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Updated: October 14th, 2021 05:37 PM IST

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Whoever did this, you have earned your place in eternity. Betty White should also be the next Aquaman.

Betty White Twitter

Oml i saw betty white trending and i was about to lose it cuz i thought sum happened to her 😩

Betty White doesn’t need to go to space. We all just orbit around her.

@_____Tweety____ So funny! I watched it several times. Betty White is a living doll.❤

Today i am eating a Sprinkled donut. 10/10🍩. I also saw Betty White eating a Chocolate donut. OMG!

@jenniferquail @mmpadellan That should be a feature of Twitter and call it the Betty white alarm or status or something like that. Another legacy left

@JayNoir_ imagine your automated car is about to hit a pedestrian and you’re helpless cause it needs 14 pistons activated and 3 betty white lifetimes to bring the wheel out after you’ve done your jedi hand movements

Omg Betty white should be white Diamond if Steven universe ever gets a live action production

@elonmusk The next obvious choice is Captain Picard. Though if you want to set a new record and keep it for a while, I think you should go with Betty White.

Betty white is trending. She will be 100 in 3 months… {I thought she was dead}😭😅

what if betty white dies when she reaches 100. the universe forbids her from continuing.

like, there is a concerning amount of guys who cannot read the name ‘betty white’ without becoming immediately haunted by the mournful whistling of wind through a lone ribcage

Betty White, by my calculations, has had 36,135 sexual partners in her life. Not all of them human.

Betty White has a very lovable public image, which is fine and understandable, but she’s a liberal icon because she’s a thrice divorced, childless, careerist. Whatever. That’s fine but that’s why.

We have to protect Betty white all costs I am freaking out inside we have to protect her 🙏🙏🙏🙏😭

I hope Betty White never dies. I don’t think the world or myself could handle that.

@heathercampbell Does SpaceX put Betty White into space for her 100th birthday ... 🤔🤨

Im from the future we gotta stop Betty white from turning 100 please only you can save us if you’re reading this.

@HeyokaEmpath01 Fun fact: Betty White was born before Anne Frank and Martin Luther King, Jr.

I think there are few people as loved as Betty White. It’s not often people trend and the collective reaction from Twitter is “she is a treasure and must be protected at all costs” 👸🏼

@ALBAFORLIFE @HeyokaEmpath01 Because your grandma’s not a national treasure Betty White is

y’all can’t keep trending betty white😭 i keep thinking that she died EVERY SINGLE TIME

Once we lose Betty white. Americia can collapse and the world can blow cause whats the point after her

Never met Betty White though I drove past her house for YEARS going to/from my own. Admired her cuz knew of her views/behavior re animals in addition to her obvious humor/talent. Regretting not stopping years ago to drop off some flowers and tell her of admiration. . .nowadays

Who do you think is a true national treasure? I would reserve it only for the upper eschelon of non-problematic, beloved celebrities. Betty White. Dolly Parton. Mister Rogers. Who else have we got in the US?

Whoever did this, you have earned your place in eternity. Betty White should also be the next Aquaman.

@mmpadellan This dude even pretends to care about Betty White for the blind Twitter support.

Every time I see Betty White trending I freeze up a she is alive and well no worries 🥲

Will you guys stop trending Betty White without clarification. I almost burst out crying 😩

Came on here and saw Betty White trending…. Twitter ya’ll gotta be more specific. You can’t just write Betty Whites name without context …. Fuck! That was stressful

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