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Berhalter knows what Jordan Pefok is about .. so he’s not here. He still doesn’t know what Jesus Ferreira is about? Sargent .. please? #FutbolAmericas.

@ConcacafEdgar That “Gregg Berhalter has resigned as USMNT Manager” tweet gonna hit like crack.

@MenInBlazers Not sure why this team was so overhyped. some positives: 1) New generation will get world cup experience. 2) Berhalter will be out after. 3) New coach hopes. reality: @ussoccer will mess it up again..

Has the United States ever had less momentum heading into a World Cup? Has anyone? But god forbid Berhalter makes a single adjustment to his precious system. God forbid, he calls in one of the hottest scorers in the Bundesliga when no one on his roster score in 2 matches. #USMNT.

Thanks to Berhalter I just saved 90+ dollars by deciding not to buy this years World Cup Jersey! Thank you Gregg!.

Si nos quejamos de Martino, lo de Berhalter con la generación dorada de Estados Unidos ha sido muy pobre, solo respaldado por un par de victorias bastante circunstanciales sobre su acérrimo rival. Hoy USMNT no produce al frente (igual que MX) pero atrás tampoco da garantías..

@MenInBlazers It is like listening to a 5 year old. Our boys deserve better - Berhalter should have been let go over a year ago..

Gregg Berhalter wanted some personality in the final World Cup warmup game. What kind of personality did the USMNT show today?.

I am an optimist by nature & I also attempt to have humility in my critiques. I know the game pretty well, but it is important to know what you don’t know, keep an open mind, & be considered when evaluating teams, players, & coaches. That said, I’m done. Berhalter ain’t it..

I’m not even joking when I say our u20 could absolute run with our full national team with Berhalter in charge..

Need Pulisic to lead a mutiny against Berhalter tbh. It’s so embarrassing he’s the manager of the USMNT..

@JeffreyCarlisle Unfortunately, Ggreggg Berhalter once again performed to his normal level..

@Turberville Sir Alex changed up his tactics to fit his best players. Berhalter doesn’t , so not even close to sir Alex ..

Oh, this is a good Comparing Berhalter to Sir It just keeps getting better and better from the corporate MLS.

@MLS_Buzz Watch. It will be because the players were inexperienced. That’s why we crashed out of the group stage with 0 points. Berhalter deserves a fair shot at the 2026 World Cup..

@Liverquake666 This team will go 0-3 at the World Cup if Gregg Berhalter is not fired..

@USMNT We’ll be lucky to get 3rd in the group playing like this On the bright side they’ll finally sack berhalter afterwards.

@herculezg I’m not even worried anymore. We are not getting out of the group stage. Unless Iran and Wales really stink it up. We have to realize we’re not a good team. And unless Berhalter and his “system” are gone, we aren’t doing anything of note..

@JamaicanFootie @MilitaryGooner might be a interesting discussion. Off the top of my head i would say no, but Berhalter seems like he wants them to be closer to us than England lol.

@EinSchwarzwelt There is no reason to not fire Berhalter. This team literally can’t possibly get any worse..

@SorryImAnonymo1 @JayJayPost I think Berhalter has actually been like surprisingly pragmatic (and these two games felt like a return to real ideological rigidity that made me frustrated with him early in his tenure)..


I’m genuinely jealous of Berhalter for having this many complete shills willing to do PR for him..

@1776Footy Greg Berhalter was fired from the Swedish 2nd division for doing exactly what he is doing now with the USMNT. I am no soccer genius, but it might be good to have a system where you create some shots on goal. Just an idea..

Greg Berhalter is a waste of space on the plane going to Qatar. What an embarrassment to the US on a national team level. Disgusting..

@jaimeor96 Lo mejor que podría hacer Berhalter es llamar de urgencia a bruce arena y tenerlo de asistente ñ No sabe de estrategia no sabe ordenarlos y juventud les pesa También Arabia no es tan malo saben encerrarse y complicar partidos.

@SiriusXMFC full blown panic mode when it comes to the USMNT. Why is Berhalter managing this team like it’s a club team?! Pefok and Tim Reahm have to be on the plane. And isn’t the definition of insanity exactly what we are doing with Long and Zimmerman!!!!.

This is so utterly brutal. But hey, did you see Gregg Berhalter bounce the ball to one of his guys for a throw-in? #USMNT.

@ESPNFC Berhalter is a joke and should never have been allowed to manage this team for so long. Looking like we’ll get knocked out in the group stage..

Can someone @ussoccer let Berhalter know that “United” precedes States. Can’t get excited for #WorldCup with this guy as coach of #USMNT.

Berhalter Photo,Berhalter Photo by Mario E. Meléndez 🇸🇻🇺🇲,Mario E. Meléndez 🇸🇻🇺🇲 on twitter tweets Berhalter Photo

What is Berhalter even saying? He keeps saying the team lacks “personality”. What the fuck does that mean? #USMNT.

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