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Ion like how everybody acting like they don’t know BlackBerry Molasses #Verzuz.

Blackberry Molasses Photo,Blackberry Molasses Photo by Syd. 🌻,Syd. 🌻 on twitter tweets Blackberry Molasses Photo

Some of those kids in the audience definitely didn’t know no damn “BlackBerry Molasses.” 😂 #VERZUZ.

Bobby was holding on to those piano notes for his life…. Like sir end it at blackberry molasses please…damn #versuz.

Blackberry Molasses Photo,Blackberry Molasses Photo by lil hood antisocial,lil hood antisocial on twitter tweets Blackberry Molasses Photo

@BrilliantBlkGrl All I know is they betta put some respect on Blackberry Molasses 🙌🏽.

Bruh if Bobby would have pulled out Blackberry Molasses he would’ve got some more love #versuz.

Bobby V greatest sing gonna always be “Blackberry Molasses” when he was in that group called MISTA #Verzuz.

Sammie may have been young at the time but he old enough now not to disrespect Blackberry Molasses like that..

2-1 stop playing in Bobby’s face like Blackberry Molasses don’t still hit to this day…..

Pleasure P better stop playing with Bobby V. Everybody knows blackberry molasses #verzuztv #verzuz.

Pleasure P is a whole lie talking about nobody knows this cuz we do know BlackBerry Molasses. #VERZUZ.

Bobby better sing Blackberry Molasses and Slow Down because those are the only songs that I know #verzuz.

I did NOT know Bobby V was in the group Mista!!!! I LOVE BLACKBERRY MOLASSES!!!!!! #verzuz.

I heard Bobby V singing Blackberry Molasses and almost broke my neck running to the tv 😭 IYKYK.

@CousinSugarfoot Blackberry Molasses. There’s a guy in that group named Darryl. He went to school with my brother and I had the hugest crush on him.

Blackberry Molasses is definitely one of my all-time favorite songs. I wore that tape OWT..

Blackberry Molasses was and still is my shit. And I know them other Mista niggas could’ve took their PTO to come and perform with Bobby..

I was today years old when I learned that Bobby Valentino was in a group and that group sang Blackberry Molasses. Idk why I thought Babyface sang the song all this time..

blackberry molasses 😩🎶 you gotta keep pushing on the sun don’t rain all the time.

Pleasure P saying nobody knows Blackberry Molasses, he’s wet behind the ears. Never listened to any of his or Sammie’s songs 🥱 #Verzuz.

@EatPrayFashion 900 years later and I still dk why the song is called Blackberry Molasses 😂.

BlackBerry Molasses was my song so Bobby V & Mista will always have a special place in my heart.

Blackberry Molasses is such a beautiful, yet depressing song. I’ll always love it 🖤🖤🖤.

I didn’t know Sammie was on Kiss Me Thru The Phone and I didn’t know Bobby V was in Mista and sang BlackBerry Molasses.

@AwlHailRene_xo Of course I remember him from BlackBerry Molasses and them Mistah days.

question, in the midst of all this niggatry did Bobby V sing Blackberry Molasses ? #verzuz.

Bobby V really turning up on they ass why they tryna play on his top… he really came through when he did blackberry molasses 😩.

@Kendall_Jay15 Other than “one wish”, “blackberry molasses”, “come go with me” & “wait a minute” they could’ve kept the rest of this foolishness!.

Bobby should just do Blackberry Molasses and the night is done! 🤷🏾‍♀️#Verzuz.

When Bobby V. performed with the Blackberry Molasses on verzuz 🥹👏🏽 One of my favorite songs fr 🧡🧡.

Bobby got some hits tho. He should’ve done slow down instead of blackberry molasses tho.

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