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Ben Joyce and several other #Vols signing autographs for all the kids postgame. This team is fun to watch and also VERY fan friendly.

Ben Joyce Photo,Ben Joyce Photo by Tim Owens,Tim Owens on twitter tweets Ben Joyce Photo

Middle Fifth: Tennessee keeps Notre Dame off the scoreboard for the first inning. Ben Joyce strands a pair of runners. Notre Dame 8, Tennessee 2.

That’ll do it for Mabrey as he’s unable to complete the inning. Ben Joyce comes on now to limit the damage.

Totally disagree with this move of continuing to pitch Ben Joyce a guy throwing him in an inning restore calm and have shutdown down buy 6, why not see if you score get game closer but you leave him in may not be available rest of Karma express.

Ben Joyce Photo,Ben Joyce Photo by Butch Baccala,Butch Baccala on twitter tweets Ben Joyce Photo

Tennessee Volunteers pitcher @benjoyce08 used NIL to create his own NFT commemorating that he threw the fastest pitch ever in college baseball history🍊 More from @jeremycrabtree HERE:.

Ben Joyce Photo,Ben Joyce Photo by On3 NIL,On3 NIL on twitter tweets Ben Joyce Photo

Ben Joyce is throwing 98-103 and Notre Dame does not look overmatched. They’re taking REALLY good ABs against him. It’s Amazing how good these hitters are..

Ben Joyce gets out of the jam, Irish had runners on the corner. Vols trail 8-2 heading to bottom 5th.

See how it’s harder to hit Ben Joyce than it is the guys throwing 86-89? Why anyone makes it more complicated of what is happening in the leagues you don’t approve of the offense being displayed is beyond me 😂 this really isn’t that hard.

103 is tough to catch up to, Ben Joyce is that good. REGARDLESS THE IRISH HIT THEIR 4️⃣th DINGER IN 4️⃣ INNINGS‼️‼️ ☘️☘️ - 8️⃣ Tennessee - 1️⃣ 5-6-7 due up for the Vols. Here’s the book through 4 for ND:.

Ben Joyce Photo,Ben Joyce Photo by ND Whiteboard,ND Whiteboard on twitter tweets Ben Joyce Photo

T4: The only cheering happening at LSN is coming from Notre Dame fans. Jack Brannigan crushes a 3-run homer to give the Fighting Irish a 8-1 lead over Tennessee. Ben Joyce in to pitch for the #Vols.

Just want to acknowledge the absolutely stellar performance by Ben Joyce compared to his last couple appearances..

STRETCH: #Vols 3, ND 8 Huge play from Seth Stephenson, who nabs a line drive from Brooks Coetzee for the final out of the frame to strand two baserunners. Ben Joyce has worked back-to-back-to-back scoreless innings..

It’s not “playing with fire”. It’s playing without discipline. It’s not “having fun”. It’s having no class. It starts at the top. …and, yet, I see none of that trash from Ben Joyce. Good for him..

@PitchingNinja @Jomboy_ Time for Ben Joyce to throw one 104 at umps face and let it go….

I legit wanna try to hit a Ben Joyce 2 seamer to see what it’s really like. The first pitch he threw at 102 had about 18” of tail on it..

Watching Spencer Strider throw 100 mph for the Braves on one screen while Ben Joyce throws 100 mph for Tennessee on the other. We are blessed..

Another inning, another home run for Notre Dame, this one a 3-run blast off the bat of Jack Brannigan 8-1 @NDBaseball as Ben Joyce enters the game T4.

Make it 8-1 Irish in the top of the fourth. Ben Joyce coming in for Will Mabrey, and there’s an audible “Let’s go Irish!” chant in LNS..

Ben Joyce throws the absolute piss out of the ball. Can’t wait to follow his career at the next level..

@CrassYourMom I want a Ben Joyce fast ball face mask high and Evan Russell ducks down..

Just now tuning in, are they bringing Ben Joyce into a 8-1 ball game in a 3 game series?.

Ben Joyce comes in for relief in the 4th to stop bleeding. Gets the final out. Vols down 8-1..

Ben Joyce Photo,Ben Joyce Photo by Paige Dauer,Paige Dauer on twitter tweets Ben Joyce Photo

hell of a job by Ben Joyce. Tennessee all of a sudden right back in this thing with 6 outs left.

Really nice job by Ben Joyce to keep the Vols in this. Probably need to get a couple this inning..

M7: Notre Dame 8, Tennessee 3 Notre Dame posts its third straight scoreless inning. Ben Joyce is dealing with five strikeouts so far..

M6: Ben Joyce works a scoreless inning against four Notre Dame batters. Russell capped the inning by catching Jack Brannigan stealing at second. #Vols trail ND 8-2 heading into B6..

Someone explain to me why Ben Joyce had thrown 42 pitches in a game you’ve already lost.

@myrella_joyce @pcristina19_ Se a gente dividir as 24 horas, todo mundo olha o Ben e se diverte, confia kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

@pcristina19_ @myrella_joyce Aqui não tem figuração, é vida real. Tô nem aí que está lisa, vai me ajudar a tomar conta do Ben kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

@biabrasilf @pcristina19_ Quero saber pra que ela se lisou o Ben não vau olhar essas coisas não.

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