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The racist who drove from Binghamton to Buffalo to murder people in a supermarket, selected by the high percentage of black people in the zip code, could have just as easily come to Rochester..

How dry has it been in some parts of central NY? Check out the precipitation over the last 14 days, and the corridor of well-below average precipitation. Dansville, Binghamton and Delhi are all currently in the top 10 driest months of May through the first 13 days. #nywx.

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An important thread about the White supremacy roots of todayโ€™s shooting. (The guy who did it was from Broome County, and drove 3 hours to Buffalo. Which would make him from the Binghamton area, my hometown.).

He drove from the binghamton area all the way to buffalo to do this. What the actual fuck.

BREAKING: @ABC News confirms the suspected white supremacist responsible for killing 10 people in a Tops in Buffalo is from from Conklin, New York, a suburb of Binghamton in Broome County..

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My fiancรฉ went to Binghamton to wrestle today. He probably passed that fucker on his way here. I canโ€™t stop thinking about it..

@TheRickWilson I grew up in Buffalo and went to college in Binghamton. The white supremacist element in upstate NY (outside Buffalo) is far-reaching. The supermarket is in an area of the city that is almost entirely Black and brown. So senseless..

@BaddCompani He was from Conklin, NY which is just south of Binghamton. Thereโ€™s another KKK stronghold out near Campbell..

It appears Gendron was a SUNY Broome (near Binghamton) student at one time. I have confirmed that we have a former student by that name. They are no longer enrolled, Silvia C. Briga, director of marketing, communications and public information at SUNY Broome, said in an email.

The Tops shooter was from Conklin, NY and drove all the way to Buffalo to carry out his attack. Conklin is near Binghamton, a bit south of where I grew up and went to school. NY may be a blue state, but upstate is full of angry conservatives..

The Buffalo mass murderer/white supremacist name is Payton Gendron and heโ€™s from the Binghamton area. A fascist snake..

@Melkaz1283 @CALLlCAT The fact that heโ€™s from Binghamton makes it worse. He drove 3 hours to another city to kill strangers. He wouldโ€™ve had the same coverage in Bingo but of course the coward might have known his victims..

@tomstedham He Shot 11 black people 2 white People. Got a whole twitch live stream about it he ainโ€™t even from Buffalo drive there from Binghamton.

The shooter came from outside of Binghamton, NY. Having went to college at Binghamton I can also say with authority, upstate New York is segregated, divided, and full of racism. Like I said, all of New York is not the same..

@KevinBuffalo Just ignore that their are fascist groups like the NY Watchmen right here? It makes you feel better that the guy is from Binghamton not Hamburg? Like they have no values in Binghamton?.

The shooting is being investigated as a hate crime and a case of โ€œracially motivated violent extremism.โ€ Law enforcement sources identified shooter as Payton Gendron of Conklin, , a town near Binghamton about 200 miles from Buffalo..

@James_R1986 @ByJerrySullivan Thereโ€™s 100s of supermarkets between Binghamton and Buffalo. Something has to be unique about this one..

What difference does it make that the guy drove from near Binghamton? Does intake you feel better? Those poor people suffered just the same..

If its true that fucking POS came all the way from Binghamton to target a black neighborhood grocery storeโ€ฆ no insanty plea, no mental illness bullshit. Kill him on the spot, end of fucking story..

@Guitarbeard @IwriteOK The manifesto said he was taking courses at SUNY Broome, so possibly from the Binghamton area? Just me.

@gottahavajava @lookner Ugh - Binghamton. He drove all the way from Binghamton to Buffalo to do this?.

@sallymclain1 Sounds like it might be Binghamton area in Southern New York. Not sure though..

I hate to be the news but the shooter drove from Binghamton to Buffalo to carry out his attack. He wasnโ€™t even a local. Which makes it even scarier. He couldโ€™ve stopped and did this anywhere that had a high population of black people smhhhhh.

@FreedomDog2020 Binghamton, Albany, fuck it go to the Bronx, same distance from there..

- Erie County district attorney called the shooting a hate crime. - Eleven of 13 victims (10 dead) are African American. - Gunman apparently drove hours from Binghamton, NY to Buffalo - Suspect wore tactical gear and had a camera to livestream the killings on social media.

@SharanskyWailer Ah shit. Given the timeframe, I wonder if that was what finally set that freak from Binghamton off..

@DMBfangrl76 @FoxNews He was from Conklin, a suburb of Binghamton, which has turned into a MAGA nightmare. Not the beautiful area I used to live in and loved ๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜ž.

The shooter was from Binghamton Ny heavily protected with tactical gear with a recorder.

I hope the DOJ goes beyond just charging the coward who drove hundreds of miles to kill grocery shoppers and security guard. The people of Binghamton, New York must speak up and point to others who corrupted this 18yo. They are culpable..

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