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Updated: January 17th, 2022 10:37 PM IST

The Buffalo Bills just had the NFL’s first ever perfect offensive game. No punts. No picks. No fumbles lost. No field goals. All touchdowns on every single drive until the kneel downs. And they did it against a top five defense.

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Big news. I’ll be at Al’s Bar and Grill, a #Bills backers bar, on Friday night at 8pm to do our live preview show. If you’re going to be in KC, I hope you can stop by and say hi! Thanks to @BillsBackersKC for helping to set it up! #BillsMafia

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No fewer than 316 MPs put in utilities claims in 2020-2021, with dozens claiming more than the average household’s dual fuel tariff of £1,138.

Harry Lay, 36, is a cleaner, his wife a hairdresser. They’re in receipt of UC, hve 3 kids & use a food bank. He’s just told us they use candles at night to save money on fuel bills. They were paying £130 for 500 litres of oil which lasts 3 mths. Now it’s £400 @BBCNews

I enjoy the Nickelodeon broadcast, though I wouldn’t be able to watch if it were the Bills. I find it funny the NVP for the second year in a row is the losing QB. 😂

@imaginereportin Lmao hell I need a better one n sum I like 😭 so I can afford this big stuff I want n pay my bills all in one

Yes. That’s a QB for another NFL franchise….shirtless at a Bills game. Your fan base could never. #BillsMafia The legend himself, Fitzmagic.

Bills Photo,Bills Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

@pulte Single mom in Desperate need to pay A month of backed up bills and to fix my muffler! Please help! $HeatherB830 This Month Has Been Tough!

Go to to buy load or pay bills using your crypto! My FREE NFT Airdrop Unique Code is XLDgP4HkX Generate your FREE NFT Airdrop unique code at ! #xSpend

@sagastiker @Rubenfvargas Ilusión me haría sería Bengals o Bills porque creo que se lo merecen por las finales perdidas

@Panthera_Onca6 Yeah exactly especially when they play the Bills or Titans. They’ll eat that shit up

The Buffalo Bills just had the NFL’s first ever perfect offensive game. No punts. No picks. No fumbles lost. No field goals. All touchdowns on every single drive until the kneel downs. And they did it against a top five defense.

@OttoMatticBaby #ottosquad Someone in our house tested positive for Covid. So might have Covid again could use some good news and help with food & bills. $unbreakablexo is my cash app Venmo is Ashley-stottlemire. Anything would be appreciated.

Raiders vs. Bengals live score, updates, highlights from NFL on TV ; When: Saturday, January 15 ; ; Where: Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati, 🏈𝐖𝐚𝐭𝐜𝐡 𝐇𝐞𝐫𝐞 ⏩@footballnfllive →NFL Playoffs 2022 Streams →raiders vs bengals →patriots vs bills →football news

I’m not normal. I also like the Bills OVER 44. Maybe the only one.

@Bill_McAlonan YES!! Hahaha it’s a WHOLE THING! We love it and honestly look forward to the Bills doing well so we can go! BRING OUT THE TABLES!

@C_J_Bow My picks: Raiders (want Bengals) Bills (Hoping Pats pull off the W, as a Patriots fan lol) Bucs Niners Chiefs Cards


meanwhile they had the same min wage job and didnt have to pay any of their own bills. It fucking blows my mind

@NRA How do you go bankrupt when you don’t even have to pay any taxes and the Kremlin pays all your bills?

Ain’t nobody gon go hard for you like you do , do what you got to do to pay your bills. Don’t listen to what other humans talking about 🤟🏽

This was just the QBs. So much drama in coaches too. Should Arians retire? Will McCarthy get fired from Dallas? Does Belichick really want to keep doing this after getting shamed by the Bills?

@albertmohler could you talk about the bills trying to be passed in Canada/Indiana against conversion therapy and how they can basically be used to limit what preachers can say at the pulpit, on your next Briefing?

Yo it is like Antarctica right now you early #Bills tailgaters are wild 😂😂😂 I can’t feel my hands and I’ve been out here for two minutes

And while they party … mental health experts warn of police and crime bill’s impact on young people

@h8rproof82 Wish the Patriots-Bills game came first. That way if the Patriots pulled the upset, we’d know the Raiders knocking off the Bengals would help the Chiefs.

@Evan_GoCats Ds have used hyperbole 2 push their policy imperatives. They don’t believe Americans or any1 else, incl GOP need 2 know what’s in the leg bills. Senate equally divided, w/a 1 person majority, if VP votes. Ds don’t know if they have all their Ds on board, aside fr Manchin/Sinema.

@Jake_Randall_YT Happy Saturday Jake and Phillip! Hope the week has gone well and I’m sorry to hear that your year has started off a bit shaky, but I know things will turn around! Looking forward to just relaxing and watching some playoff football. Gonna definitely watch that Bills and Pats game!

It’s not he panders to weird white folks but that’s who pays his bills so I can’t hate on that man for getting a check

Two Arizona bills attack trans youth are major threats this year and we need to mobilize. Are you from Arizona? Have connections there? Contact your state reps and senators and tell them to oppose SB 1138 (banning trans health care) and SB 1165 (banning trans kids from sports).

BREAKING: Marjorie Taylor Greene is accused of PERSONALLY PROFITING off her time in Congress, investing $250,000 to $500,000 on Treasury bills — as she fought to threaten the debt ceiling which would have lowered the price as she snatched them up. Should she be INVESTIGATED? ✋

Let me tell you, the panicked tweets and speeches of Republicans at the thought of debating the voting rights bills this weekend speaks VOLUMES.

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