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Good morning friends & hello Tuesday! Walk away from the negative things that might stop you from having a success filled day!πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜Š#bfc530.

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I am learning that the times we gather together in a circle to share about ourselves, to problem-solve, to celebrate -lay the foundation for a community of carers, more so than any activity or lesson on character traits ever could #bfc530.

What I have learned ... kids crave honesty more than being made to feel good. #bfc530.

What lessons have I learned .... that contrary to popular belief ALL kids want to learn ... just maybe not what we want them to learn in that moment in time. #bfc530.

While I was in the classroom I learned to ask kids more of what they wanted and then provide them with those experiences. Lots of choice and voice #BFC530.

#bfc530 Responding to student need for play is so important. There is so much to be learned by intentional play!.

@BFC_530 @elSrKoeppen Sometimes kids need unstructured time to share their day. Spending time getting to know them will pay off in dividends!! #bfc530.

Good morning all! Dawn from Va stopping in. I seem to only join sporadically this year. #bfc530.

It’s Wednesday already! Good morning friends! Share your good vibes with others and see the amazing difference you can make! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜Š #bfc530.

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I believe it is important to listen, trust, thank, respectfully challenge and celebrate with as teaching is challenging and rewarding, so it is to be helps, too! 😊 #bfc530.

#bfc530 Every amazing administrator I have worked with has gone on to reach their goal of becoming a superintendent or asst superintendent. That is because they were great listeners. If you have been lucky enough to work with someone like that, you have to say thank !.

Good morning. As a leader, I try to take an interest in everyone I work with. I want to know who they are so I know how best to serve them #BFC530.

Talk with them about learning in general but also about things outside of school. #bfc530.

#bfc530 Always say hello and good morning. It cannot be us against them. We are all in this together..

Good morning friends & hello Tuesday! Walk away from the negative things that might stop you from having a success filled day!πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜Š#bfc530.

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Ugh. The Notre Dame Cathedral. So sad. But good morning, #bfc530 crew! 3 days until break, and we test the day after we return! My kids have been wilder than werewolves under a full moon - I expect no different today..

I do my job without the need to be micromanaged. #bfc530.

Good Tuesday morning #bfc530 friends! A moving reminder about.

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The best thing about #edutwitter is not feeling like I am on an island anymore. It’s a beautiful way to connect with people who are passionate about education. It has even forayed into local connections, friendships and excitement as well! #bfc530.

It amazes me sometimes how a small nugget from the EduTwitter community can totally change how I do or think about something, for the better of my students. #bfc530.

Tips for Deftly Using Questions to Improve Student Learning - Work in Progress - Education Week Teacher @conniehamilton #hackingqs #bfc530.

When I have faced the negative of eduTwitter I focus on all the encouraging people I have met here who share a passion for kids & the subject they teach, that want to share the success & of course the ppl of #bfc530 The best things of eduTwiiter gets me thru it.

Good Morning #bfc530! I’m so excited to #CelebrateMonday and I’m so honored to Feature @kathyiwanicki as the Teachonomy featured teacher this week! Check out her feature at.

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The best thing about eduTwitter is #bfc530 and #gratefuledu ...two of my favourite connections to outstanding educators and incredible people! 😊.

getting to interact with great educators from around the world. #bfc530.

...the challenge to change and reconcile facets of a complex profession you may not have known or seen clearly. I also appreciate the wide swath of experiences and expertise here. The common goal binds us; the diversity pushes us. #bfc530.

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