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10 movies to know me Anything Marvel/Disney Shrek Megamind For colored girls Best Man Holiday Coming To America Just Wright The Help Think Like A Man The Bodyguard

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BonneSante ()

Sister of Malaysian man at Singapore business meeting tests positive for coronavirus #Best Man Holiday

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D ()

me and my boyfriend exchange cards for every big holiday / event & it’s honestly been the best to be able to look back and read the messages we wrote. I’m so in love and blessed with this man 🥺♥️

Apple J🍎 ()

Ugh this movie always make me cry😩😩 best man holiday is such a good movie man smfh

MayaPapaya ()

Then I get home and Best Man Holiday is on 😭😭😭😭 The feels are taking over!!

A Gent. ()

Best Man Holiday is on BET and im in here laughing like I’ve never seen it 😂😂

Barbie ()

@imnotasia I have loved Monica Calhoun since the players club. Best man holiday. That fucking movie makes me cry every time I watch it.

KamNewton💙 ()

Comedy wise the best man holiday was the best . But the first one was a much better movie over all .

Wii-Kala ()

Happy ❤️ LOVE DAY ❤️ to the love of my life, my soulmate and best friend and the only man who has ever completely stolen my heart. I don’t believe in this holiday but I believe in LOVE and…

Slim ()

BET must have wrote a nice check for The Best Man Holiday cause they are wearing this movie

Roni Music is poetry with symmetry&a vibrant beat ()

To love a friend to the end of their life is to gain deep insight. To watch them die you wonder ponder it at night? For grief of a dear friend, it never ends! I remember one my best friends that passed away & his favorite holiday. A man who loved


@OhThatsjust_Ray I wish I was like I’m a horror movie and acting movie type of it kinda mad I haven’t seen best man holiday everybody be saying it’s a great watch

A Hot Set ()

@malcolmdlee Those films are. The Best Man The Best Man: Holiday The Brothers Brown Sugar Hav Plenty How Stella Got Her Groove Back Jumping The Broom Love and Basketball Love Jones Mahogany

K A M ()

Best Man Holiday by far is thee best movie 🤞🏿 Malcom D. Lee, one of my inspirations man.

Yahya’s wife ()

5 Movies to Know Me: 1. Malcolm X (Long live my King) 2. Imitation of Life (Sara Jane did her mama wrong) 3. Brown Sugar (hopeless romantic @ heart) 4. Inception/In Time (my lil sci-fi future side) 5. Best Man Holiday (Morris chestnut loved his wife and that’s on periodt)

Missandnai of Naath ()

Every day is a holiday when you’re in love like this. 🥰❣️👑 This man has given me some pretty 🔥 ass gifts, but this is, by far, his best work. 👌🏾 #valentinesday2020

Madam AL Walker ()

@Ashanti_Iman ooo those are good - did you like the sequel to Best Man Holiday. Loved it sm

Lovely Ashanti✨ ()

@Allexandriia The Wedding Planner , About Last Night , Brown Sugar , Best Man Holiday

Next Time Maybe ()

@Super70sSports I watch every Friday after thanksgiving best holiday movie to kick off the ... hey man it wasn’t no cop man it was cops with an S plural and they used tear gas that’s the kinda shit they use on crowds and I still walked in here like a man!!!

Prin🌸 ()

The Gift Wanted Mrs Doubtfire Bridesmaids Diary of a mad Black Woman The Best Man The Best Man Holiday This Christmas The Hunger Games The Proposal

Helen Washington ()

@wbaltv11 #RomanticMovies Love Jones because of the emotional tug of war. (I wanna be sarcastic and say Boomerang). The Best Man Holiday (that was an emotional roller coaster)!!

Ada. ()

Mine are Someday at Christmas by Mario, and I want to come home for Christmas by Neyo soundtracks from The Best Man holiday

Omotola ()

Mr&Mrs Smith Coming to America Bad Boys 1&2 Boomerang Soul Food Mulan Pretty Woman Whats Love got to do with it Rush Hour The Best Man Holiday

Marcelo ()

Everytime jrue Holiday is the primary ball handler most of the game we lose am i right? He is not hitting free throws , he slows so much our be the shooting guard man, let the flow offense run with the best guy

Stella 📀 ()

@n0ctpr0 @chikalisas Of Course Devito Penguin gets his show and Calendar Man and Holiday have a duet where they fight about whos the best one at their Theme

Les ()

10 movies to know me Anything Marvel/Disney Shrek Megamind For colored girls Best Man Holiday Coming To America Just Wright The Help Think Like A Man The Bodyguard

Keep going girl, do your show ()

Cinderella (the only one that matters) Disney’s Hercules The Devil Wears Prada Best Man Holiday Mean Girls

Fuck u twit ()

I don’t let the guys I date buy me things for Valentine’s Day. Not even cards. I don’t celebrate it as a “holiday” regardless but I want these moments with my dad to be what I connect this day to. an imperfect man with imperfect parents trying his best to love his daughter right

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