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Always there for each other. New #BlackLightning tonight at 9/8c on The CW! Stream free tomorrow on The CW App..

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Lynn is soo high she doesn’t realise she’s doing the same thing she’s mad at Jeff for #BlackLightning.

sorry to you people #BlackLightning.

I think Gambi will tell Anissa bout Painkiller but will he tell Hen bout Khalilnope, bet he does same thing he did w Jefferson bout Tobias begin back in Freeland he gonna keep a secret to protect her 🤐🤐🤐#BlackLightning.

Y on earth would Lynn give Tobias a list off the meads in the Asa care, like girl u big big trippin, she definitely gone off the light 💡 #BlackLightning.

He has some explaining to do. Stream free now only on The CW App: #BlackLightning.

ha ha odell is shot & wasted indeed he so deserve it. yet with #BlackLightning now next freeland turning into warzone is one thing but jeff later december crisis is coming..

also jennifer find big hair guy is earth-bender & make diamonds (weird in earth-38 #Supergirl got earth-bender now also #BlackLightning earth) plus he get payback to avenge his mom. freeland rebels make their voices heard. & ha odell is shot also down and out..

#BlackLightning going jeff & lynn on issues to point there on the rocks. anissa feel poison effect at least uncle gambi find cure & also see khalil grave is empty. lynn have force with tobias..

Je viens de regarder l’épisode S01E11 de Black Lightning! #blacklightning #tvtime.

#BlackLightning Brandon really is a savage if he’s gonna get revenge for his mama empty clip into doctor Jase head I hope ends that physco life she got so much blood on her hands ✋🏾#BlackLightning.

I don’t believeBradon tho & y automatically believe him he just werid creepy pics of ur mom he can asburb ur powers, like y just trust that at face value w no proof, Jens gonna get together w Bradon get played majorly👀 #BlackLightning.

Anissa if u gonna leave this earth make peace w ur dad, don’thave beff over petty stuff or leave w resentment #BlackLightning.

Appears those pills Lynn has been taking has made her clueless, because there is a 99% chance that Tobias knows how many metas exist in The Pit & can figured out that she left 2 out on #BlackLightning..

Dang that was so disrespectful, reporter needs to claim to hell doen relize not every place is for a story #BlackLightning.

Everyone is fighting their individual wars and they will all lose unless they begin to fight as a family again. #BlackLightning.

@WILL_POWERLTL Khalil isn’t he may have his old memory’s deep inside, they may come back once Jen sees him or if lyn ends up working up something for him to anything is possible since he’s not physically dead. #BlackLightning.

@NafessaWilliams Amazing song, especially that last three minutes. #BlackLightning.

@NafessaWilliams OMG!!! The music always delivers!! Kudos to whomever is responsible!! Do the actors get to pick a music for a scene or episode?? #BLACKLIGHTNING.

Jefferson is torn between his loyalty to his family and his commitment to saving Freeland on a NEW #BlackLightning beginning NOW on @CW11Seattle!.

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I’M a fan of the music on our show. It’s a little something for everybody. What y’all think?! #BlackLightning.

Teena Marie- Portuguese Love Omgeee, so perfect. Takes me back to my childhood. Yasss Nostalgia. #BlackLightning.

I want earth powers like him and make my own money making diamonds. Lucky brutha! #BlackLightning.

They were literally having a Captain Planet meeting. #BlackLightning.

Not as much as I thought would happen tonight, but we really made some moves. And I think this might be the best season so far 🤔 #BlackLightning.

Always there for each other. New #BlackLightning tonight at 9/8c on The CW! Stream free tomorrow on The CW App..

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