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Ben Shapiro endorses low-wage workers collectively agreeing to withhold their labor unless employers agree to pay them a living wage.

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ben shapiro says the dumbest shit really fast in that high pitched ass voice and republicans go fucking wild.

@TadeuszBorowski @ProsinPlanet You know those wooden picture things at the seaside you can stick your face through and someone takes a photo of you? Charlie Kirk is basically just a mobile one of those that Ben Shapiro uses to make himself look taller..

Ben Shapiro is such a fucking idiot. Stop giving a platform to passive aggressive, white beta males who have spent their entire lives blinded by their own privilege..

Ben Shapiro is a little spoiled shit who grew up privileged as hell and wants us Poors to understand it is our fault that rising out of poverty is hard..

Imagine thinking Ben Shapiro’s opinion about anything matters to you. What a world!.

@benshapiro Oh. Yea. That’s right. We all have that option to NOT take a job cause they don’t pay enough. I mean. Fuck living and paying bills. If they don’t pay me enough I’ll just figure it out. Ben Shapiro folks..

@JasonSCampbell I actually like Ben Shapiro but I can’t get behind this ideology. Not everyone is in the position to negotiate better wages, that can be due to so many reasons. I wonder has he ever been in a financial pinch where he needs to score a wage instead of having no money..

Ben Shapiro is a fucking idiot And he sounds like a twelve year old girl.

The one thing I love about Ben Shapiro is his intellectual honestly , he speaks solely based on facts so you can’t try to negate the truth with feelings or an emotional response ..

I do like dunking on Ben Shapiro otoh he’s so stupid so often that I wonder if his kink is being dunked on.

Ben Shapiro not caring about poor people is not news. But I have a question for him. Who SHOULD take these jobs? We are demonizing immigrants who want them, and if poor people shouldn’t have them either, then who?.

@TwitterMoments I’m starting to have doubts if Ben Shapiro really went to Harvard..

AOC fetishist and anti-living wage pioneer Ben Shapiro has great career advice.

Ben Shapiro: get over it because it’s your fault that you have to work your ass off to survive.

Wait how is Ben Shapiro saying working two jobs is a you problem you can’t expect others to just randomly help you. If you need to work two jobs to provide for your family then do it. Don’t complain about it or blame the economy. Just do it..

I’m noticing Will Chamberlain and Mike Thernovich are attacking Ben Shapiro. They’re just trying to climb the ladder to Zion and see an opening with a fumbling Ben Shapiro..

I am genuinely surprised Ben Shapiro has not committed a mass shooting.

@AOC Imagine how mind numbingly stupid you have to be to think Ben Shapiro is a genius. No original thoughts, no ability to think critically, just blithely going along with the.

I just wanna meet ben shapiro and also be near a locker so i can physically force himself inside of it.

I dunno, starting to get the impression that Ben Shapiro and his fellow right-wing elites don’t know shit about the people they’re trying to coerce into voting against their self-interests.

My monthly newsletter “Why are you paying any attention to Ben Shapiro” will be available on newsstands everywhere..

*looking through my timeline* Democrats: “Ben Shapiro is an idiot” Republicans: “Ben Shapiro is an idiot” I’m glad everyone is in agreement..

Ben Shapiro endorses low-wage workers collectively agreeing to withhold their labor unless employers agree to pay them a living wage.

Ben Shapiro comes out against people trying to make ends meet to feed their families..

Rumors are swirling that Tucker Carlson’s sudden “vacation” from his Fox News show was actually a suspension, with some even suggesting that Ben Shapiro could ultimately take his place..

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