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The 113th crew FINALLY faces off with 9MAG & Kitty 👊😳 #BlackInkCrew is all NEW TONIGHT at 8/7c on @VH1!

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NeNe ()

So help me understand Kitty is a brand manager for 2nd City ink but you’re here with Ryan? Girl do your job and it’s not with Ryan! She knew Cease would be there! She a messy bitch and Ryan doesn’t need that toxic shit #BlackInkCrew

ℒℯ TΘ$Δ ™ ()

Welp, despite everybody fuckin her over, at least ryan was there to have her back, keep her on the show, etc #BlackInkCrew

The Gossip Twins ()

Now Kitty throwing @CeaserBlackInk in her beef with bae 😩 she said “that’s why Cease said you a fat ass bitch and you ugly” 👀 #BlackInkCrew

SHE ()

Kit told Ryan a bunch of lies. Ryan dont even move like that. He said is Cease laughing now, so you know that whore lied to Ryan and i hope they all expose her. #BlackInkCrew

ღ DarlingNikki ღ ()

@Youngisblessed just want a problem with 😺kitty because her friends got have problem with who told her she was talking bout her baby tati or @donnadadondada ??? Like girl come 🤔🤔 new storyline #BlackInkCrew

308 negra arroyo lane ()

At this point Kitty just gotta go back to New York for the one time and be like #BlackInkCrew

ً ()

Donna goes HARD for a place where she been fired 30 times and two dudes that jumped her man last year causing him to have severe damage to his back LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOO! she’s a goofy ass clown #BlackInkCrew

Songbird ✨ ()

They seriously should cancelled Black ink crew New York on recast it. Shit been sucking since Dutchess left. 🤷🏽‍♀️ #BlackInkCrew #vh1

UnapologeticallyQueen ()

Cease, so pressed. He realizing what he took for granted, mistreated, and turned his back on. He assumed Kit was just gone always be there, until he was wise enough to shoot his shot. #BlackInkCrew

Black Ink Crew ()

Young Bae meets up with Kitty to try and squash all the beef between her and the girls. But when Kitty refuses to apologize, Bae loses her patience and things get physical. 💥 Do you think Kitty owes anyone an apology? #BlackInkCrew

3:14 “Ocho Cinco Wanted Me” ()

Lowkey the new York crew been jealous of the Chicago crew for the longest. I peeped that when sky used to try to beef with Charmaine and Ryan all the time. #BlackInkCrew

Anna Oop ()

I’m from the Bronx and I grew up in Harlem. But I cannot help myself but to side with Chicago. I don’t like the way black ink is moving. #BlackInkCrew

Wannie ()

Bae talking about @KitSovain talked 💩 about ummmm isn’t that what all you hoes been doing (Donna, Tati, you , the list goes ON) 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 girl get gone somewhere #BlackInkCrew

_1QueenREE_ ()

Bae soft frfr gone swing her coat then jump in security arms. Look like they fucking as long as he held her pig face ass. I knew i never liked her bitch u aint Lovily MiMi. #BlackInkCrew

Peaches & creams & apple sauce, yeah all that 😂 ()

I understand why The Vagina Slayer was upset, u don’t disrespect nobody’s relationship, period #BlackInkCrew

S Elle B ()

They say Bae making up an excuse to be mad at Kitty because her and Cease having relations. #BlackInkCrew

Wannie ()

How bae gonna swing her jacket @KitSovain and then run behind you were better off just continuing to sit down and talk your 💩 #BlackInkCrew

New Page ()

Bae a follower, she just making up shit cause she wasn’t even there to even speak on the topic and she real cool with Donna and tati now so she gullible #blackinkcrew

Makeup Addict ()

@TheRyanHenry ...I was asking for a friend 😂😂 #BlackInkCrew

K&S ()

@BlackInkCrew One thing that I noticed is everyone likes to underestimate Kitty. She can turn hood in a millisecond.

Shige Kageyama ()

I would love to know the point of view of the person that sides with Cease, Donna, Tati, and Bae #blackinkcrew

Whitney Gaspard ()

@BlackInkCrew But what bs what did kit do to her unless kit talked about her off camera

Dija ()

So Ms Kitty is the only one who be talking about everyone & nobody else does in the #BlackInkCrew

K. Michelle Rebel💞 ()

Cease worried about Ryan and Kitty but they tryna close your shop down. Tryna open up all these shops but can’t keep the first one open. Smh do better Milk Dud #BlackInkCrew

Natasha shannon ()

LORD DID @Youngisblessed JUST SLAP KITTY WITH THE NIKE JACKET #BlackInkCrew #blackinkcrewny

Ace ()

One thing about every fight on reality tv, if you don’t swing first and you are likely to not get any licks in. #BlackInkCrew

Black Ink Crew ()

We get defending your girl and everything but was Alex doing the MOST squaring up to YBN like that? #BlackInkCrew

Black Ink Crew ()

The crew at 113th prepares for the Philly Tattoo Convention where Ceaser will face Ryan and the 9MAG crew for the first time since firing Kitty, making nerves run HIGH. 😳 How do you think this meeting will go? #BlackInkCrew

Black Ink Crew ()

The 113th crew FINALLY faces off with 9MAG & Kitty 👊😳 #BlackInkCrew is all NEW TONIGHT at 8/7c on @VH1!

Black Ink Crew ()

The artists from 113th head to a tattoo convention where Ceaser and the rest of the crew finally see Kitty and Ryan face-to-face. 👊 Will they be able to keep it civil? #BlackInkCrew is all NEW TOMORROW at 8/7c on @VH1!

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