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Good morning friends, it’s Tuesday, what difference will you make today, and to whom? 😊👍🏻 #bfc530.

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Good morning friends, it’s Tuesday, what difference will you make today, and to whom? 😊👍🏻 #bfc530.

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In #Room407, we view the classic film, THE RED BALLOON. After doing this for a number of years, I now narrate the wordless film as we talk about the importance of recognizing, embracing, and maintaining our own red balloons (which often find us) and those of others. #bfc530.

For the 1st time the hs seniors are coming to our school. I cannot wait! #bfc530.

We are a very large school so each department does a little something together. My department will go to lunch together, The math department has a BBQ every #bfc530.

Our last 2-3 days are typically full of celebrations: day before last day we celebrate 6th & 7th graders w/ Awards Ceremony. Last day is 8th grade promotion - the whole school attends. #bfc530.

I love the traditions around graduation—walking into the field with the kids never gets old (even if it’s really, really hot.) #bfc530.

Check out this senior picnic yesterday - every day this school amazes me ! #bfc530.

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Most of my schools have a staff gathering, where they say goodbye to departing staff and celebrate the year’s work. I personally have a tradition of leaving the parking lot at the end of the last instructional day blaring Alice Cooper’s “School’s Out”. #bfc530.

Morning #bfc530 still here- both my kiddos and myself. I know I haven’t chimed in much this year- the mid year move created very stressful mornings/ health issues with my kiddos. ( and the house still hasn’t sold for those following)..

At the end of each school year we all face an empty room before summer begins. Listen to this quick podcast and Embrace the power in that moment and be encouraged! #bfc530.

@BFC_530 @wheeler_laura Happy Tuesday from the newly hatched robins in our grape arbor❤️Today is field of my favorite traditions! #bfc530.

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We’ve got a full slate of activities schedule with the @OConnellHS Summer Sandbox! Two different conferences of two days of laid back learning where we’ll play games, talk shop, and change the world! #bfc530.

#bfc530 Thank goodness for community libraries in the summer though frankly 50% funding has been cut to them too. 😡.

My favorite is when we get at least a week before July 4th, as we do this year. #bfc530.

@BFC_530 @DrKnicki Our area is offering a summer lit class that looks great this year and some kids qualify for tutoring which is super helpful #bfc530.

Our district offers summer school and our school library is hoping to be open one day per week for Ss & families. Our summer camp programs & swim lessons are offered through our Community School - a dept of our public school system. #bfc530.

#bfc530 I wish we had more-especially for thise kids who need safe spaces like school and are anxious about not having a routine in the summer..

Our town has an awesome library! @mahwahlibrary offers a ton of activities over summer including a state wide summer reading program. #bfc530.

Summer sessions offered for Ss who want to get ahead or complete make up classes. #bfc530.

We have an extended school year, summer school, and a variety of speciality classes, from sports camps, to STEM classes, art, etc that tries to hit a wide interest range (the town runs summer school at our school too and the town pool is next to the campus) #bfc530.

I am teaching summer school this summer in July for a few first time teaching summer school so we will see how that goes. Just half day #bfc530.

#BFC530 Our district offers summer camps for enrichment, we offer remedial summer school online and in person PE/Health. @CBSDSchools.

Good Morning #bfc530 Our last full week, though Teachers must come in next Monday. Kids are taking 4th quarter assessments..

Gday #bfc530 Getting close to the shortest day here. Was commenting with a colleague how it was dark as we left.

Good Morning #bfc530 Kevin, 7th Grade History Teacher from NW NJ with all of you until the end of this week..

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