Ben is everything they could ever want and I am BEGGING someone to explain to me HOW and WHY. #BelowDeck.

I still got the best god damn job in the world. - @capthlr #BelowDeck 💙.

#BelowDeck Photo,#BelowDeck Photo by Marie C,Marie C on twitter tweets #BelowDeck Photo

Ugg, I just love @capthlr so much! The Below Deck franchise will never be the same without him. #BelowDeck.

#CaptainLee you will always be the OG of all Captains on this franchise. ❤️#BelowDeck.

That Captain Lee montage at the end of #BelowDeck made me tear up! You are such a bad ass @capthlr 🤍.

Omg noooo 😭 IM SOBBING. Loved watching Captain Lee throughout the years. All the best to him in his future ❤️ #BelowDeck.

That sure seemed like a parting shot goodbye from/for @capthlr on tonights # 🤔.

Next season on #BelowDeck I need bravo to just foot the bill for one charter and bring Captain Lee back as the primary guest. Let him invite other below deck alums as his guests. @BravoWWHL.

I have watched Below Deck with Captain Lee since the first ever with this last season finale & the way it leaves tugged at my heartstrings 🥴 if he retires, i wanna say MAHALO FOR BEING MY - REAL DEAL, NO BS, NO LINES, NO SCRIPT - TV DAD #CaptainLee #BelowDeck.

@capthlr on #BelowDeck you set the bar high, and you kept it high. Fair winds and following seas, Capt. Lee. ⚓️.

SO happy @capthlr got to come back for the end of season. These goodbyes mean so much more #belowdeck.

#BelowDeck I love these guests! I’m so sad this is the last episode I will see Captain Lee.😞.

Sounds like Ben is already thinking of ways to bail on Dominican with Camille and blame Camille for it. #BelowDeck.

The crew members are leaving without saying goodbye to Captain Lee. Seems entirely disrespectful. #BelowDeck #JusticeForCaptainLee.

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