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I think you could be the dark horse. – @BillMaher to Sen. @AmyKlobuchar, 10/11/2019 Amy K returns to #RealTime this Friday at 10PM!

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Seeker of the Truth ()

trump is exactly the kind of super predator @HillaryClinton described. These people exist throughout every race & economic spectrum. It’s a stereotype to think predators only exist in latino/black communities. Of course she would be demonized for identifying that fact. @billmaher

Green Asteroid ()

I realize @amyklobuchar has discipline to temper her rhetoric to keep indies and non-Trump Republicans onboard. But I do think @billmaher question about Trump leaving opens the door for Amy to address our very real fears of a totalitarian state. Especially after this week.

русский ассет ()

@Chinchillazllla @billmaher you’re not being “maverick” with this defense, you’re shitting on the constitution. Putting aside the racist aspect, you’re defending an actual dictatorship (while clutching your pearls pretending to worry about Trump’s fake one)

Mayday Mindy 🌊 ()

I have a very complicated relationship with Bill Maher I love him as much as I hate him #BillMaher

🎠🕯Deb💫 ()

@DonTshirts Hear me out (FYI, I’m 60 & haven’t used pot in 40 yrs). A lot of ill people, who would benefit from it, need better access to pot. The medical marijuana system is too costly. We need to legalize it to reach those who really need it (it helps seizures, PTSD, etc.). #billmaher

Morlock ()

@billmaher The problem is that liberals see a movement in every stupidity. But it‘s just stupid.

Joshua B. Hoe ()

Not one really tough question for @amyklobuchar from @billmaher, I just do not understand how softball interviews help get anyone ready for the general

Space Alien Requests ()

#billmaher I call my four lawyers my four fathers at this point. The problem isn’t the Presidency. It’s the overzealous judicial branch paired with falsification of information impacting the most vulnerable groups in society. Also, you all are owned by the networks.

KB 🥶 ()

@Liridonra @billmaher First, you’re an idiot. The democrat House had every opportunity to call any witness they wanted and chose not to. That’s just a fact. Do some homework before you share with the world how uninformed you are.

Lucky Girl ()

@billmaher Bill, last night you said Bernie won Iowa (wrong!) and three minutes later said Pete won (correct!) Please stop perpetuating the lie that Sanders won Iowa. He is doing the same thing Trump does - gaslighting his followers by claiming he won when Iowa certified Pete the winner.

Gwen S ()

@billmaher If it were by the nightstand I think we all know what answer. Sad as it is.

Cari Bomb ()

@billmaher was really high tonight, kept cutting off Klobuchar so u couldn’t follow her answers, was bitchy at best to panelists, harped on What Ifs (w/o answering it himself). Yeech, Maher, get a handler. @RealTimers

RN_Centrist ()

#billmaher This thread is all RussianShitBagBots, going after Bernie bc hes kicking Trumps Ass

Joe Just_Us ()

I think every Democrat needs to be as scared as #billmaher that #Trump will be re-elected. Voting wasn’t enough to win in 2016. Now he’s consolidated power as President, voters are being purged,and all our electronic voting machines can be hacked,how can voting alone be enough?

Disagreeable bitch ()

@VanJones68 was right on #billmaher I got grandparent envy. @amyklobuchar went to Yale for $11,000 in but wants to act like we can’t have free city/state colleges. Bitch please. That’s neither moderate nor reasonable.

Sara Spector ()

Dear Bill, come to rural Texas where the disparity in wealth is disgusting. The executives from oil companies have private planes live in palaces and the oil field workers live in tents and have no healthcare. #billmaher

Chrissy ()

This is so disturbing and I think it’s Trumps way of building his army in the ‘BLUE’ states. #NotMyPresident #billmaher

Barbara newman ()

@RealTimers @billmaher Bloomberg has his own can not be behind him ..he knows trump

Nick’s Gracie ❤️🇺🇸 🇦🇺❤️ ()

@Liridonra @billmaher Trump is going to serve a second term. Deal with it! ❤️🇺🇸❤️

Nick’s Gracie ❤️🇺🇸 🇦🇺❤️ ()

@realDonaldTrump People say, Do you think Trump will get the women vote? Remember last time? Will any woman vote for Trump? Is there a woman in the whole country? They said one of the reasons I won was women. Thank you very much, by the way, women. #Women4Trump2020 #billmaher

Michael Logan ()

@Liridonra @billmaher We know we get it only God emperor the left believe in is Obama. Spied on the press congress scotus all Americans. Prosecuted whistleblowers on espionage charges. Threaten reporters with jail time If did not name sources. Also said he had authority assassinate American citizens.

YesAndAgain ()

An argument against Isaac, #TheOrville ...you won’t be able to unthink this 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

Gary Webster ()

Still with you @billmaher but the hair is taking some getting over!!😂😂✌✌

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Tawne O ()

@VanJones68 was right tonight on #billmaher. Let the Dem voters decide!! The DNC and the media need to step back and quit interfering. Dems will decide who best reps them, NOT you all. And #billmaher needs to actually let a progressive explain social democracy so he can learn!!

Nick Linnear ()

@billmaher Brown nosing the establishment for a chair at the table isnt going to help you, Maher. When the music stops, and it is going to really think any of us will let you sit at OUR table??

Nick Linnear ()

@billmaher Serious person- Stone cold crazy talks like that?? And about YOU??


All I know is #billmaher and these liberals hate America. We know MAGA is proud to be 🇺🇸 | Why we fight to KAG

Tracey Steele ()

@nolandalla @billmaher I don’t know but if I know Amy there’s a stapler with his/her name on it.

Nijel ()

@katiecouric i thought it was really cool when you saved @billmaher when he was mixing up Bernie/Biden during his show. I really respect looking out for a friend like that. You are way cooler than I would have thought! 👌🏽💪🏽

Real Time with Bill Maher ()

I think you could be the dark horse. – @BillMaher to Sen. @AmyKlobuchar, 10/11/2019 Amy K returns to #RealTime this Friday at 10PM!

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