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Bill Maher decided to point out how the fat acceptance movement has turned into a fat celebration movement..

Actor Charles Malik Whitfield, Dr Stella Immanuel, Bill Maher join Diamond and Silk.

Credit to Bill Maher for calling out people promoting obesity as being okay. You know what should be celebrated? Being healthy. We need more people speaking out like Maher!.

Bill Maher knows exactly who he’s appealing to. What a greedy snake. Trolling to attract the worst people to watch his indefensible show. Nice going ⁦@HBO⁩. He’s been stinking up your network for years. Are there bodies buried?.

Bill Maher Photo,Bill Maher Photo by Andy Kindler,Andy Kindler on twitter tweets Bill Maher Photo

Bill Maher has been a raging bigot for decades. Is it really surprising fatphobia is seeping out now too? NO..

Bill maher lending out his private chef to overweight moms trying to put food in their kids mouths in between 3 jobs is very generous. Thank you @billmaher If only there was a way scale generosity so all families could have fresh veg delivered to their 2nd kitchens 3rd fridge.

@TMZ Bill Maher should be ranting about the Food Industry putting SUGAR in everything…even peanut butter & pasta sauce. The lack of grocery stores w/fresh produce in poor neighborhoods. The CRAP they serve for lunch in schools. And FastFood chains every block & inside Malls..

@SER1897 We KNOW that about a third of ⬜ people are genetically predisposed to weight gain irrespective of dieting. That % is higher for Black, Latinx and Native American people. Poverty adds to obesity. Bill Maher is always wrong about everything, but this is extreme even for him..

@mmpadellan Funny. Bill Maher used to be your boy until he started calling lefties out for being hypocrites. More evidence dems can’t deal with facts..

The only thing funny about Bill Maher is how he continues to find new and interesting ways to be a piece of shit..

@billmaher More truth from Bill Maher. Why is he only one of a very few democrats that is willing to speak up?.

the fact that Liberals are now labeling an outspoken Atheist like Bill Maher as Conservative proves just how batshit crazy that the Woke really are….

Ya know if Bill Maher is trending, he pizzed off the squawking liberal loons!!.

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@JohnAllenBain @drgurner Check out David Duchovny on Bill Maher last night. You might enjoy it, I was impressed..

@billmaher Edward Bernays, The man who perfected propaganda, started his career promoting smoking and towards the end of his career promoted anti-smoking. Similarly, Bill Maher perfected satirical propaganda promoting leftism and now he too has come full circle..

Overheard on Bill Maher’s “New Rules”, speaking about America’s current obesity problem, “Have you ever seen any fat 90 year olds???”😢.

Bill Maher parece que lleva un tiempo cuestionando vacas sagradas woke. Aquí por que es absurdo y ridiculo celebrar la gordura como algo equivalente a mantenerse metabólicamente sano.

@DocLazris @billmaher No one is stopping docs from talking about other health issues. I believe that as a practicing physician, it’s your responsibility to counsel your patients on healthy eating habits, exercise etc or refer them to a dietitian if needed. Bill Maher is shaming, not counseling..

Liked on YouTube: Overtime: David Duchovny, Matt Taibbi, Lis Smith | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO).

Bill Maher legit is like “Don’t tell me what to do with my body” re: vaccines and mask mandates and then minutes later is like “Hey you fat fatties, stop being fat.”.

@billmaher This independent has been hoping for the voice of a moderate Democrat who knew it would be Bill Maher!! Please Bill keep it up. The progressives are keeping me away from democrats!!!.

@FoxNews Bill Maher is incapable of expressing a coherent thought without dropping WOKE into his rants. He does it even MORE than Tucker Cant stand this idiot #BillMaher.

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Soooooooo true! Maher has become toxic! Jon is the fighter he has always been! I wonder if Bill and Elon are more than just friends🤪.

Did you really just put Andrew Yang and Bill Maher in the same boat as Donald Trump….

@billmaher I swear every time Bill Maher is trending its for saying something else completely stupid lol.

I agree with Bill Maher, progressives are trying to make unhealthy shit “positive”.

@djmateo2 The left keeps going more left. We’re the same people. They keep moving. What has Bill Maher changed on?.

THANK YOU @billmaher for saying TRUTH! WE as a people need to #StopTheMadness already! This whole woke BS is just that! BS for LAZY people who have WAY too much time on their hands! Work out! Ride a bike! TALK to people!Do SOMETHING &get OFF your phones!.

Dear God No. As a curmudgeonly liberal, Bill Maher is my spirit animal..

@larjmil1 @billmaher There’s no such thing as trickle down economics and its Ronald Reagan’s fault that ppl are fat now?? YOU are the exact person Bill Maher is talking to rn..

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