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Marchand on the Aho high-stick: That’s the least of what Bergy’s played through, a cut. He’s played with a hole in his lungs, a broken rib ....

For the record(s). With their strong showings in Game 4 on Sunday, Bergy and @Bmarch63 moved up the #NHLBruins postseason ranks..

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@FlutoShinzawa I swear to God if Don Sweeney and whomever else create the conditions under which Bergeron has to retire or leave like they did to Krejci and Chara, I’m gonna absolutely lose it. I might actually find a new team to root for if they do it to Bergy.

I just want to thank Patrice Bergeron for an amazing season no matter what happens he always puts a smile on my face and makes me happy through all my ups and downs and I couldn’t ask for a better captain Thanks Bergy I love you.

had a tuukka/krejci/chara edit in the drafts to as it was by harry styles but that shit is never getting finished now because i don’t have it in me to add bergy. thank the twitter copyright takedowns for saving y’all from that pain..

People need to stop speculating about Bergy’s decision. He is the only one that has that answer and us all arguing and debating on this platform is not helping anyone or anything.

if bergy stays, build around pastrnak mcavoy hindholm swayman bergeron marchand hall literally everyone else can get shuffled around or moved for all i care we need a new gm who knows how to retool. if bergy retires, just accept fate and blow it up.

Wildcard team took 1-seeded Carolina to within one goal of game 7. Can’t complain too much. Another year of development for Sway, Lysell, Zboril, Stud, etc and hopefully Bergy is back for another run !.

@PoalaloreSoares Com certeza. Pela temporada regular que tivemos nós sabíamos que as coisas não estavam afiadas para uma corrida longa. Era possível mas não provável. Questão do Bergy era a nuvem pesada que ninguém queria encarar..

todo mundo vai falar que espera que o bergy volte, mas só vamos saber no final quando ele falar sobre seu futuro, desde o início ele falou que ia ver se seu corpo aguentava, ele pode querer passar tempo com a família, ele já fez demais pra esse time, se for isso, foi incrível.

Even if you hate Boston, Bergeron is a fuckin warrior. What that guy played through in the playoffs is legendary. All the respect in the world for Bergy. If this is it, what a career..

@ConorRyan_93 How could you not love the guy. I hope it’s not the end for him. What a career though. Can you imagine a Bergy/Chara retirement night in Boston.

@BarstoolChief The rebuild began after Game 7 of the ‘19 Cup Finals … its just been a rebuild on the fly mentality since then. If Bergy is gone it will be a step back, but it’s still a rebuild on the fly with Marchand, Pasta, Hall and McAvoy in the fold..


@BruinsLow Take some time to recharge…so you’re amped to do a vid on Bergy’s new deal.

If this is it for Bergy, I’ll say this as I always have. I will be there the day his number gets hung in the rafters, I don’t care what the cost. First Boston athlete where I feel like I’ve seen his whole career and he is the epitome of what it means to be a Bruin. My fav ever 🐐.

Best player I’ve watched in the black and gold , if this is it it’s been one hell of a ride bergy 👍.

Cheers to the lads, great season @NHLBruins and more importantly if this is the end…Thank You Bergy. 🐻🧐🍻.

@ConorRyan_93 That this may be the end for Bergy is honestly worse for me than losing the series..

@Bruins_Brasil Acabei de voltar da Igreja achando que ia pegar jogo ainda. Não suportaria ver mais uma eliminação e possível última temporada do Bergy..

2019 scf changed me. i’m already over it. just stings on the future of bergy up in the air… and that’s really it. fire everyone..

@BruinsNetwork If Bergy retires, they should just commit to a rebuild. There’s literally no point of trying without him….

@BostonNooga Ray leaving as a kid hurt, but Bergy going somewhere else would feel devastating..

it hurts how much they love and care for each other. marchy has never played a season without him, bergy being his center is all he knows. literally someone kill me to put me out of my misery already.

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If bergy retires it’s a hell of a run but he’s got 3 years of elite hockey left and at least another playoff run.

@justyouknowhyyy I am with you brother. Too early for next year analysis, but they could reload. Few players have to take a next step. Bergy could comeback if he sees the opportunity for another run..

Goodbye Boston. It was great seeing you get bounced. Bergy, hope to see you in a different uniform next season. Now for Tampa to bounce the Leafs..

@BruinsNetwork Unfortunately i think we’re gunna be in the same spot we have been for past couple years. I think Bergy retires and we already have a huge hole down the middle. Bright side is Lindholm and Chuck. Hall hasn’t been the same player he once’s was..

@BrandonTimulty @blazerhockey17 Nah we can tank without that gotta figure bergy very likely could be done with hockey or atkeast the bs.

@HackswithHaggs If that is it, thanks for the years of memories and absolute class Bergy. You’re one of a kind..

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