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So @hannahferrier_ gives her third stew to the galley for the majority of this charter. @BenRobinsonChef has been on board two? Charters and he’s bitching about accountability? #BelowDeckMed.

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Why did Aesha go ask Sandy if they could do white glove service, before asking Hannah? And when asking Hannah, never mention that it was discussed with Sandy first? This feels like an odd set up. #BelowDeckMed.

#BelowDeckMed why does hannah continue to get hired? Shes a horrible person who never takes blame for anything. She thinks her shit doesnt stink and her eye rolls are so annoying..

You can’t have it both ways Sandy! You treat your crew like friends, give hugs, they call you Sandy, then you’re pissed when they argue with you ! #BelowDeckMed.

Things Sandy should be worrying about: - staying out of such choppy waters - fixing her shitty anchor - not having a third stew be the chef - finding a better boat than the Sirocco Things she shouldn’t be worrying about: -Hannah making the guests happy! #BelowDeckMed.

I know the interior must be exhausted, but they are starting to look a little lazy. #BelowDeckMed.

Sick of seeing those two slobbering each other down. So unprofessional on this luxury yacht! Sandy, kick them off so they can go get a room! #BelowDeckMed.

Same old lazy @hannahferrier_ is back! Making excuses, pointing fingers at everyone else, shortcuts #BelowDeckMed.

Aesha going to Captain Sandy to ask if they can do white glove service is not right imo, she should have gone & asked Hannah. #BelowDeckMed.

@hannahferrier_ based on your recent work ethic, your hand job skills might be needed again #BelowDeckMed.

@SarahSaysS0 Can we get a explanation why the cutest couple in #BelowDeckMed didn’t work out @Andy inquiring Minds want to know.

I really don’t like how Sandy plays favorites and reprimands crew in front of everyone #BelowDeckMed.

I love Aesha but she should have went to Hannah with white-glove service first or she should have told Hannah that she already mentioned it to Sandy and she wanted it done. #BelowDeckMed.

As usual Ben is a little bitch and then as soon as Ben starts crying, Sandy goes after Hannah again. I would never want to work with Ben’s bitchy ass or Sandy’s over bearing ass #BelowDeckMed.

@Realitytea I saw an improvement this season, but he continued to slut shame. I really want to like him, but he has to stop. And own it. #BelowDeckMed.

@mainlybravo It’s a travesty that they will be no reunion filmed! @bravoandy we want a reunion! We get 3 parts for a shitty #RHOBH season but nothing for the tv gold that is #BelowDeckMed 🤔🤬.

Jack asking Aesha to be his girlfriend was the absolute cutest thing I’ve ever seen and I’m willing to fight about this #BelowDeckMed.

#BelowDeckMed aesha and jack r the weirdest most adorable couple!!!! Dammott @Andy iwant the reunion!!.

@Kate_Chastain you’re still the best chief stew ever!! The best all the way around! #BelowDeck #BelowDeckMed.

I’m glad @CaptSandyYawn told Hannah to pick up her game. She’s absolutely right. Hannah has no passion for this job. Also, Anastasia needs to stop crying abt every single criticism #BelowDeckMed.

I get that Hannah has issues but I will say 1 thing she is a great chief stew, she shines in front of guests with her service. To say otherwise is unfair. Sometimes she lets other stuff in her way but that sabotages herself and not guests/service. #BelowDeckMed.

@RealityTVBliss @msTiffanyLyn She was on WWHL a few weeks ago, and they were DEFINITELY not together with a side of salt. #BelowDeckMed.

Captain Sandy is not playing with these fools this season. She’ll go off on you but you’ll probably get a hug afterwards so it’s all good lmao. #BelowDeckMed #BravoTV.

Hannah is canoodling with one of the guests again. We all know what happened the last time. #BelowDeckMed.

Oh Hannah, not with the guest. Didn’t we learn from the last time that this doesn’t end well??? 😐😐 #BelowDeckMed.

So @hannahferrier_ gives her third stew to the galley for the majority of this charter. @BenRobinsonChef has been on board two? Charters and he’s bitching about accountability? #BelowDeckMed.

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