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Welp! Here’s me in Ivy Park❤️🐝 #Beyhive #BeyonceHomecoming.

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I’m not a staunch fan of Beyoncé , I don’t belong to Beyhive or anything but I know Beyoncé is a performer. Her coachella performance shook me. I don’t listen to her music like that but i’ll admit she’s a bit of an icon..

Seen Monsters and beyhive going at it is sooo hard for me like why yall gotta be like this.

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Beyoncé em Homecoming Beyhive 😭😭♥️♥️ Para cumprir meu objetivo, eu me ordenei a não comer pão, carboidratos, açúcar, lactose, carne, peixe, álcool. E eu tô com fome. Apenas tô tentando descobrir um equilibrio entre ser uma mãe de uma criança de 6 anos e de gêmeos #HOMECOMING.

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Welp! Here’s me in Ivy Park❤️🐝 #Beyhive #BeyonceHomecoming.

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Jajajajajaja pero creo que puede más el De entrada, le entienden más a la tecnología..

@netflix It is 10 AM. WHYYYY do I have to SEARCH for #BEYONCEHOMECOMING??? WHYYY isn’t your entire banner. We have receipts. Fix it. Signed, THE BEYHIVE.

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It took years of me being stubborn, but I finally ready to admit ’m a member of the BeyHive 😭😭😭😭.


O tempo é curto demais pra vc fingir que odeia a Beyoncé, junte-se a Beyhive e vamos aclamar a rainha. #BeyoncéHomecoming.

I still can’t comprehend everything that’s happend today. A documentary and a forty track live album. My beyhive ass is living right now..

@pradabackpack Then we’re in the nosebleeds on next tour instead of Beyhive Pit kshkdshk.

Nobody: Me: Beyoncé just dropped a 40 song album on Tidal and a Documentary on Netflix 😱😱😱 oh you acting up on this Wednesday April 17th 2019 😳😳 #BeyHive going crazy 😭.

@Beyhive_803 @isaxivy The book itself is still a collectible it’s triple the price now.

Personally, I have so many thoughts and feelings about #BeyoncéHomecoming. This film hit me not as a member of the Beyhive but just as a human. The fact that she discusses the effects of a C-Section on her body, I know, will help so many post-partum women..

WOW!!! If you know my sister you’d know she never really understood why I love Beyoncé so much!! She watched the doc and now she has converted😭😭😭 I couldn’t be happier. The beyhive agenda is being fulfilled.

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@BenRealVsWorld A masterpiece that will live on! Beautiful concept that will impact our culture! Amazing work to all involved 🐝💛 beyhive loves ya !!!.

HOLY MOLY QUEEN B JUST RELEASED A LIVE ALBUM AND I SCREAMED OUTTA HAPPINESS IN THE HOSPITAL. #homecomingbeyonce #BeyHive @Beyonce thankyou for blessing me 😭😭😭😭😭❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍😍.

i gotta be up in 2 hours & have a major interview this morning, inshallah. but i’m glad i stayed up for this beyoncé film bc i feel so inspired & ready to pour myself into my work. do nothing w/o intention. night to the beyhive only 🐝💫.

La BeyHive là est aussi nuisible que les fans de K-pop. Beyonce change de pp, elle est déjà en TT.

@JOONSFOREVERAlN Some people acting like Beyhive won’t stream tf out of the album REGARDLESS of there being no new songs.

OMFG!! I’m literally buzzin! @Beyonce DROPPED A NEW FUCKIN ALBUM!! #Homecoming #BeyHive.

@duhnair Imma have to tune in to see what this beyhive is all about since I’m up.

Yipeeeeee I’ll delete the rip version now but thank you for the BeyHive stan who ripped it last year and provided us a flawless cover to go with it! #BeyonceHomecoming.

🐝 #beyhive this is not a drilll. 🗣LETS GET IN FORMATION ‼️ @Beyonce.

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Só quem é beyhive vai saber o que tô sentindo, E EU TO MUITO FELIIIZ PQP #BeyoncéHomecoming.

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