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🌈 Today we celebrate #BiVisibilityDay! 🚨 Bisexual people continue to face erasure. ❌ Bi discrimination is often based on incorrect stereotypes – like being bi is a phase or a trend. 👩 But these 9 famous faces from history tell a different story. 🧵.

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“So,” Alex says, changing tracks by stretching languidly, “I guess I should tell you, I’m bisexual.” ✨Happy #BiVisibilityDay, you only have 24 hours to be seen until next year.✨ (for legal reasons, that is a joke).

Happy #BiVisibilityDay! 💖💜💙 Bisexualität ist weder Unentschlossenheit noch eine Phase. Bisexualität ist eine eigenständige sexuelle Identität..

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On #BiVisibilityDay and every other day of the year, every American deserves to show up as they are and live their life free of judgement, discrimination and fear. As we continue our work toward true equality, remember: You are seen. You are loved. No matter what.💖💜💙.

Not just a phase 💕✨ HAPPY #BiVisibilityDay to all our beautiful bi siblings out there. Keep shining..

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Waited to post until 11:59pm so I could say to you all—good night… …and good bi. 💖💜💙 #BiVisibilityDay.

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Happy #BisexualVisibilityDay! Bisexual people are here & they are beautiful.💖💜💙 Today, we are celebrating the beauty of bisexual & biromantic experiences and pushing back on bi erasure & phobia. Celebrate with us & send some love to your bisexual friends.💗 #BiVisibilityDay.

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Happy Bi Visibility Day!! Never feel you’re not valid because your dating a man and finding woman attractive at the same time. We belong here just because we like both sexes. Proud to be Bi and proud to stand up on days like this. 🫶 #BiVisibilityDay.

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The label ‘bisexual’ opened my eyes to the fact that all attraction is fluid and ever shifting. 💖💜💙 #BiVisibilityDay.

Today on #BiVisibilityDay, I’m celebrating the bisexual+ community. Alongside my colleagues in the @LGBTEqCaucus, I am committed to ensuring bisexual+ people have the equality, recognition, and validation they deserve..

No matter who you are or who you love, every American deserves to live their life as their most authentic self—this #BiVisibilityDay and always..

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On #BiVisibilityDay (Better late than never 🫥) When you’re bi and monogamous, people make assumptions (and sometimes argue with you?) about your sexuality. Most of you know this, but I’m bi, and marrying one person. We aren’t open. She only has one gender. But I’m still bi. 🤷‍♂️.

so, on this #BiVisibilityDay i just want tell you that i’m proud of myself and that after 3 years, I am finally proud of who I am and fully accept my bisexuality :,)💘.

It’s my fucking day i love being bisexual and being trans, LETS GO GAYSSSSSS #BiVisibilityDay.

Happy #BiVisibilityDay! 💖💜💙 “Many barriers still face the bi community. Seeing bi people living their full authentic lives is important, and it helps signal to closeted bi people that there’s a community there for them.” — A message from our proud bi ED @Bellaknit 💌.

Per quanto io possa non avere più il rapporto di prima con te, ti sarò sempre grata per avermi fatto capire chi sono. Hai preso questa bandiera davanti ai miei occhi e mi hai guardata in quel preciso momento e io su questo fronte ti vorrò sempre bene💗💙💜 #BiVisibilityDay.

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On #BiVisibilityDay, we celebrate the brilliant, resilient bi+ community. As a member of @LGBTEqCaucus, I will always fight for your right to live authentically..

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hab versucht für den #BiVisibilityDay 1 selfie zu schießen but not in the mood; daher hier ein leicht unscharfes outtake aus einem portraitshoot letzte Woche; feeling very bi & very happy visible today ✌🏽🏳️‍🌈 😽👅🍾.

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harry said: make some noise for my bi little girl!! 💐💌 be kind to urself & to each other #BiVisibilityDay.

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Happy #BiVisibilityDay from us at The Yaoi Shelf! 50% of the podcast is proudly bisexual - very much NOT a long con - and visible! 💜 We wish all of you fellow Bis a fantastic rest of the day!.

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Today is Bi Visibility Day which marks the end of Bisexual Awareness Week. Together we can all work together to end biphobia 🏳️‍🌈 #bivisibilityday.

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On Bi+ Visibility Day, we celebrate the joy, resilience, strength of the bi community and recommit to fighting against bi-erasure and for full lived and legal equality for the entire LGBTQ+ community. Happy #BiVisibilityDay💗💜💙.

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📆 ¡Hoy es un buen día para recordar que los derechos humanos son para todas las personas. ¡Viva la diversidad! 🙌🏽 #VisibilidadBisexual 💗💜💙 #BiVisibilityDay.

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Happy #BiVisibilityDay!! I love these bi men with all my heart. Also our colors are just so pretty 💕💜💙.

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happy #BiVisibilityDay to all my fellow bi moots and non-moots! promote yourself in the replies! <33.

Happy #BisexualAwarenessWeek / #BiVisibilityDay! Bi bird! Bi-rd?.

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I’ve been able to work on so many #Bi+ projects with AMAZING colleagues (and friends). It really feels like I’m serving my community- extra grateful, proud, and visible today! Happy #BiVisibilityDay.

Happy #BiVisibilityDay! Today we celebrate our diverse bi community in Colorado and across the globe!.

Bueno mutis, celebrando mi día eaaa #BiVisibilityDay @BTS_twt.

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Ainda dá tempo dessa comunista bissexual militar nessa rede? #BiVisibilityDay.

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