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Tati is frantically trying to get to the bottom of whether or not Krystal slept with Teddy, BUT everyone else has moved on and wants her to too! #BlackInkCrew.

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Walt’s new home is NICE!!! I am so happy for him and his children. #BlackInkCrew.

Walt seems like the life of the party, like he makes a great time out of anything they do #BlackInkCrew.

Kitty said Tati look like the Wendy’s bitch 😂💀🤣🤦🏾‍♀️ #BlackInkCrew.

@da_Wizrd #BlackInkCrew .....imma need yall to give mr Walt a raise lowkey/highkey he been carrying this show a lil min ....between his smile ... dancemoves ....he is this show n more .....n whats a 💯💯💯💯 he da realest on it too #giveWaltTheBag.

It all started because Tati told Teddy that he was wrong for hurting Alex 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️ Now his cousin (Cesar) is facing a lawsuit #BlackInkCrew.

Send Tati’s ass home and don’t have her appear on the show again. We’ve had enough #BlackInkCrew.

Tati that’s what u get. U knew ted was a dog. U watched him wrongfully fire jaida so he could mess w u and whoever in peace without dealing w who he hurts. He been a clown and u joined the circus. #BlackInkCrew.

That’s messed up how they did Tati . And I don’t even fuck with her like that. #BlackInkCrew.

Tokie you should have kept your mouth shut that comment was so unnecessary. #BlackInkCrew.

Teddy did the same shit to jadah when Tati came along idk why she surprised she lost him the same way she got him 😂😂😂#blackinkcrew.

Tokie the only one being honest with Tati she doing all this acting out for Ted who could care less about her #BlackInkCrew.

Tati is obviously sexually frustrated lmao it shows. Chile you stressing over teddy smh Grrrrlll #BlackInkCrew Tokie is not bothered at all lol.

I bet Teddy eating that booty. All y’all be whipped over this negro #blackinkcrew.

Tokyo Do Make Shit About Her THEY TRYNA Get To An Understanding But You Wanna Say Slick Shit I Was ROOOOOOOOOOOOTING For Fucking Tati When She Was Coming For Teddy Ugly Ass Fuck Him #BlackInkCrew.

Bruh you just left off commercial, now you go back on commercial, tf #BlackInkCrew.

Toky better than me because instead of pushing tati I would have banged the bitch right in her face now back up bitch #BlackInkCrew.

poor ’s acting like a nut but a nigga will push you to that point #blackinkcrew.

So what they think donna supposed to stay in hiding because of ted and ceasar bitch fuck yall I go where I got damn pls #BlackInkCrew.

Krystal and Toki weak never talked in the shop were Tatiana could get hits in but wanna act tough with security. #BlackInkCrew.

Just me if your relationship is affecting everyone at your work place on that level chiming in should not be an issue. Go somewhere private if you don’t want everybody in it #BlackInkCrew.

Please please Miss Kitty stomp the shit outta Tati 🙌🏽 please #BlackInkCrew.

I guess it’s a “pride” thing since Donna told him kiss her ass publicly? 🤷🏾‍♀️#BlackInkCrew.

Me: Knows some girl is hating hard on me because of a dude. Me: Walks around like this 😌😌😌 #BlackInkCrew.

Do you think Tati is bringing down the vibe of the crew? Or is everyone else being insensitive? #BlackInkCrew is ALL NEW tonight at 9/8c!.

Tati is frantically trying to get to the bottom of whether or not Krystal slept with Teddy, BUT everyone else has moved on and wants her to too! #BlackInkCrew.

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